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08 Oct

Division Series Game Thread: Game Three, Braves at Astros

The Braves have no chance. I mean, Jorge Sosa versus Roy Oswalt? This must be one of the biggest mismatches in postseason history.

(Still working the reverse jinx.)

298 Responses to “Division Series Game Thread: Game Three, Braves at Astros”

  1. 1
    Kirk Says:

    If they win tonight, I’m buying tickets for game 5 just to insure it never gets played.

  2. 2
    kc Says:

    Way to go Mac, reverse jinx all the way!!!

  3. 3
    Mark Says:

    Tonight’s lineup…no surprises

    Furcal – SS
    Giles – 2B
    Chipper – 3B
    Andruw – RF
    LaRoche – 1B
    Frenchy – RF
    Langerhans – LF
    McCann – C
    Sosa – P

  4. 4
    john Says:

    Braves will win.If Sosa can pitch like he can we will win the game and win on sunday

  5. 5
    Veecee Says:

    Yes! Furcal, Giles, Jones, Jones, LaRoche, Francoeur, Langerhans, McCann, Sosa. Gotta love that line-up! No one in a slump! All starters at least .250. A. Jones .571; Laroche 1.000. Wow!

  6. 6
    kc Says:

    Gotta go with the hot bat in the playoff, I think Estrada and Jordan will understand for sure.

  7. 7
    Kirk Says:

    Who was the new talking head on the Fox studio pregame show? I gathered from the conversation he was a recently retired player, but I didn’t recognize him.

  8. 8
    Piers Says:

    Todd Zeile

  9. 9
    latnam Says:

    Kirk: It was Todd Ziele(sp?)

    Anyway, my hope is a big top of the 1st, I’ll relax if we can score 9 or 10 runs, and coast from there.

    OK, I’m going away from the computer just in case. Here’s to a good game.

  10. 10
    JoeyT Says:

    With so much pregame, I expected some intricate cheesy promotional bit a la Monday Night Football. I’m surprised they didn’t have the cast of “Prison Break” inside a federal penitentiary screaming “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME BASEBALL?”

  11. 11
    urlhix Says:

    GO BRAVES!!!

  12. 12
    Mark Says:

    One of our biggest advantages will be the fact that the Astros really haven’t seen Sosa.

  13. 13
    JoeyT Says:

    By the time he’s pulled, Oswalt will be in tears. These guys will destroy him.

  14. 14
    JoeyT Says:

    Absolutely, Mark.

  15. 15
    Piers Says:

    So what happened to the 7:30 PM ET start?

  16. 16
    Alex R. Says:

    FOX is a bunch of liars on their start times because God Forbid we shouldn’t have 30 minutes of Kevin Kenndy.

    By the way….HOW ABOUT THEM DAWGS!!!! Fat Fulmer looked befuddled and pissed…so much fun.

  17. 17
    JoeyT Says:

    At least Chipper’s making him throw some pitches.

  18. 18
    urlhix Says:

    Ok, Sosa, take a deep breath and throw your game.And yes, Alex, how ’bout those Dawgs. That sure was a joy to watch.

  19. 19
    David Remy Says:

    Pesky Biggio!

  20. 20
    Alex R. Says:

    God…Sosa’s pitch count is already up & Oswalt looked nasty. Yikes.

  21. 21
    Mark Says:

    Yeah, Oswalt looks on tonight. That might be a big problem.

  22. 22
    David Remy Says:

    Okay, guys, let’s turn two.

  23. 23
    Mark Says:

    Time for a DP

  24. 24
    Alex R. Says:

    Just said to my friend…I almost wonder if Sosa hit him deliberately instead of wasting 3 more pitches to walk him…but again, why do we keep wanting to FACE Morgan Ensberg…does Cox not get yet that he can kill us?

  25. 25
    Alex R. Says:

    What is he up to…25 pitches? Geez.

  26. 26
    Mark Says:

    Is it that strenuous to walk a guy?

  27. 27
    Alex R. Says:

    God dammit.

    It’s WEDNESDAY all over again. F-ng Ensberg and f-ng Cox for avoiding Berkman.

  28. 28
    JoeyT Says:

    If it hits the roof, and you catch it, it should be an out.

  29. 29
    David Remy Says:

    Alex, they tried to pitch to Berkman, remember? He got hit by a pitch. Listen, the Astros scored first in both games, and the Braves came right back. If Sosa can limit the Astros to one run, the Braves snuff the rally.

  30. 30
    David Remy Says:

    Make that two runs.

  31. 31
    Alex R. Says:

    By the way, since there’s no way Sosa can pitch again until the Cardinals series, we should use him over 100 pitches tonight if he settles down after this inning.

    this inning SUCKS by the way and I HATE Houston.

  32. 32
    kc Says:

    Good damage control, it will be another comeback win, UNLIKE the last two years!!!

  33. 33
    spike Says:

    2 runs ain’t gonna win this game. It’s a blow, but not irrecoverable one.

  34. 34
    Alex R. Says:

    I know we can comeback but Oswalt looked REALLY sharp in the 1st. REALLY SHARP.

  35. 35
    spike Says:

    Wow – a balk.

  36. 36
    JoeyT Says:

    He didn’t balk. Braves got one tonight to make up for the three blown calls against them last night.

  37. 37
    David Remy Says:

    Isn’t it a different crew, JoeyT?

  38. 38
    spike Says:

    I would actually ocnsider bunting here

  39. 39
    spike Says:

    It was ball 4 anyway so no harm.

  40. 40
    Alex R. Says:

    too late now…double play? we could have just started Jordan if we wanted one of those.

