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17 Feb

Maddux, Braves strike deal

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It’s only a one-year deal, which is disappointing. I was hoping they’d settle on a two or three year contract and Greg could finish his career in a Braves uniform. That looks unlikely now… It’s a record for a one-year deal, $14.75 million. Basically, they split the difference between the team’s and Maddux’s arbitration offers.

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    Creg Says:

    Since the player and the team agreed to arbitration, isn’t a one-year deal all that is possible under CBA rules? It is disheartening, though, since it doesn’t look like there’s any way that Maddux re-signs with Atlanta next winter.

    Unless Hampton is the Mikey of 2000, Schuerholz’s entire offseason pitching plan has completely backfired. I really don’t see how Maddux-Hampton-Ortiz-Byrd is better than Maddux-Glavine-Millwood-Moss. But hey, the fans expect a team to be active in the offseason, don’t they?

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