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25 Jun

First horribly hot weekday day game of summer game thread: June 25, Brewers at Braves

Both teams have off-days tomorrow. Why is this a day game?

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  1. 1
    Landogarner Says:

    The negativity around here is getting to be rather much.

  2. 2
    Stephen Says:

    A win today would certainly help matters….

  3. 3
    Tony Says:

    Yunel needs to have a Julio Franco or even Eddie Perez in the dugout to tell him to quit acting like an ass. I think Eddie would be a great bench coach.

    At this point I have nothing else to say in regards to Francouer. It is becoming just a sad case.

    Corky Miller is an embarassment to the Braves organization. He cannot be that great at handling pitchers to have his .103 on a major league roster. Just dumb.

    When are Kotsay, Diaz, and Prado scheduled to return?

    Brandon Jones…maybe is not the answer.

  4. 4
    Marc Schneider Says:

    A day game so fans have the evening to get over another loss and don’t have to lose sleep.

    I think the negativity is sort of justified. Record is 201-202 since beginning of ’06.

  5. 5
    Coop Says:

    “We’re not going to find a better defensive SS — who can also hit — than Escobar (tonight notwithstanding), especially for the money.”

    This post from the last thread is correct. This kid has produced from the get-go in trying circumstances.

    I spent three years in Japan, speaking just enough Japanese to ask basic questions but not enough to understand the answers. I had the luxury of working in an English-speaking environment.

    Yunel doesn’t. He’s performing as well as most major league shortstops, but the language barrier alone has to frustrate him.

    He’s also Cuban and plays the game with flair. His innate hot dog has irritated some umps at home plate, and he’s had numerous balls called strikes in retribution.

    He snapped. So what? He plays hard, usually smart and loves the game. He can play on my team.


  6. 6
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Escobar’s whining doesn’t bother me nearly as much as Francoeur griping about balls and strikes.

  7. 7
    Coop Says:

    Good point, Tony. He’d make a great mentor for Yunel.

    Is Eddie Perez so valuable in the pen that he can’t sit next to Bobby? I’d much rather he be the heir apparent than TP, although I do think highly of him also.

  8. 8
    Mac Thomason Says:

    I’ll add that Yunel had a friend on the team who served in that role, and that the Braves dumped him to keep the Hamster. Yunel was doing fine before Pena was DFAd.

  9. 9
    csg Says:

    just decent baseball being played would help. We’ve made 11 errors in our last 7 games and the offense is getting shut down by almost every starter. I think fans have the right to be negative when the team is playing like this

  10. 10
    csg Says:

    “Francoeur griping about balls and strikes.”

    its just funny to read this. Like he has a clue right now. Did you hear Joe talking about his vision? Its 20-20 in the right eye and 15-20 in the left. Hey thats about as perfect as it can get. I wonder what his swing looks like left handed

  11. 11
    Eric Says:

    @3. Why would you be ready to proclaim that Brandon Jones might not be the answer. After a cold streak of like 15 at-bats. I’m not saying he definitely is, I’m just saying there is aboslutely no way of knowing at this point. And with him being the No. 4 prospect coming into this season, I’m willing to give him the at-bats the work out the kinks at the major league level.

  12. 12
    csg Says:

    even Peanut doesnt understand…

    Jones was hoping to pinch-hit in the seventh inning after Francoeur singled with two outs. But Brandon Jones ended that inning with a strikeout. Instead of using Brent Lillibridge to begin the top of the eighth, Cox sent Chipper Jones to the plate and then sent Lillibridge in the game to serve as his pinch-runner.

    After allowing Teixeira’s homer, Torres, who has converted each of his 12 save opportunities since Eric Gagne went on the disabled list, surrendered a single to Brian McCann, who was immediately replaced with a pinch-runner. After a sacrifice bunt, Francoeur groundout and intentional walk to Brandon Jones, Miller carried his .103 batting average to the plate with the hope of providing a good ending.

    Instead, he put an end to an ugly night that only briefly had a chance to memorable.

    “It’s one game,” Morton said. “Nobody likes to lose. But there are going to be days like this.”

  13. 13
    csg Says:

    Jason Perry now has 18HR’s in 224AB’s. Throw him in the outfield mix and let him have a shot. He cant be struggling anymore than the rest of our OF’s

  14. 14
    Frank Says:

    I took in the ChiSox 6-1 win over the Dodgers last night. Good night for the ChiSox former Braves–Dye hit a key 2-run homer (just think how RF would have been with him over the past decade) and D. Wise was 3-4. Jones and Furcal didn’t play–today’s LA Times has an article pointing out the Dodgers have a .563 win pct with Furcal and a 17-27 record without him. It also has an article on lame deals made by the Dodgers–the picture with the story in Andruw.

    ChiSox 2B Ramirez made a sportscenter play ranging to CF to take a hit away from Martin and then doubling Kemp off first. Pierzynski is a bum–he didn’t run on two plays to first–Derek Lowe, by contrast, busted it down the line.

    One of life’s coolest sights is LA at night from the Dodger Stadium parking lot–no wonder Jim Morrison called it the “city of lights.”

  15. 15
    Dix Says:

    Sheets and Sabathia in the offseason.

  16. 16
    JC Says:

    I’ll add that Yunel had a friend on the team who served in that role, and that the Braves dumped him to keep the Hamster. Yunel was doing fine before Pena was DFAd.

    This almost makes me wonder if Pena was DFA’d because the Braves wanted to break them up. In the long run, Pena isn’t going to be around to help him. Just the other day, I heard someone about getting her nephew who has just move to the US from Mexico into out of his English classes. The problem was that he was around other kids who spoke Spanish (that’s why they were all there), so the English classes were actually hindering his assimilation. In the short run, we are going to see some bumps, but in the long run he might be better off.

    Still, it’s frustrating, especially when the replacement is Corky. Seriously, I recall Eddie Perez leaning in to take one for the team when necessary. Corky moved as nimbly as I’ve ever seen him to get out of the way of two pitches last night, before Francoeuring his 3-0 count.

