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05 Nov

Hmm. MLB – Report: Yanks begin testing trade market for Pettitte

If Glavine walks (you’ve probably all already seen that the Phillies are after him) would you trade for Andy Pettitte? He’s been injured, and the Yanks would want a steep price.

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    Andy Says:

    I wouldn’t trade for Pettite if Glavine walks. The Braves would presumably keep Maddux, and would have Millwood, Moss and Marquis. So they’d need another “M” name, not a “P”. Jamie Moyer? Eric Milton?

    Seriously, even if the Braves lose Glavine, the pitching will be OK. They need to concentrate on improving the hitting.

  2. 2
    Chris Says:

    I doubt it too. I’ve always had an intense dislike for Pettite. Most of that comes from the Yankee’s postseason success. But in all actuality, I think Pettite is just slightly above average as a pitcher–he’s always had tremendous run support, and alot of his reputation was from being able to get it done in the postseason. However, as was demonstrated by Arizona’s walloping of him last year, it was as much good fortune as anything.

  3. 3
    karl ehrsam Says:

    Pettite has all the markings of a pitcher in what Bill James calls the, “Warren Spahn family of pitchers”. These pitchers age EXTREMELY well and are usually better in their 30’s (see Jamie Moyer). Pettite (who still has a pretty good strikeout rate, unlike Moyer) has a good chance to be a graet pitcher over the next 5 years or so. I’d take him.

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