  41. 41
    JoeyT Says:


  42. 42
    Alex R. Says:

    Hey McCann…just PRETEND it’s Roger Clemens on the mound.

  43. 43
    urlhix Says:

    Nice hitting McCann!

  44. 44
    David Remy Says:

    There’s a bloop!

  45. 45
    JoeyT Says:


  46. 46
    Alex R. Says:


  47. 47
    spike Says:

    Well done, rookie.

  48. 48
    Mark Says:


  49. 49
    spike Says:

    Still think Oswalt is “extra sharp”?

  50. 50
    David Remy Says:

    It’s a different Oswalt this inning, Alex. His concentration’s broken.

  51. 51
    Alex R. Says:

    Wow…I am shocked…Oswalt looked sharp in inning 1 and like a different pitcher in inning 2. Huh.

  52. 52
    Alex R. Says:

    Hey, everyone…I agree…different Oswalt and the Braves need to capilaize in the 3rd inning.

  53. 53
    urlhix Says:

    Way to go Sosa!!!!

  54. 54
    Mac Thomason Says:


  55. 55
    Alex R. Says:


  56. 56
    Mark Says:

    Sosa..on a full count

  57. 57
    billy-jay Says:


  58. 58
    JoeyT Says:

    Unfortunately, Furcal will try to homer here … and hit a weak ground out instead.

  59. 59
    Alex R. Says:

    Wow…I don’t think the Braves appreciate all the 1st inning scoring by Houston. Good for them and SCREW Houston.

  60. 60
    Mark Says:

    Give us a lead Raffy…

  61. 61
    Alex R. Says:

    This now looks like the Roy Oswalt we faced back in May. Hmmmm.

  62. 62
    kc Says:

    Awesome comeback inning!!!

  63. 63
    David Remy Says:

    Two good things about that inning: (1) the Braves got inside Oswalt’s head, breaking his concentration and (2) the Braves proved that, once again, they can score with two outs. Oswalt’s thrown more than forty pitches already.

  64. 64
    Alex R. Says:

    Yes…and as a Georgia & Alabama fan, I am THRILLED to now see Penn State beating the always overrated Ohio State on ESPNHD. This is good for 2 reasons.

    One, it lessens the ONE good win the overrated Texas Longhorns will have all year and two, the ‘unbteane’ Penn State will eventually lose anyway so they will soon be eliminated. Go Penn State (for tonight).

    The Big 12 is FREAKING JOKE.

  65. 65
    kc Says:

    Yes, David, two more runs scored with two outs, I like that A LOT!!!

  66. 66
    Alex R. Says:

    F* Steve Lyons.

    He won’t give the ump an inch on that call…I think you guys are right that Lyons seems to really love Houston.

  67. 67
    Mac Thomason Says:

    What is the deal with Fox? The balk didn’t matter! It was ball four!

  68. 68
    JoeyT Says:

    Biggio ownz Sosa.

  69. 69
    Alex R. Says:

    Lyons is obssessed with the balk call as he is with pastels.

    F* Craig Biggio.

  70. 70
    spike Says:

    who the hell hypnotized Biggio into thinking it was 1995?

  71. 71
    JoeyT Says:

    It was a bad call, but Mac’s right. The call had ZERO effect on the game. It just didn’t matter.

  72. 72
    Piers Says:

    spike – I don’t know, but I like 1995 :-).

  73. 73
    Alex R. Says:

    Way to have an ‘easier’ inning, Jorge. WHEW.

    Still 14-3 Penn State…Go Nittany Bitches.

  74. 74
    kc Says:

    That’s exactly what the Braves need, an easy inning. Hey Mac, your game one fun Astros fact is still killing the Braves!!!

  75. 75
    Alex R. Says:

    My favorite fun Astros fact:

    The Braves CLOSED down the Astrodome by beating Houston in a previous Playoff series in 2001.

  76. 76
    spike Says:

    runs would be nice here

  77. 77
    spike Says:

    Alright, which one of you guys spiked the Houston Gatorade?

  78. 78
    Alex R. Says:

    Ohio State fans are the most obnoxious people.

    Just heard on ESPN that Ohio State fans sent their wide receiver DEATH THREATS because he dropped a pass against Texas. The Big 10 SUCKS.

  79. 79
    David Remy Says:

    Four pitches, two outs. That’s not going to cut it, especially after the Braves had Oswalt on the ropes last inning. Why help him regain his confidence?

    Yes, I know he’s throwing strikes, but still.

  80. 80
    Mark Says:

    Roachy needs another hit.

  81. 81
    JoeyT Says:

    No, the most obnoxious people are these Fox announcers NOT SHUTTING UP about the balk.

    They’re like Ron Gant when Bobby gets smart and elects not to bunt once a game.

  82. 82
    Alex R. Says:

    Just missed a home run in the bandbox.



  83. 83
    JoeyT Says:




  84. 84
    kc Says:

    Can Steve Lyons just shut up?!

  85. 85
    Alex R. Says:

    I feel like taking one of Andruw’s bats and smacking Lyons in the mouth. He makes me miss Jeff Brantley…God he sucks.

  86. 86
    David Remy Says:

    Well, it’s a good thing nobody was on base when Oswalt fell down, or the announcers would have had a field day with that.

  87. 87
    kc Says:

    We should all write to FOX collectively and get Lyons out of the booth.

  88. 88
    Alex R. Says:

    I am surprised ‘West Hollywood’ Lyons didn’t say that Oswalt fell because of the balk. what a MORON.

  89. 89
    Mac Thomason Says:

    It’s like a collective chicken impersonation.


  90. 90
    Alex R. Says:

    Beautiful K of Berkman.