    Francoeuring — 1. To swing at pitches out of the strike zone after securing a hitter’s count.
    2. To reach base on a weakly-hit infield ground ball.
    3. To mis-play a ball on defense without being credited with an error. (syn. Prado)

  17. 17
    Bethany Says:

    The umps have turned on Yunel in the past few weeks… It’s not fair, but you have to keep your cool. But the whole team deserves a slap in the face, and Yunel wasn’t the worst offender by a long shot.

    Blanco has what… two hits from the leadoff role? I really like the kid, but he’s been bad lately, and not just with the bat. It’s tough… do you stick with him, or bring up Anderson instead? And what about B. Jones?

    Infante has been hitting well lately, so the bunt call was a tough one. Frenchy killed yet another rally.

    I know we didn’t lose any ground, but I look more at the way the team is playing than the standings. This is not a playoff team, I don’t care how bad the division is. What good is making the playoffs if you’re just going to get clobbered once you get there?

  18. 18
    Stu Says:

    “Securing” is probably the wrong word, JC. As you know, no hitter’s count is secure with Jeff Francoeur.

  19. 19
    Adam M Says:

    With all the problems this team is having, it’s baffling that Yunel Escobar, who is hitting above average at SS and has been pretty decent in the field, should earn so much ire. Negativity is one thing; calling someone out for being from Cuba is quite another. Is Wren’s inability to acquire a league-average (right-handed) corner outfielder because he’s from Florida? Escobar is young and he’ll be fine. He’s among the least of the Braves problems right now.

  20. 20
    CharlesP Says:

    Can I point out how it is we had Pena, Corky, AND Javy in spring training competing for our backup catcher job and the one we went with is Corky?!?!?! I’d rather have Javy up there on occasion, being older, probably only hitting .200, but occasionally knocking one out and being a throw-back Brave than seeing Hamster out there with his .100 average *grumble, grumble, Wren!, grumble*

    Oh, and Kotsay and Diaz both may be back next week I think (if I recall what I read right). Here’s hoping Kotsay can stay healthy when he gets back and Diaz can return to 06-07 form.

  21. 21
    Hanan Says:

    Francouer wouldn’t secure a hitter’s count against Rick Ankiel.

  22. 22
    Stephen Says:

    JC–Your explanation about Bryan Pena’s release is the first that has made any sense…Until the Braves believe that Sammons has had enough ABs at Richmond, I am afraid that we are stuck with Corky….

  23. 23
    Marc Schneider Says:

    I understand it’s a long season and they can’t get too down after a single loss, yada, yada, yada, but I’m sort of tired of the Braves treating every loss as if it’s no big deal. At some point, it’s not early and you can’t make up all the games you keep pissing away. Now, I realize Morton is in no position to show ire but the Braves, as they have done in recent years, seem to keep hiding behind the mantra that it’s a long season–until it’s not. Chipper is the only one that seems to recognize any urgency. Of course, one thing that encourages that is that all the teams in the division keep losing so they never lose any ground but at some point, you have to start playing some decent baseball. There seems to be an attitude on the team that we have so much talent that eventually we will turn things around.

  24. 24
    csg Says:

    #20 – Charles I think they said they were just now (later this week) getting Diaz in a different brace where he can at least start baseball activities again. I think he’ll be more around the break before we see him again. Seriously though, in the meantime, just call the Giants and tell them we’ll take Randy Winn and his full salary. No way they can expect anything in return on that one. I cant believe I’m saying this, but put Infante in CF and Winn in RF. Do something, whatever it is

  25. 25
    csg Says:

    oh and Sammons has definitely cooled off, he’s down to .244 now. Still just having Corky off the team will give me more hope

  26. 26
    csg Says:

    Campillo going today, we’ll probably get at least 7 innings of the hamster again

  27. 27
    Mac Thomason Says:

    It’s a day game after a night game. Of course the Hamster will start. The only question is if McCann hits for him in the eighth or the ninth.

  28. 28
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Oh, I added “Hamster” to the Glossary. Anyone want to peek over there and see if I’m missing anything?

  29. 29
    CharlesP Says:

    Thanks csg, I had to hunt down where I’d read their timeline and wasn’t sure on it… AJC says:

    The Braves hope to have Mark Kotsay back from the disabled list next week and left fielder Matt Diaz back in a couple of more weeks.

    Matt’s cleared to run and is apparently ready to come back.

    “I know Kotsay and me aren’t going to cure the outfield,” Diaz said. “It’s got to be a team thing. When Chipper [Jones] is down, other people have got to step up … I can’t wait to be a part of that. You forget how much you love baseball until you can’t play.”

  30. 30
    CharlesP Says:

    I would like to suggest we promote Braeden Schlehuber from GCL to replace Corky… not so much because he’ll be good (probably won’t, but would also probably be better than Corky), but because it’ll be fun to hear the guys in the booth try and say his name.

  31. 31
    Jake Says:

    Lineup Update:

    Chipper is out. McCann is in.

  32. 32
    Bethany Says:

    I’m honestly glad Chipper is getting another day off, and I’m even more glad that McCann is playing. Thanks for the update, Jake.

  33. 33
    Jake Says:

    No problem. Brian was told about it last night so he has been prepared for it.

    Also, I watched Kotsay and Prado on the field during BP yesterday. Kotsay looked very good while Prado looked very rusty.

  34. 34
    csg Says:

    lets start Corky delenda est

  35. 35
    csg Says:

    someone outside of ATL is paying attention…

    “What to do with the hometown hero?”

  36. 36
    oldtimer? Says:

    It is a beautiful day in NJ and I am off today, I hate the fact I will be sitting inside here watching the Braves.
    they better win dang it.
    I Like Yunel but he IS a hot dog, he complains about balls and strikes a lot and the bat flip costs him many close calls.
    This is a bad trait for a young player to have, i believe it was also a big problem for him in the minors.

