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11 Mar

Of course, it doesn’t count | Braves | Pitchers lower spring ERA to 2.11

Horacio Ramirez is making a really strong case for the fifth — or fourth, if Byrd can’t go — starter’s spot. He went four innings yesterday, giving up three hits and an unearned run. He’s yet to give up an earned run this spring and is 3-0, though spring won/lost records for pitchers are even more meaningless than those for teams. He seems to be ahead of Marquis in the team’s immediate plans, and balances the rotation with another lefty to go with Hampton.

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    Creg Says:

    Mark Quinn was released by the KC Royals today. I know they won’t, but the Braves should snap him up. He’s been hurt the last two years, but Quinn can flat-out rake. He’d be a good guy to have around in case of injury and one ex-KC Royal worth bringing in.

  2. 2
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Outright released, not DFAd or waived? I know he’s had some injuries — and a rep for an attitude problem — but he’d be a more than worthwhile pickup. But like you say, they won’t. I hope the Mets don’t, he’d have to be better than Burnitz…

  3. 3
    Creg Says:

    Here’s the link.

    It says unconditional release waivers, but I don’t know how the claims process goes before the seasons starts. My first guess for Quinn’s destination would be San Diego, given they now have a huge hole with the loss of Nevin.

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