    Gee…maybe we should pitch to Berkman over Ensberg more often? CRAZY notion, I know. I mean, Ensberg only had an MVP calibre season.

  91. 91
    Alex R. Says:

    Lyons after the Game:

    “Hey, can someone can me a tape of that BALK? It may come in handy the rest of the series.”

    ps–Mike Lamb?

    C’MON SOSA. Dammit.

  92. 92
    Alex R. Says:

    It’s Steve Lyons fault. I think even Sosa is distracted by all this BALK talk.

  93. 93
    JoeyT Says:

    Lyons wants a copy of the BALK tape for those late nights alone in his hotel room.

  94. 94
    Alex R. Says:

    It’s probably a hotel room far away from the one where Gammons is pleasuring himself to the “Fever Pitch” DVD.

  95. 95
    David Remy Says:

    Can’t blame him. I mean, if you had a bunch of chickens cackling at you all the way from the press box, wouldn’t you be distracted?

  96. 96
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Since Sosa evidently bears down with men on base (it’s evident in the splits) I wonder if he also bears down against elite hitters — and thus is a little more vulnerable to the guys behind them.

  97. 97
    kc Says:

    Along with the rule books as the pillows.

  98. 98
    David Remy Says:

    Good observation, Mac. I remember you saying that Sosa pitches like an old-timer, but can you think of anyone whom you can compare him to?

  99. 99
    urlhix Says:

    Sosa is still throwing quality pitches. They just got a hold of one there.

  100. 100
    Alex R. Says:

    LSU only has 9 points in the 3rd quarter against Vandy?

    I guess they are still SHELL shocked by the Tennessee game.

  101. 101
    spike Says:

    Francouer cannot hit Oswalt’s curve.

  102. 102
    Alex R. Says:

    Great, the first inning Oswalt is back. Dammit.

    cmon McCann.

  103. 103
    David Remy Says:

    The Oswalt who started the game is back on the mound. Are the Braves taking good swings? (I only have a radio.) They don’t seem to be too patient.

  104. 104
    Alex R. Says:

    David, you just heard a Frenchy at bat, so, NO, they are not taking good swings.

  105. 105
    Grst Says:

    Yes, they are taking good swings. Francouer took three good swings. All we need is some people on base in front of Andruw.

  106. 106
    urlhix Says:

    Whoever is in the Fox production truck is so slow. How may pitches have they cut back to in mid pitch and then they just missed that cut on the throw to first. Where is the A team for postseason baseball?

  107. 107
    spike Says:

    Where is the A team for postseason baseball?

    Why in New York, silly

  108. 108
    spike Says:

    Wow – needed that

  109. 109
    Grst Says:

    Why in New York, silly

    Funny cause it’s true.

  110. 110
    Kirk Says:

    Unlike Garner to have the pitcher swing there. Glad we won’t be seeing Biggio until the next inning.

  111. 111
    kc Says:

    Sosa should have just walking the first guy of each inning, that will make him a better pitcher.

  112. 112
    Mac Thomason Says:


  113. 113
    urlhix Says:

    Yeah, it is funny and sad at the same time. But I would hope that they would at least have competent people in the truck. But I forget, we’re watching Fox.

  114. 114
    spike Says:

    Mac, do you not get radio where you live? I can’t be bothered with FOX announcers.

  115. 115
    Mac Thomason Says:

    The radio stations here go all-football Friday through Sunday pretty much.

  116. 116
    spike Says:

    Uh, nice positioning chip.

  117. 117
    JoeyT Says:

    Did Chipper completely misjudge that ball, giving up on it because he thought it would go foul?

  118. 118
    spike Says:

    Diving would have definitely helped, but backing up w/ two strikes would have made it irrelevant.

    ps – nice K Sosa

  119. 119
    Kirk Says:

    Got to get Ensberg here

  120. 120
    JoeyT Says:

    Sosa’s looking really tired out there.

  121. 121
    urlhix Says:

    Anyone got the pitch counts?

  122. 122
    spike Says:

    Yeah, but at least he’s still throwing strikes. I’d stick with him for another inning at least.

  123. 123
    JoeyT Says:

    That ball was hit very deep. Chip Carey would have called it gone.

    I don’t know if Sosa makes it another inning.

  124. 124
    spike Says:

    Sosa’s around 80

  125. 125
    Kirk Says:

    Whew, that was close. If he had pulled that even a little it would have been gone.

  126. 126
    David Remy Says:

    Sosa was somewhere in the seventy-pitch range, but Don said that he’s usually in the ninety-something range by the fifth, so no big deal.

  127. 127
    Mark Says:

    Heart of the order is coming up. This would be a good time to score.

  128. 128
    Kirk Says:

    79 for Sosa, 73 for Oswalt. We’re only going to get one more out of Sosa most likely.

  129. 129
    kc Says:

    JoeyT, didn’t you predicted six innings and three runs allowed by Sosa?!

  130. 130
    David Remy Says:

    Actually, that was Pete and Joe, who point out that Oswalt’s working more off his fastball.

  131. 131
    spike Says:

    Didn’t like that strike 2 swing from Andruw

  132. 132
    JoeyT Says:

    Yeah, kc, and I also predicted he’d get the win.

  133. 133
    spike Says:

    Maybe Frenchy can straghten one out here. He can definitely hit Oswalt’s fastball.

  134. 134
    spike Says:

    Well, it’s as good a time as any to get some runs.

  135. 135
    lagfish Says:

    Lang looks just like Glavike, it’s kind of freaky.

  136. 136
    Kirk Says:

    At least we made Oswalt work a little. He’s up to 91 pitches, maybe we can get him out after 7.