  37. 37
    Jake Says:

    csg, that is a very good article.

  38. 38
    Mac Thomason Says:

    You have got to be kidding me.

  39. 39
    Jake Says:

    I saw that yesterday. I find it hard to believe that people around the football program didn’t know what he was into. From some people who go to school there it was well known what JJ did.

  40. 40
    JC Says:

    If Francoeur is to turn things around this season, he needs to tune out his critics who believe his fatal flaw is his aggression as a hitter. As a young developing hitter, he is best off staying true to himself by maintaining his aggression and gradually learning more plate discipline as he gets older and more experienced.

    Also known as the Terry Pendleton plan that has been in effect for three years. Why not just suggest sticking a Q-Ray bracelet on the guy?

  41. 41
    Nick Says:

    I really don’t understand why we don’t bring up Sammons already, and I’m normally on the opposite side of this “Why don’t we bring up the kids” argument. But in most instances, the person we’re replacing isn’t hitting .050 or whatever the hell Corky is hitting now.

    There’s no way we keep Sammons anyway. He’s completely blocked by McCann, so he’s pretty much guaranteed to be traded. And now he looks like he’s stagnating somewhat in Richmond. Bring him up and let him show what he can do as the backup catcher.

    Also, pinch-hitting Chipper with the tying run still on-deck is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen Cox make. That a spot where we actually needed him came up in a game-breaking situation and we didn’t have him and had to use Corky freaking Miller was all too predictable. Bobby played for the one-run loss and what did we get? A one-run loss. Imagine that.

  42. 42
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Apparently, Johns managed to somehow keep his identities as talented but somehow useless football player and crimelord separate. So while his activities as the latter were well known to the powder cocaine circuit up on fraternity row, the other players were… well, it’s hard to believe unaware, but unacquainted with how much he was actually doing. He didn’t hang with the other players at all, from what I hear.

    Even with cocaine, where did he find the time?

  43. 43
    Bethany Says:

    Well, I don’t have too much of a problem with the pinch hit situation because we had the top of the order coming up.

    I’d love to see Sammons, is there any way he could be worse than Corky? Miller’s defense is not that good, so I say give him a shot.

  44. 44
    Bethany Says:

    Also, sorry to hear about Johns, you never want to see a person fall into that crap. I hope he can turn it around.

  45. 45
    Mac Thomason Says:

    He’s looking at several decades in prison, so I don’t think turning it around is in the cards.

  46. 46
    ububba Says:

    Pretty fair Frenchy article.

    The writer doesn’t investigate the fact that Frenchy’s power has disappeared, but it’s implied with the shrinking slug-%.

    A couple key passages:

    “Unfortunately, the injury-depleted Braves don’t have anyone better in their system to replace Francoeur.”

    “As of this writing, Francoeur is only hitting .228 with a .267 OBP and a .367 SLG with RISP. That is very unusual for Francoeur. For his career, in 558 plate appearances with RISP, Francoeur has batted .315 with a .364 OBP and a .508 SLG.”

    The passage above is the main reason we could put up with his flaws previously & now we can’t. That’s it in a nutshell. Before this season (558 PAs), Frenchy rose to the occasion; this year, he’s been bad at everything and, crucially, he’s now a Rally Killer Supreme (TM).

  47. 47
    Jake Says:


    I have no sympathy for that idiot. Like Mac said, he’s going to jail for at least a decade on 5 different felony’s. He choose his own path, he had a free education and possibly some type of professional football in his future (arena, canadian). What a dumbarse!

  48. 48
    Bethany Says:

    I didn’t say I felt bad for him, it’s just a shame to see potential wasted.

  49. 49
    Jake Says:

    It is a shame, as an educator I see potential wasted daily.

  50. 50
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Which brings us back to Francoeur…

  51. 51
    Jake Says:

    Bigger issue: Chippers health.

  52. 52
    Tony Says:

    Good. We need to rest Chipper as long as possible. Since the East is as a whole is struggling right now, the Braves really aren’t losing any ground. However, a win today would be nice.

    I say Escobar comes out swinging today.

  53. 53
    ububba Says:

    That moment you mention from the Chavez Ravine parking lot…I had the exact same experience the first time I visited Dodger Stadium. I looked up, saw the view & “LA Woman” began to play in my head. (Now it happens when I’m flying into town.)

    First game at Dodger Stadium was April 1991 and it was a Braves game. They were off to something like an 11-8 start, which felt hopeful, but was really just plain amazing! Little did I know what kind of thrills I would get that year.

    I scored a ticket outside about 5 rows behind home plate. Braves lost, Kal Daniels hit a GSHR for LA and Deion Sanders hit a so-what solo shot later, but I’ll always remember that experience. And, yes, the Dodger Dogs are awesome.

  54. 54
    csg Says:

    “Also, pinch-hitting Chipper with the tying run still on-deck is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen Cox make.”

    he didnt even do that. He wasted Chippers bat yesterday. It was a 4-1 game with no one on and no outs. Then he had to burn Lillibridge to run for him. You let Lillibridge hit there and run for himself and save Chipper just in case there is a situation to drive in some runs

  55. 55
    Robert Says:

    Well, Dodger stadium is indeed awesome. Before I got married I used to go to games all the time, now I only go to Braves games. Three games I remember best:

    1. Mike Piazza becoming only the second player to hit a home run completely out of the stadium link

    2. Ismael Valdes throws a one hitter. link
    Wilton Guerrero starting shortstop! The Dodgers were in a bit of a middle infield dry spell.

    3. The Gary Sheffield game. link
    So this game was a spur of the moment decision, so I only could get a ticket in the left field pavilion. That’s still a good seat and only like $8 bucks at the time. Anyway, Sheffield hits a homer in the third a few rows over my head which was pretty cool. Then in the eighth he hits another rocket which, from the moment it leaves his bat, is clearly coming right at me. So I put my scorecard down, stand up, and…step to one side allowing the ball to clang of the bench seat where I was sitting and into the hands of the folks behind me. A little embarrassing to be sure, but you remember the way Sheffield hits the ball, this thing was a laser and I don’t take a gl0ve.

