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04 Mar

Analyzing Captain Suspenders

Braves Journal Bullpen: Evaluating Schuerholz: The Major Transactions, 1997-2002, Part II

Creg’s second entry is now up. Enjoy… You ever try writing two or three paragraphs about Mike Venafro? Sigh.

3 Responses to “Analyzing Captain Suspenders”

  1. 1
    Andrew Says:

    Sadly enough, I did write a couple of paragraphs on Mike Venafro’s in one of the TAs I wrote for Braves.Net

  2. 2
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Ha, I just posted four paragraphs on Venafro! Well, only about half of it’s about him, the rest is an attack on all he stands for.

  3. 3
    Andrew Says:

    Yeah, but I used the phrase “Magic Mike Venafro Tree.”

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