  137. 137
    kc Says:

    This game will be a comeback win for the Braves!!!

  138. 138
    spike Says:

    Have they announced tomorrows starters yet?

  139. 139
    JoeyT Says:

    If Bobby puts HR out there tomorrow, I’ll jump from a bridge.

    I’d be fine with Thomson or Hudson. HR, though, is unacceptable.

  140. 140
    David Remy Says:

    Bobby said in the pregame show that he would wait until after tonight’s game. He wants to talk to his pitcher first.

  141. 141
    kc Says:

    Now it’s time to make JoeyT’s prediction comes true!!!

  142. 142
    spike Says:

    Devine up in the pen

  143. 143
    kc Says:

    I think Steve Lyons is right for once. I think Hudson will definitely go tomorrow. Either the Braves nail it down tomorrow, or the Braves need to win game four before getting to game five.

  144. 144
    Kirk Says:

    I think Cox is going to wait until after the game to announce it. It will either be Thomson or Hudson. HR will not sniff a start. Looks like they had Devine warming up. Sosa is up 2nd, so he’s out. He did about what you would expect. Let’s see some offense now.

  145. 145
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Getting late, guys.

  146. 146
    JoeyT Says:

    Good news: Hollandsworth isn’t on the team to pinch hit here.

  147. 147
    JoeyT Says:

    Bad news: KJ got just as out as Hollandsworth would have.

  148. 148
    Kirk Says:

    We’re not making Oswalt work here. We could have to face him in the 8th at this rate.

  149. 149
    David Remy Says:

    I hope Oswalt nuts out over these missed calls. I want to watch him self-destruct.

  150. 150
    Kirk Says:

    Very poor offensive inning. Oswalt is at 99 pitches, probably comes out to start the 8th with Wheeler warming up in case of trouble.

  151. 151
    kc Says:

    Well, JoeyT didn’t get the Sosa win right, but the Braves will still win.

  152. 152
    Kirk Says:

    Somewhat surprise to see Reitsma here. Is Bobby going to try to get 2 out of him?

  153. 153
    David Remy Says:

    Biggio’s killing us.

  154. 154
    Steffen Says:

    What is Reitsma doing in there again???

    On cue…

  155. 155
    spike Says:

    Is Bobby going to try to get 2 out of him?

    No but Biggio is.

  156. 156
    Mark Says:

    Looks like Reitsma is primed for another disastrous inning. Hopefully Bobby will be fast with the hook.

  157. 157
    JoeyT Says:

    No, I just think Reitsma is no longer the setup guy.

    I fear it is … Brower.

  158. 158
    Kirk Says:

    Unfortunately, this is typical Reitsma. Bad things just happen when he’s on the mound.

  159. 159
    Mark Says:

    And now the defense is collapsing…

  160. 160
    David Remy Says:

    Please don’t leave Foster in for more than one batter!

  161. 161
    kc Says:

    Another freaking cheap hit….

  162. 162
    Daniel Says:

    The Astros would be crazy to take Oswalt out. He’s killing us. I don’t think 99 pitches in 7 innings is terribly stressful.

    By the way, Berkman’s coming up. I hope McBride’s coming in so we can make Berkman bat right-handed

  163. 163
    Kirk Says:

    Please bring in McBride here, not Foster.

  164. 164
    Grst Says:

    Why are people talking Tavares for Rookie of the Year? He sucks. He’s horrible. He can’t do anything right. Dumb luck is the only getting his sorry ass on base.

  165. 165
    JoeyT Says:

    Yeah, McBride. For this inning. And the next.

  166. 166
    kc Says:

    We want K-McBride!!!

  167. 167
    JoeyT Says:

    Actually, this situation is critical enough that I’d bring in Farnsworth.

  168. 168
    Tennessee Brave Says:

    I agree that Taveras is nothing special. His average is way inflated because of dink-o hits like that one.

  169. 169
    Daniel Says:

    Our top 3 hitters today: 0 for 10.

    Astros top 3 hitters: 5 for 10.

  170. 170
    David Remy Says:

    Tavares has a bunch of infield hits, just like the one he got a few minutes ago. Something like 70+.


  171. 171
    Kirk Says:

    Dammit, don’t they realize that Foster sucks?

  172. 172
    Steffen Says:

    Burn in hell, Foster…

  173. 173
    kc Says:


  174. 174
    Daniel Says:

    Make that 6 for 10.

    Good point, JoeyT, but I don’t remember the last time Bobby brought his closer in to pitch in the 7th inning, even in the postseason.

  175. 175
    Tennessee Brave Says:

    Is there anyone here that can honestly say they DID NOT expect Foster to give up a hit? I mean seriously…

    Major damage control needed here. 2 runs is about as much as I want to make up in 2 innings, especially if one of them is against Lidge.

  176. 176
    kc Says:

    Well, I can only remember Gainer using Lidge in the seventh inning last year as the only example…and that’s with a lead…

  177. 177
    Daniel Says:

    Devine vs. Ensberg with 2 on.
    This is bad…… oh man this is bad.

  178. 178
    Johnny Says:

    Crap! Damnit! Joey Devine? Reitsma has too have the worst luck of any pitcher alive.

  179. 179
    Stu Says:

    Hudson vs. Backe tomorrow?

  180. 180
    Daniel Says:

    Well, it’s been fun, guys.

  181. 181
    Mark Says:


  182. 182
    Johnny Says:

    Doubling us to death. Not good.

  183. 183
    Alex R. Says:

    It sounds like Cox is still going with Thomson tomorrow but thats a mistake. It SHOULD be Hudson. Last chance, we need our money pitchers.