  56. 56
    Jeremy Says:

    The writer doesn’t investigate the fact that Frenchy’s power has disappeared

    His ISO is about the same as it was last year, and (amazingly) his XBH% is quite a bit higher — 38% this year vs. 31% last year. He’s hitting less singles.

  57. 57
    Robert Says:

    Then he had to burn Lillibridge to run for him. You let Lillibridge hit there and run for himself and save Chipper just in case there is a situation to drive in some runs

    Nah, it’s the eighth, the bottom of the order probably isn’t getting up again might as well get him in there. That high leverage situation may never materialize. I’d rather use him too early than not at all. If there was a mistake it was not using a pitcher to run for him and keeping Lilli available for later. Not that he would have been a better option than Corky.

  58. 58
    brule™ Says:

    Escobar’s whining doesn’t bother me nearly as much as Francoeur griping about balls and strikes.
    Ditto, Mac.

    Most of all, yesterday, I was disappointed with errors.

    I like Escobar. He was Mr. consistency in the lineup. I was very excited at that time when the Braves drafed him. As is often the case with Hispanic or Latino, I think he is a man of passion. I prefer this because he is professional. HAHAHA…
    IMO, each national has its own peculiarities. Here is my story. I’ve had a lot of German classmates. They were too serious. They did speak english fluently but did speak German except for class. On top of that, they got along with themselves. Of course I have German friends. Generally my spanish friends were serious too. Both of them rarely smiled and often made contortions of the face. I know persons are different depend on personalities. But I realized that is a national trait. I’m not a chatterbox and I am a little shy. Thankfully they walked up to me and then we spent a good days. At first, I was afraid of leaving message here. Nevertheless I did. :-) I think Escobar’s language problem is not a big deal because we are the Braves. :-)

    This blog makes me feel a wave of nostalgia when I was infatuated with blogging. I rarely find this kind of Mac’s blog in western cyberspace. Music is always my friend. I enjoys all kinds of music. Even I listened reggae when I was in Sydney and Auckland. But I prefer Brit-Pop like Oasis, Blur, Radiohead,,,etc. Stirred memories of a simpler time. Cheers, Mac.

  59. 59
    braves14 Says:

    Escobar is out of the lineup today.

    Cf Blanco
    3b Gotay
    2b Johnson
    1b Teixiera
    C McCann
    Ss Infante
    Rf Francoeur
    Lf Jones
    P Campillo

  60. 60
    Stu Says:

    Nursing the injury or is Bobby pissed at him? Another not-bad lineup, considering what we’ve got to work with, although I’d of course switch Francoeur and Jones.

  61. 61
    braves14 Says:

    They’ll probably use the nursing the injury as the PA excuse, but the real reason I bet is the ejection last night.

  62. 62
    Robert Says:

    That’s a long breather for the pitcher once you get past McCann until someone even mildly menacing comes up again.

  63. 63
    Stu Says:

    BTW, what are the estimates as to what Ben Sheets and Adam Dunn will command per year this offseason?

    If they each command $15 million per year, we could sign both of them, re-sign Teix at $20 million per, while having our payroll increase from roughly $90 million to roughly $100 million.

    In 2009, that would give us a rotation of Sheets/Hudson/Jurrjens/Reyes/Campillo;

    a lineup of

    a bullpen of

    and a bench of

    or something similar.

    I’m just saying.

  64. 64
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Brule, you had a lot of German classmates? Ah! Das deutschen klassenzimmer!

  65. 65
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Stu, I would be shocked, shocked if Dunn stood to get as much as Tex, and frankly I’d rather have him. (Despite the much lower BA, Dunn actually has a higher career OBP.)

    I’d guess Dunn could be had for 7/$120, Tex for 6/$120, and Sheets for 5/$85. (I’m thinking Sheets will get a Burnett-like deal, factoring in a little more inflation.)

  66. 66
    oldtimer? Says:

    Man, our outfield really does stink.

  67. 67
    CharlesP Says:

    4 of our 8 position players are the back-ups today… it really is amazing we’ve not dropped more games than we have with as few of our “regulars” as we’ve been able to trot out regularly for a while now.

  68. 68
    Coop Says:

    AAR, who else is out there waiting for Liberty’s money?

  69. 69
    Robert Says:

    We won’t sign a big ticket free agent, but if we did it would have to be someone like Dunn who’s value isn’t well understood by all.

  70. 70
    Coop Says:

    I like our rotation and pen, our middle infield and our catcher. Chipper’s best in the bigs when healthy.

    Assuming Glavine, Hampton, Teixiera, and (please let me be wrong on this) Smoltz are gone or done, how much payroll have we obligated for 2009; and how much do we have to spend?

  71. 71
    Bethany Says:

    My only worry with someone like Dunn is that we’ll end up like the Dodgers with Andrew. Dunn would be a nice addition as he is now, but what if he regresses? He also doesn’t have any defensive skill to speak of.

  72. 72
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Bethany, that’s a good point — Dunn does have prototypical “old player” skills, and those guys don’t age well. I’d imagine that he’d start to fall off in a hurry once he gets into his early 30’s. But he’s only 28, and he probably has another 5 seasons of very good production.

  73. 73
    Dix Says:

    I’m all in favor of Stu’s proposal.

    Sign Sheets
    Sign Dunn
    Sign Teix
    Fix the glitch that still sends out Francoeur’s biweekly paycheck.

  74. 74
    Another Alex R. Says:

    “Just a second there, Professor. We, uh, we fixed the glitch. So he won’t be receiving a paycheck anymore. So it’ll just work itself out naturally.”

    “We always like to avoid confrontation whenever possible. The problem is solved from here on, then.”

  75. 75
    oldtimer? Says:

    Somebody hates us.

