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10 Mar


Braves Journal Bullpen: Evaluating Schuerholz: The Major Transactions, 1997-2002, Part VI: The Final Chapter is now up.

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    Andrew Says:

    I think saying that the Giants took the Braves apart in the NLDS is more than a little unfair. Both teams won 2 easy games, the Braves victories being blowouts, with one San Fran blowout and one blow-out that the Braves made very interesting.

    The series went 5 games for godsakes, and the Braves only lost 3-1. Hell, they had runners on first and third with no one out and Sheffield and Chipper due up. That’s a good combination most of the time, it just didn’t work out.

    Seems to me that the Braves and Giants were pretty evenly matched. They split the regular season series (Both won 2 games in San Fransisco, with a split of a 3-gamer in Atlanta that resulted from a rain-out in Game 3.) And the postseason series was won 3-2 by the Giants. It hardly seems like the Giants were the significantly superior team.

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