  184. 184
    Daniel Says:

    This just in — our bullpen freakin sucks.

  185. 185
    Kirk Says:

    Man, we are making them look like an offensive juggernaut. Devine is being asked to do too much too soon.

  186. 186
    Alex R. Says:

    Would people stop talking abnout Reitsma’s LUCK?

    That piece of crap needs to be carted off in a box and never wear a Braves uniform EVER again. I am sick to death of Reitsma.

  187. 187
    David Remy Says:

    Houston has got us by the throat.

  188. 188
    Alex R. Says:

    I think Bud Selig, by the way, should be beaten with pogo sticks for putting a playoff game tonight, on a Saturday no less, at 11 pm eastern. Selig sucks.

  189. 189
    spike Says:

    Well, that oughta do it.

  190. 190
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Alex, you don’t even like Hudson. I do, but Thomson’s been pretty good in recent starts. I don’t know which way I’d go.

  191. 191
    Daniel Says:

    I can’t remember the exact figures, but I remember the folks at BP did a study on pitchers who come back on 3 days’ rest, and the conclusion was basically that it’s not a good idea.

    I just lit myself on fire. We’re actually making this pathetic offense look decent.

  192. 192
    Alex R. Says:

    I hope our guys remember tonight that Houston is rubbing salt in the wound. I also hope Houston uses up all their offensive good fortune tonight.

    Last chances of the season: Hudson Sunday and Smoltz Monday. F.U. Houston. I HATE THE ASTROS….HATE HATE HATE THEM.

  193. 193
    Stu Says:

    Well, everyone was right about our bullpen being our undoing. This is terrible. Both this game and Game 1 were close when the bullpen got the ball, and both times, complete disaster. Let’s let LaRoche pitch.

  194. 194
    Tennessee Brave Says:

    It has to be Hudson tomorrow night. Who wouldn’t rather have a short-rested Hudson than a well-rested Thomson? Tomorrow night is elimination night, Hudson HAS to go. It’s what we’re paying him for.

  195. 195
    Alex R. Says:

    I think if we go with Thomson tomorrow vs. Backe and LOSE, then we will feel like crap.

    If we go with Hudson, then we can honestly say we gave it every best bullet we have.

    If our 4th starter wasn’t such a mediocre alternative.

    Also, Sosa, should have stayed in for 1 more inning to keep it close.

  196. 196
    Kirk Says:

    Unfortunately, it would appear that Brower needs to be the first righty out of the pen. He has been the most effective lately, which is a sad state of affairs indeed. Reitsma and Foster need to stay nailed to the bench for the next two games.

  197. 197
    JoeyT Says:

    Maybe put some more faith in McBride?

  198. 198
    kc Says:

    Well, on Reitsma, it’s obvious that nobody hit him hard except for Biggio, but the guy is cursed and I have given up hope on him. Just go with on hot hand Bobby, and that’s not Reitsma, Devine, or Foster…

  199. 199
    David Remy Says:

    Why not? What have you got to lose? Foster’s done.

  200. 200
    Daniel Says:

    I have a better idea. Let’s put Farnsworth in strictly for beaning purposes, and have him start a bench-clearing brawl. Then he can go after Berkman and Ensberg and body slam them the way he did Paul Wilson.


  201. 201
    Alex R. Says:

    Tennessee Brave,

    I WISH tomorrow was a NIGHT game.

    Tomorrow, unfortunately, is a 1 pm game to further screw the Braves at this point.

  202. 202
    Stu Says:

    I would prefer a rested Thomson to Hudson on 3 days rest. I like our chances throwing anyone out there against Backe.

    Also, Alex, I think Bobby made the right move taking Sosa out for a pinch hitter when he did. It’s not his fault the bullpen is the worst assembled in our 14-year run.

  203. 203
    JoeyT Says:

    Alex, you’re right, that’s the most retarded start time for a playoff game. 11 PM Eastern? What is that crap? Good thing I don’t really feel like watching any more baseball tonight.

  204. 204
    Alex R. Says:

    Yes, I am CURIOUS as to WHY Bobby didn’t use Mcbride over Foster?

  205. 205
    Daniel Says:

    Wow, that was some play by Brower.

  206. 206
    Kirk Says:

    Yeah, taking that Sprint Gamebreak was a lot more interesting that showing a replay of the double play.

  207. 207
    kc Says:

    I agree with turning to Hudson tomorrow. I can’t believe I am saying this either, but it’s obvious that Brower deserves a better role based on his performance recently…boy do we miss Boyer.

  208. 208
    Alex R. Says:

    Yes, I don’t care about the Cards game tonight either but an 11 pm easter time start is asinine? why not move that game to the afternoon? Especially with Boston being done and the Yankees rained out. I mean, what kind of lack of flexibility is THAT SH–?

  209. 209
    kc Says:

    Alex R, we have been asking this question for the past two months…

  210. 210
    David Remy Says:

    Oswalt sat on the bench for awhile. Make him work. Don’t press. The Braves can still scratch out some runs.

  211. 211
    Stu Says:

    Seriously, I don’t think there’s any way Smoltz pitches Game 5. So, if Hudson wins in Game 4, we’re left with Thomson against Pettitte in Game 5, which I don’t like one bit. I think our overall chances of making it to the next round are greater with Thomson on the mound against Backe in Game 4. It’s worth taking a risk with him against Backe when you measure it against the virtual certainty of a loss if he’s matched up with Pettitte.

  212. 212
    Kirk Says:

    Way to go Marcus. One more baserunner gets Oswalt out.

  213. 213
    Daniel Says:

    It’d be really nice to see Chipper put a charge into one here. He’s looked terrible today.