  76. 76
    Bethany Says:

    Didn’t the Braves have something like 8 million extra on the payroll this year? Or am I making that up?

  77. 77
    Robert Says:

    Infante pulled a hammy.

  78. 78
    Mac Thomason Says:

    This is insane.

  79. 79
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Infante doubles and pulls up limping… sweet mother of mercy.

  80. 80
    brule™ Says:

    Cheers, Alex.
    I only know German worlds “Ich liebe dich” , “Danke schon “. hahaha.

    Wireless is unstable. Enjoy.

  81. 81
    RehabReject Says:

    haha! of course!

  82. 82
    Robert Says:

    Lillibridge looks too young to be in the College World Series.

  83. 83
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Skip just called Brent Lillibridge “Derek Lilliquist” again — at least he caught himself after doing it the second time.

  84. 84
    Stephen Says:

    Infante….what next….maybe Lillibridge will have a big game…

  85. 85
    Bethany Says:

    This has to be some kind of record.

  86. 86
    RehabReject Says:

    let’s go Frenchy.. earn your non-tendered contract

  87. 87
    CharlesP Says:

    Tell me gameday is wrong it wasn’t an injury delay… did we lose another player? At this rate we’ll be playing all AA guys by the end of the year and Schaefer will get his shot.

  88. 88
    oldtimer? Says:

    Nice cut by Frenchy, excellent play by Counsell.

  89. 89
    RehabReject Says:

    yes, Infante pulled his hamstring rounding first base on a double

  90. 90
    Dix Says:


    I always thought he said “the problem’s solved from your end”

  91. 91
    CharlesP Says:

    Lillibridge barely looks old enough to play in the little league world series… MAN that kid looks young.

  92. 92
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Apparently Counsell made a good play on a hard-hit Francoeur grounder that could have been a single.

    I still blame him.

  93. 93
    Dan Says:

    Well, if nothing else it takes Infante out of the game at SS, where over the past couple of games he has proven to play awful defense there

  94. 94
    Bethany Says:

    Jeff? Ground out to the shortstop?! Impossible!

  95. 95
    Dix Says:

    I’m amazed it made it to the dirt

  96. 96
    RehabReject Says:



    @this team


  97. 97
    Remy Says:


  98. 98
    CharlesP Says:

    Let me get this straight, am I right in thinking our (essentially) rookie pitcher is the oldest guy we’ve got on the field today?

  99. 99
    Another Alex R. Says:

    And a double off the glove of Lillibridge…

    Someone needs to be fired. Several people need to be fired.

  100. 100
    Stephen Says:

    Tex-Thats some nice leather…

  101. 101
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Infante update: right hamstring strain, “day-to-day,” though Skip speculates that he probably won’t be able to play tomorrow.

    Also, Chipper will be limited to DH duties in Toronto.

  102. 102
    Stephen Says:

    I missed the double–should it have been an error on Lillibridge?

  103. 103
    Tony Says:

    Who is the trianer? Why is he not being looked at along with TP for demotion or termination?

  104. 104
    CharlesP Says:

    At this point Bobby gets to manage like an AL manager, because there’s no concern of waiting till the pitcher’s spot comes up. Everybody who isn’t a pitcher is hurt, or is hitting as bad or worse than one. So just pull the pitcher when you feel like it and put in another one to hit for him, doesn’t make any difference.

  105. 105
    Robert Says:

    I missed the double–should it have been an error on Lillibridge?

    It was hard hit, no one is going to give an error on it. Still, he could have had it.

  106. 106
    CharlesP Says:

    How sad is it that I know the trainer is Jeff Porter without looking it up, just because I’ve seen him come on the field so often in the last few years? (this of course assumes they didn’t change trainers sometime that I missed).

  107. 107
    Tony Says:

    Who is the trainer I mean…

  108. 108
    RehabReject Says:

    can we have a do-over on the whole season? We weren’t ready, guys. Sorry!

  109. 109
    Coop Says:

    Wish our regulars hit like Campillo just did.

  110. 110
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Campillo would have been a better choice to hit last night than the Hamster.

  111. 111
    Bethany Says:

    Haha, we should have had Jorge hit instead of Corky last night.

  112. 112
    jjschiller Says:

    “And a double off the glove of Lillibridge…

    Someone needs to be fired. Several people need to be fired.”

    Considering the vitriol that spews forth from the mouths of men here, that I would consider otherwise to be perfectly reasonable men, I would say the fact that this team is essentially playing .500 baseball is a testament to Bobby’s clubhouse.

    If you think you’re frustrated, imagine how the players feel? We’ve got 3/5ths of our starting rotation out, starting 3b, starting ss, starting lf, starting cf, TWO utility IF’s out.

    But they go out and play and tread water, and if they pouted half as much as we do, they’d be 25-50 right now.

  113. 113
    Coop Says:

    At least Frenchy’s not going to hit into a double play here.

  114. 114
    Dix Says:

    Good evening Sir, my name is Jeff. I come from a rough area. I used to be addicted to crack but now I am off it and trying to stay clean. That is why I am playing right field for the Atlanta Braves.

  115. 115
    jjschiller Says:

    BTW two or three weeks ago, they did replace the strength and conditioning coach.

  116. 116
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Hey, that’s what Jeff hasn’t done yet in his quest to prove that he’s not a major league baseball player — hit out of order!

  117. 117
    Mac Thomason Says:


  118. 118
    CharlesP Says:

    Ohhhh that’s right jj… looks like it’s now Frank Fultz

  119. 119
    Another Alex R. Says:

    JJ, I admit that I spew a fair amount of vitriol. Maybe you’re right that simply playing .500 baseball is an impressive achievement considering all the injuries we’ve suffered. For some reason, though, I feel it’s unacceptable that we’ve committed 9 errors in the past 5 games. Major league ballplayers, no matter how fringy, shouldn’t do that. That was the reason for my vitriol in that particular argument.

  120. 120
    Dix Says:

    I think you mean bat out of order. He never hits, in any order.

  121. 121
    Dave Says:

    Is it me or does Joe sound pissed off today?

  122. 122
    Stephen Says:

    Thanks Robert.

  123. 123
    jjschiller Says:

    im under the impression that Jeff Porter is still around. Strength And Conditioning is a different title from Head Trainer. I don’t recall the name of the man who was fired.

  124. 124
    RehabReject Says:

    Fultz was the guy who got fired I’m pretty sure

  125. 125
    Tony Says:

    Thanks KJ.

  126. 126
    CharlesP Says:


  127. 127
    Stephen Says:


  128. 128
    Another Alex R. Says:

    I nuv nu, Kelly!

  129. 129
    Bethany Says:

    YEAH KELLY!!!!!!!!!

  130. 130
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Did anyone notice how that’s exactly the sort of thing we would do? You know, let the other team start a rally by giving up a hit to the pitcher?

  131. 131
    Tony Says:

    Nice job Tex….Have we had a lead in this series?

  132. 132
    jjschiller Says:

    AAR – Oh don’t get me wrong, I scream the screen like any self-respecting sportsfan. I just didn’t yell on that one. He was handcuffed, and just came in the game cold. (His first on-field action since he got he from Richmond, I believe.)

    Infante kicking the ball around lately, Francoeur kicking the ball around, those plays really set me off.

    But Lilly, I don’t think stood a chance there, playing up on the grass like that.

  133. 133
    Stephen Says:

    #121–Before that hit he sounded quietly disappointed and he may well again….

  134. 134
    Robert Says:


    You would rather they talk about maple bats some more? How could Aaron Heilman be on that conference call?

  135. 135
    Marc Schneider Says:

    Obviously, our expectations are still high because of the run of success. The fact is, the Braves now are just another team that will have some good years and some bad. Right now, the Brewers seem to be coming on, they have a good young core and are simply a better team–certainly better than the team the Braves have been forced to put out on the field recently.

    But mediocrity is boring. Maybe Bobby does deserve credit for being .500. As a fan, though, it sucks.

  136. 136
    Another Alex R. Says:

    JJ, that’s fair enough. I didn’t see the play. But our radio guys said that, though it was hit hard, it was something that he could have made a play on.

  137. 137
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Also, I meant to say this earlier: hi, Lando! We don’t see you around here much any more…

  138. 138
    jjschiller Says:

    By the way, getting to watch the Phillies lose 6 in a row has helped me keep my peace… I take heart by thinking “We’re trying to tread water until we get our pieces back. The Phillies are just LOSING.”

  139. 139
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Milwaukee 2-6 hitters: 0-10, 5 K
    Milwaukee 1, 7-9 hitters: 3-4, 2 RBI, 0 K

  140. 140
    RehabReject Says:

    List of things Lillibridge can do to make himself look older than 18:


    seriously….. anything?

  141. 141
    Dix Says:

    unfortunately none of my fantasy teams have Milwaukee’s 7-9 hitters.

  142. 142
    Robert Says:

    First pitch popup…you are the man Jeff.

  143. 143
    Stephen Says:

    Lillibridge is still without a hit… he looks even younger than I imagined. Wonder if he needs a fake ID….

    Way to go Frenchy….

  144. 144
    Dix Says:

    I’ll be honest with you, I love his game, I do, I’m a Jeff Francoeur fan. For my money, it doesn’t get any better than when he swings and misses at a slider 2 feet off the plate.

  145. 145
    Jeremy Says:

    Send his ass down already. This is ridiculous.

  146. 146
    Robert Says:

    Lillibridge is still without a hit… he looks even younger than I imagined. Wonder if he needs a fake ID….

    I like how they gave him the number 1, which somehow makes him look even smaller. I guess the commish’s office wouldn’t approve giving him 1/2 or 1/3 for a number.

  147. 147
    Another Alex R. Says:

    RehabReject, let me take a stab:

    1) Paint a menacing scar on his cheek
    2) Glue on a full beard
    3) Pour baby powder in his hair so it looks like it’s greying

  148. 148
    RehabReject Says:

    wasn’t Prado using #1? … what are the rules on changing your number halfway through the season? (that’s if the Braves actually want Prado back on the active roster)

  149. 149
    Another Alex R. Says:

    From Skip:

    The Braves in one-run games: 4-20
    The Brewers in one-run games: 17-6

  150. 150
    Dix Says:

    Samir: No one in this country can ever pronounce my name right. It’s not that hard:
    Samir Na-gheen-an-a-jar. Nagheenanajar.

    Jeff Francoeur: Yeah, well at least your name isn’t Jeff Francoeur.

    Jair: You know there’s nothing wrong with that name.

    Jeff: There was nothing wrong with it… until I was about 12 years old and that no-talent ass clown became famous and started winning Gold Gloves.

    Samir: Hmm… well why don’t you just go by Jeffrey instead of Jeff?

    Jeff: No way. Why should I change? He’s the one who sucks.

  151. 151
    Parish Says:

    I heard we lost Infante today. Any word on how bad it is?

  152. 152
    RehabReject Says:

    haha, when is a scar on the cheek NOT menacing?

  153. 153
    Dix Says:

    Jeff Francoeur : You see Bob, it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.

    Bobby Cox: Don’t… don’t care?

    Jeff: It’s a problem of motivation, all right? Now if I work my ass off and the pitchers throws a few extra pitches, I don’t see another dime, so where’s the motivation? And here’s another thing, I have eight different teammates who hit better than I do right now.

    Bobby: Eight?

    Jeff: Eight, Bob. So that means when I make a mistake, I have eight different people coming by to tell me about it. That’s my only real motivation is not to be hassled, that, and the fear of losing my job. But you know, Bob, that will only make someone work just hard enough not to get nontendered.

  154. 154
    Robert Says:

    Well, Campillo is simply awesome. Feel good story of the year.