  214. 214
    David Remy Says:

    Work the count, Chipper.

  215. 215
    Alex R. Says:


    You are smoking crack. If we make a Game 5, Smoltz is pitching. Why wouldn’t he? He’s done 3 days rest before!!!!

  216. 216
    Daniel Says:

    Is there any need for Houston to throw Pettitte out there on 3 days’ rest? I’d think they’d go with Backe. Only threw 7 pitches in an inning’s work Thursday.

  217. 217
    JoeyT Says:

    Regardless of who starts tomorrow, I would hope Bobby would use Smoltz on 3 days rest. There is such a gigantic gap between him and the any other pitcher on the team that short rest won’t make anyone else a better option.

  218. 218
    David Remy Says:

    I’m with Stu. Run Thomson out there and see what happens. But, again, who pitches long relief? Ramirez? I don’t think so. I don’t think Hudson can go on three days’ rest, though it might help his sinker.

  219. 219
    Stu Says:

    He’s done 3 days rest, but did you see how much his shoulder was bothering him? After about 4 innings, it was really bothering him. He even hinted that it was in the post-game interview. I do not think it would be wise to risk serious injury in that situation. If that means I’m smoking crack, so be it.

    PS: I thought typing sporadically and unpredictably in all caps was an indicator of drug abuse…am I wrong?

  220. 220
    kc Says:

    Alex R, there is a consideration that Bobby wouldn’t risk Smoltz on the three day rest. I have read somewhere that the best Smoltz can do is pitching out of the bullpen in Game 5 if needed. Stu is correct in one sense, but I would still go with Hudson tomorrow. It can be argue either way.

  221. 221
    Alex R. Says:

    If we had JUST LEFT sOSA IN, instead of bringing in that bag of crap, Reitsma, it’s 3-3.

    dammit. dammit.

  222. 222
    Mac Thomason Says:

    I think Thomson tomorrow, then Hudson with Smoltz on call might be the best combination. I don’t know. Hudson pitched well on three days’ rest earlier this year, I believe.

  223. 223
    Alex R. Says:

    Ok….have I traveled to candyland and visiting with the crazy folks here? How is going with Thomson over either Hudson or Smoltz a good idea…ever? If we are going to be eliminated and have our season end, Bobby is going to do it with our best pitchers standing on the mound. Bottom line.

    We are 1 game from being eliminated so you cannot start JOHN FREAKING THOMSON.

  224. 224
    kc Says:

    Yeah, I think Hudson has pitched well on his only one three-day rest start, and we have heard a lot of time that it’s better for sinker ball pitcher to pitch on a short rest. I believe the choice between Thomson and Hudson tomorrow can be argue either way, and I would put Bobby at fault for using either one.

  225. 225
    Alex R. Says:


    we are down 2-1 or are about to be down 2-1…there’s no way in hell, no way in hell, we use John Freaking Thomson.

  226. 226
    Daniel Says:

    Hey, some hope. One big, lucky swing here, and it’s 7-6.

  227. 227
    Kirk Says:

    The problem with pitching Thomson tomorrow is what David alluded to. If he has to be pulled early, HR is about the only alternative other than Hudson. If Hudson thinks he can go, you probably let him go, then use a combination of Smoltz, Thomson, and/or HR to try to muddle through game 5.

  228. 228
    kc Says:

    AlexR, I think we are all speaking on an assumption that Smoltz can’t start Game 5. If both Hudson and Smoltz are available for the last two games, I don’t think anyone can argue with you.

  229. 229
    urlhix Says:


  230. 230
    kc Says:

    Daniel, the Braves seems to be doing better when we are not paying attention, let’s continue to talk about tomorrow!!!

  231. 231
    Alex R. Says:

    Thank God for my GEORGIA BULLDOGS winning today so Saturday isn’t a total loss. But this is depressing. I hate Houston.

    BRIAN JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    WHY, GOD WHY????

  232. 232
    David Remy Says:

    There’s a short fence in left.

  233. 233
    urlhix Says:

    Another stupid move by Bobby.

  234. 234
    kc Says:

    Way to go Bobby.

  235. 235
    Alex R. Says:

    God I hate Bobby Cox more then Brian Jordan right now.

    Peter Orr, Julio Franco, Wilson Betemit….ALL FUCKING AVAILABLE.


  236. 236
    Veecee Says:

    That was predictable from Jordan. Sigh.

  237. 237
    Daniel Says:

    I think Bobby’s given up. He used Brian Jordan in a somewhat meaningful at-bat right now. Sweet.

  238. 238
    spike Says:

    Um, “curious” tactical move there.

  239. 239
    Brian Peace Says:

    Oh man. Kill me now. What. The. Hell. Was. That.


  240. 240
    Kirk Says:

    Again, we have illustrated for us the problem with having Jordan on the roster. He actually gets used. IMO we don’t really need to PH there, but if we do, then what are we saving Franco for?

  241. 241
    kc Says:

    I have given up hope in understanding Bobby a long time ago.

  242. 242
    Alex R. Says:

    Bobby Cox is an a-hole. why did that senile bastard just use Jordan and kill our last chance for a rally. hell, even if we ccouild have gotten the game to 7-5, we had a shot. I hate you Cox, you senile bastard. this is just disgusting, digusting managing on the part of senile Cox.

  243. 243
    Daniel Says:

    I’d hoped and prayed we’d never have to see Brian Jordan in left field again. There is no god. There is no god.

  244. 244
    kc Says:

    If Lidge is pitching the ninth, there is no point in saving Franco.