  155. 155
    csg Says:

    the sad thing is, the only people hitting with a higher average than Infante over the last 30 days is Tex, Chipper, and the other Jones

  156. 156
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Parish, they’re saying Infante’s day-to-day, but our guys imagined that Infante probably wouldn’t be playing tomorrow considering the way he grabbed his leg.

    Do you think Jorge Campillo could play outfield on the days he’s not pitching? I heard that worked for another guy named George.

  157. 157
    RehabReject Says:

    Dix, I bow to you good sir

  158. 158
    Bethany Says:

    Love him, I can’t even believe it!

  159. 159
    Parish Says:

    How did Campillo get a hit? Did he pull back the bunt and swing away?

    Sorry – “watching” via Sportsline.

  160. 160
    Robert Says:

    Some shotty defense from the Brewers this inning.

  161. 161
    csg Says:

    Dix, a little office space…not bad

  162. 162
    urlhix Says:

    Comedy gold, Dix.

  163. 163
    Robert Says:

    How did Campillo get a hit? Did he pull back the bunt and swing away?


  164. 164
    Parish Says:

    Thanks, AAR and Robert.

  165. 165
    jjschiller Says:

    Gotay is really picking up the breaking ball well here..

  166. 166
    csg Says:

    Stockman update: now for the season

    30IP 10H 2ER 14BB 28K

    maybe next year bud. Bobby Cox says “You’re a young kid, you need to pitch somewhere.”

  167. 167
    jjschiller Says:

    guy i jinxed him.

  168. 168
    jjschiller Says:

    guh, rather

  169. 169
    Robert Says:

    Bobby just sneaked an f-bomb through the peachtree tv folks. Nicely done.

  170. 170
    Parish Says:

    Dang, Gotay.

  171. 171
    Dave Says:

    The camera was right on Bobby when he dropped that F-bomb. Awesome…

  172. 172
    Bethany Says:


  173. 173
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Frenchy should take tips from Gotay’s at-bat there — that was a really clutch strikeout in a double play situation.

  174. 174
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Joe, Joe, Joe…

    1. When you played, lighting was much worse than it is now.
    2. When you played, you couldn’t hit under any conditions anyway.

  175. 175
    Mac Thomason Says:


  176. 176
    Another Alex R. Says:

    I can’t adequately describe how much I prefer having Brian up with the bases loaded to having Frenchy up with the bases loaded.

    It’s sort of like the difference between eating ice cream and skinning my knee.

  177. 177
    ububba Says:

    Can we have our getaway day blowout now?

  178. 178
    Robert Says:

    Joe Simpson, career:

    Day games: 611 OPS
    Night games: 605 OPS

  179. 179
    Parish Says:

    C’mon, B-Mac. Runner home from third was all we needed.

  180. 180
    Bethany Says:

    Ugh. So typical.

  181. 181
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Brent Lillibridge, first pitch swinging.

    I guess we can tell he’s been taking tips from Terry Pendleton!

  182. 182
    Brian J. Says:

    No, you can not have blowout.

  183. 183
    Hate King Says:

    I was watching a game on peachtree tv with skip and joe (I think this was friday’s game) and they cut away to a commercial and I still heard joe and skip talking. Joe immediately started calling something in the CF area of the ballpark “crap” and they cut to birdseye views of Turner rather quickly. Skip also hated on the ESPN magazine for an inning.

  184. 184
    Parish Says:

    Very disappointing.

    Does anyone think that if Lillibridge had a mustache, he would look just like the older brother in Napolean Dynamite?

  185. 185
    Stephen Says:

    Lillibridge was a windmill before he got to Atlanta–but even if he looks 15 he certainly fits in….

  186. 186
    RehabReject Says:

    the one thing that stood out from going through Joe’s stats is that his GS = 1/2 G

    so basically, he was a platoon player when the platoon system hadn’t even been invented yet

  187. 187
    Mac Thomason Says:

    The platoon system was invented around 1909. Joe isn’t that old. He didn’t play much because he was no good.

  188. 188
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Brian, those who are tardy do not get fruit cup.

  189. 189
    Tomas Says:

    Campillo seems to have watched recent games and decided, “I better go 4 for 5 to have any chance at getting a win”.

  190. 190
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Campillo can obviously throw, why can’t he be the backup catcher?

  191. 191
    Stu Says:

    I gotta say, I like the idea of my starting pitcher getting 5 ABs.

  192. 192
    Stephen Says:

    If Infante goes on the DL who do the Braves call up? Diory Hernandez?

  193. 193
    csg Says:

    #189 – he then said I better get two hits, score a run or two and maybe even get an RBI if I need to win

  194. 194
    RehabReject Says:

    Joe Simpson often takes pride in the fact that he was a “big tall player” in his day. That always gets a chuckle out of me.

    and yeah Mac, he sucked. Agreed

  195. 195
    Robert Says:

    So he takes two fastballs right down the middle…

  196. 196
    Brian J. Says:

    Jeff Francoeur, “in play, no out”? Something must be wrong with GameDay.

  197. 197
    Robert Says:

    …and then dribbles one through the right side. Miracle.

  198. 198
    Mac Thomason Says:


  199. 199
    Parish Says:

    Mac, how would Campillo catch himself?

  200. 200
    Robert Says:

    He’s out now.

  201. 201
    Mac Thomason Says:

    There are still some bugs to work out, but he’d have to be better than the Hamster.

  202. 202
    Stephen Says:

    Well we have our Frenchy highlight for the day….

  203. 203
    csg Says:

    I’m not going to complain when he gets on base. I’ll be shocked, but I wont complain

  204. 204
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Oh, no, not Atrosta.

  205. 205
    Tomas Says:

    It would be cool if the Hamster never had another pinch hit appearance as long as Hudson, Jurrjens, Campillo… or pretty much any pitcher was available. I’m quite sure they’d all give a better chance at actually getting a hit/avoiding a double play.