  245. 245
    Brian Peace Says:

    Why couldn’t Bobby be happy with
    Langerhans – Walk
    McCann – Slammy
    To tie the game

    Instead we get

    Jordan – dribbler to second

  246. 246
    David Remy Says:

    Betemit’s a good contact hitter. He would have been a much better choice.

  247. 247
    Alex R. Says:

    Please, all Bobby Cox defenders please feel free to defend this bastard old man.

    Joe Paterno seems less senile because his team at least won tonight.

    When you have Peter Orr, Julio & Betemit ALL available, how in God’s name did Brian Jordan get used?

  248. 248
    Daniel Says:

    Let’s try to be a little more upbeat. At least Raul Mondesi isn’t in right field, right?

  249. 249
    Alex R. Says:

    I am so angry right now I actually just threw my remote across the room. I woke my wife up & scared my friend.

    I hate you Cox. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

  250. 250
    urlhix Says:

    Well, Alex, doncha know he hit a home run in Houston six years ago. He’s due, baby, he’s due!GGGGAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  251. 251
    kc Says:

    Because he is pinching for Langerhans and will be able to stay in the game to play leftfield. I bat he would have pinch hit McCann with Estrada if Jordan reached.

    Boy, Brower is hot!!!

  252. 252
    David Remy Says:

    At least Brower looked good.

  253. 253
    kc Says:

    Bobby’s use of bullpen and bench in the postseason continues to be his biggest weakness.

  254. 254
    spike Says:

    At least Raul Mondesi isn’t in right field, right?

    So you’d rather go to the gas chamber than be electrocuted?

  255. 255
    Alex R. Says:

    Wilson Betemit, .300 hitter

    Cox you bastard.

    Now I have ESPN on and Lou Holtz’s face makes me want to commit a homicide.

  256. 256
    Daniel Says:

    Following kc’s theory…..

    Have you guys seen that new Burger King commercial for the “BK Joe.” Frightening. Absolutely frightening.

  257. 257
    Kirk Says:

    Cox is going to go with a veteran to PH in that spot, that’s just his nature. But using Jordan over Franco? I don’t get it. Brower must have learned something in Richmond. He’s sure looked better since he returned. He, McBride, and Farnz are the only relievers that should be allowed to see the light of day the rest of this series.

  258. 258
    jenny Says:

    Checking in with a few “points”:

    1)I’ve had it with Reitsma. Just had it. This is not bad luck. He waffles around with hitters, gets consistently behind in the count, and then has to throw something hittable. Lo and behold, they hit it. It’s not luck. It happens WAY too often and I am sick to death of it.

    2)Using Brian Jordan as a pinch-hitter was beyond stupid and I’m still fuming. Now we lose our best defensive LF for possibly the worst bat on the bench. WTF?

    3)I hate watching Sosa pitch. He gives me fits. I’ve been on edge since the game started.

  259. 259
    urlhix Says:

    You are right kc. Bobby would have subbed Estrada for McCann. When do we get Ned Yost?

  260. 260
    Grst Says:

    Hate to break up the party here, but Cox didn’t lose this game.

  261. 261
    Alex R. Says:

    Lou Holtz, if anyone just heard him commentate or heard him any week, is the most evil, hateable little troll in all of sports.

  262. 262
    urlhix Says:

    Couldn’t Julio at least have thrown that bat at Lidge?/only half kidding.

  263. 263
    Alex R. Says:


    Watching Sosa pitch…I have been on edge since JUNE.

    Watching Cox manage the post season? I have been on EDGE since 1991.

  264. 264
    urlhix Says:

    See who gets it done Bobby? FRANCO!

  265. 265
    Alex R. Says:

    Oh, my Julio gets a hit off Lidge…wow, you mean that wasn’t BRIAN JORDAN?

    Vindication. Bobby is such a freaking senile, awful, awful post season manager.

  266. 266
    JoeyT Says:

    Great. All we need is for Marcus and Chipper to get on base, then for Andruw to hit a home run … then, TIE BALLGAME, BABY

  267. 267
    Alex R. Says:

    Oh, and Furcal had another first pitch swinging. Sign elsewhere you drunk little bastard. He’s been swinging at the first pitch ALL night.

  268. 268
    kc Says:

    Well, Grst, his usage of bullpen and bench certainly didn’t help the team to win a game.

    Jenny, Sosa gave up three runs, he did a great job tonight. Too bad he couldn’t go another inning.

  269. 269
    Alex R. Says:


    he could have gone one more inning. Damn you, Cox, damn you.

  270. 270
    jenny Says:

    All right, forget it. I’m going to go watch MAD TV and try to calm down. I’m disgusted.

  271. 271
    Kirk Says:

    My local Fox affiliate actually broke into Marcus’ at bat to show the Powerball drawing live (the game was minaturized with no sound). Just awful.

  272. 272
    Steffen Says:

    I’m starting to jump on the “Bobby Cox can’t manage a postseason game” bandwagon. And I really like the guy.

  273. 273
    kc Says:

    I don’t know AlexR, his velocity was down to around 90 when he pitched to Oswalt (the last man he faced in the sixth). We are on the same page with Cox though.

  274. 274
    kc Says:


  275. 275
    billy-jay Says:

    Gameday hasn’t updated in about six months. What did Marcus do?

  276. 276
    billy-jay Says:

    Never mind.

  277. 277
    Patrick Says:

    well…whatcha think mac?

    This should be a great game recap!! Just let it all out, take no prisoners!

  278. 278
    Brian Says:

    Yes, you have to pitch Hudson tomorrow and hope for the best. He needs to take one for the team after game one and there better be a throw-down between the veteran players and the bullpen. Seriously. Those guys pitch like pussies and I can say that because they get PAID to do it. You now, it always amazes me that in all the years I’ve been watching the Braves that they still haven’t resolved the bullpen issue. Doesn’t Schuerholz get it? You can’t win games if you can’t effectively finish them with solid pitching. WTF? Over the long haul the Braves have gotten by because of their knack for timely hitting and their almost preternatural ability to come-from-behind but in the microcosm of the post-season it does not pay!!! The youngsters have played well which is refreshing. As has Andruw. We need more than that, though. Sometimes I think I must have done somebody wrong to have the Astros work us in this manner (ABB reference). Jeebus Christmas, I’m gonna puke!


  279. 279
    Kirk Says:

    Re: Sosa, he pitched his normal six, which is all you can expect. Besides, he needed to be PH for in the 7th (he was up 2nd; if Cox had not PH for him, we’d all have been going WTF). In the 8th, Cox should have let Langerhans hit since he hasn’t been bad against lefties. As kc pointed out, if he did PH with someone other than Jordan, he has to burn two bench players since he would have to put Jordan in the field anyway. So the bad decision was favoring Jordan over Langerhans (just as Cox did in game 1), not using Jordan over Franco or Betemit. So Cox was not completely irrational or senile, he just has this veteran fetish that is going to do us in.

  280. 280
    David Remy Says:

    It’s official: Hudson gets the start tomorrow.

  281. 281
    David Remy Says:

    The Braves had an excellent bullpen in–what?–2002, but couldn’t hit. That year they had Karsay, Remlinger, that lefty with the low ERA, Lightenburg, Spooneybarger, and someone else. That guy who pitched in Colorado, R-something.

  282. 282
    urlhix Says:

    Kirk, I’d be willing to bet Orr or Betemit would be able to play LF. And, besides, so what if he uses Franco and then subs BJ in the field, we were down by 4. It’s not like we had anything to lose. Bobby played this like a regular season game, but it wasn’t.

  283. 283
    Laurence Simon Says:

    I guess Lights Out Lidge showed up instead of Load Em Up Lidge.

  284. 284
    kc Says:

    urlhix, Kirk isn’t saying Bobby is right, we are just saying that’s what Bobby has in mind.

  285. 285
    Kirk Says:

    I don’t think there is any way Cox is going to put Orr or Betemit out there in the 8th inning of a playoff game. Maybe in the 13th. And he’s not going to burn two players in that situation. There was no compelling reason to PH for Langerhans. You have to let him hit.

  286. 286
    Alex R. Says:

    Ok, can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explain to me why Bobby is suddenly against Langerhans hitting against lefties? He hit .293 against them and Brian Jordan SUCKS. Why is this is f-ng difficult for Cox to figure out? God I HATE Cox.

  287. 287
    kc Says:

    The actual key to the game: using Foster and Devine ahead of McBride and Brower. That’s what costed us this game.

  288. 288
    Alex R. Says:


    FULLY agree with you, once again.

    Why why does Foster go ahead of McBride when we ALL witnessed McBride shut down Delgado and Abreu the last few weeks of the season?

  289. 289
    David Remy Says:

    kc’s right: the bullpen lost this game. Furcal and Giles aren’t getting on either, and that’s not helping.

  290. 290
    David Remy Says:

    I’m with Steffen–I like Cox–but it’s like he’s managing for extra innings when the Braves aren’t even close to tying the game. What gives?

  291. 291
    urlhix Says:

    kc, I agree that what goes through Bobby’s mind is crap.

    Kirk, yes, Langerhans should have stayed in. But if Bobby is going to put a veteran in there why not put Franco in, who can hit, and then have BJ play LF? We were down by 4. With Lidge coming up you have to lay all the cards on the table. Forgive me if I want to see some creativity from the old fool. It is not the time to play baseball by the numbers. I apologise in advance because I am so pissed off at the crappy managing I could just spit.

  292. 292
    Kirk Says:

    Cox’s thinking in bringing in Reitsma was probably “the top of the order is coming up, Reitsma’s my 2nd best reliever, so I might as well bring him in now rather than saving him for the 8th; if I’m lucky he might go two”. At least he only left him in for two batters. But choosing Foster over McBride isn’t very sensible.

  293. 293
    50PoundHead Says:

    Well, I’m no Jordan fan, but pinch-hitting him with 2 down in the 8th trailing by 4 hardly lost this game for us. I suppose you can call it bad managing, but if Langerhans does anything, it’s 7-4 and we’re looking at Lidge.

    Jeez folks. Get creative.

  294. 294
    Kirk Says:

    Cox thinks Jordan still has something to offer. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be on the roster, and he wouldn’t have started him in game 1. I’m not defending this decision, I think it was a bad one. But given the givens, Cox’s decision was rational. And, as kc has also pointed out, the failures of Reitsma/Foster/Devine are the real culprits of this debacle.

  295. 295
    urlhix Says:

    I’d rather have 2 on, 2 out and Langerhans or Franco hitting any day no matter the score than BJ. And it doesn’t take a creative mind to see that.

  296. 296
    urlhix Says:

    And yes, Cox is an old fool for thinking that Jordan still has something to offer. Just because he can justify something like Jordan playing internally doesn’t make it rational. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time but I really think he has lost the ability to have a coherent strategy in the postseason.

  297. 297
    urlhix Says:

    Plus, Cox is an old fool for thinking that Foster or Devine had a chance in there. Reitsma I can forgive, although Sosa should have stayed in.Again, my apologies for the venting.

  298. 298
    Alex R. Says:

    Yeah…I have to agree. It’s very simplistic for people to come on here and make statements like Jordan hitting didn’t really lose the game. Maybe. Yes we were down by 4 runs but with 2 runners

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