  206. 206
    ububba Says:

    Braves fan deli owner: What’s the score now, still 2-2?

    Me: No, we’re winning 4-2, but Infante got hurt.

    Deli owner: You mean that Chipper’s hurt and his backup are hurt now?

    Me: Yup. Ridiculous, innit?

    Deli owner: Pretty soon, they’re gonna have you & me out there. We have no players left!

    BTW, he has a deli sandwich named after Larry Wayne Jones, Jr., called “The Chipper.” A bold move in Metland.

  207. 207
    Brian J. Says:

    I like Campillo. In the MASH unit that the Braves have become, he’s really gone out there and gotten the job done.

  208. 208
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Hell of a day by Campillo. 7 IP, 4 hits, 2 ER, 6 K, 0 BB. If he’s our 5th starter, guys, we ain’t doing too badly.

  209. 209
    csg Says:

    AAR – you’re missing his offensive stats there too

    2 for 3 – 2 runs scored

  210. 210
    Landogarner Says:

    Campy is the shit.

  211. 211
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Apparently sunglasses are tested on animals or something.

  212. 212
    Robert Says:

    Blanco could not be more helpless against lefties.

    If he’s our 5th starter, guys, we ain’t doing too badly.

    Starting pitching is the bright spot. Four of the five guys cost nothing.

  213. 213
    Brian J. Says:

    Wow, we’ll have to say nice things about McDowell now. Seriously, the performance of Jurrjens, Campillo, and Morton speak well of him.

  214. 214
    csg Says:

    was Kelly’s almost a HR?

  215. 215
    Joshua Says:

    anyone know why Campy was taken out?

  216. 216
    Another Alex R. Says:

    You know, Lando, I’m with you. I wouldn’t have thought I would ever let another player be called “Campy,” but I think Jorge Campillo has earned it.

  217. 217
    Robert Says:

    was Kelly’s almost a HR?

    Not really. Warning track. Easy catch.

  218. 218
    Landogarner Says:

    csg, close but not that close.

  219. 219
    csg Says:

    thanks, Gamecast showed it past the wall

  220. 220
    Mac Thomason Says:

    It’s hot and he’d done a lot of running — I expect he was just out of gas.

  221. 221
    Mac Thomason Says:

    What is the deal with Boyer and the two out situations?

  222. 222
    Stu Says:

    What is it with Rickie Weeks and triples off of Blaine Boyer?

  223. 223
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Well, at least he got out of it.

    Why would the Brewers even think of hitting Weeks leadoff?

  224. 224
    Tomas Says:

    Phew, Boyer’s Two Out Curse scared me for a while there.

  225. 225
    Parish Says:

    We’ve absorbed those Brewers XBHs quite nicely.

  226. 226
    Landogarner Says:

    You guys sound like a Seinfeld opening dialog. I can just here his voice saying
    “What’s the deal with Boyer and the two out situations?”

  227. 227
    CharlesP Says:

    3Ks? Off day for McCann… just not a restful sort of “off”

  228. 228
    Brian J. Says:

    What’s the deal with Lillibridge and hitting doubles? Congratulations, Brent!

  229. 229
    CharlesP Says:

    holy crap the bat boy got a hit!

  230. 230
    CharlesP Says:

    Oh yeah, Congrats Brent!

  231. 231
    Dan Says:

    I can honestly say I would rather have seen Hudson, Reyes or Campillo up there last night over Corky Miller.

  232. 232
    Mac Thomason Says:

    This is officially hilarious.

  233. 233
    Brian J. Says:

    Why is Frenchy being ealked?

  234. 234
    Robert Says:

    The ultimate insult. I would rather pitch to you than Jeff Francouer.

  235. 235
    Parish Says:

    Another ealk to Francoeur.

    LMAO – and I never use that abbreviation.

  236. 236
    CharlesP Says:

    You guys may call for Bobby to retire, but he’s not the guy who just had Frenchy intentionally walked.

  237. 237
    csg Says:

    searching for positives, Frenchy is now 3-10 with his new eyes, only 2K’s

  238. 238
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Hey, Chipper!

    Here’s a representation of the Braves’ season so far.

  239. 239
    Jeremy Says:

    Wow, Yost is a moron.

  240. 240
    CharlesP Says:

    We have 13 men left on base (cumulative counting)… and I’m not surprised we left them on, I’m just surprised we had that many guys on in the first place with the line-up we sent out.

  241. 241
    Jason Says:

    I swear, I heard Chip say, “… And if I’m reading Ned Yost’s lips right, they’re going to walk Francoeur and pitch to Brandon Jones” and I spun around in my chair, shrieked “WHAT?!” and dribbled a mouthful of Diet Coke onto my shirt.

  242. 242
    Parish Says:

    On another note, it seems like “abbreviation” should be a shorter word.

  243. 243
    braves14 Says:

    If Infante has to go to the DL, the Braves would have to move Smoltz or somebody to the 60 day DL to make room for Diory.

  244. 244
    Mac Thomason Says:

    And THAT’S for that strike call on McCann!

  245. 245
    Tomas Says:

    Does Yost not have any kind of current scouting/stats on Frankenstein?

  246. 246
    Another Alex R. Says:

    According to Gameday, the two balls on Chipper have both been pretty much down the middle.

  247. 247
    braves14 Says:

    Nah, they were high.

  248. 248
    Robert Says:

    Yost is crazy for playing it this way.

  249. 249
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Parish, are you saying that the word “abbreviation” is excessively sesquipedalian?

  250. 250
    Parish Says:

    Norton in LF?


  251. 251
    braves14 Says:

    But strike 3 wasn’t

  252. 252
    Landogarner Says:

    Wow…… how does chipper take that pitch? Crazy.

  253. 253
    Brian J. Says:

    Strike three well outside according to GameDay. Crap.

  254. 254
    c. shorter Says:

    who’s pitching?

  255. 255
    Parish Says:

    AAR – well, I’m going to have to look that up.

  256. 256
    c. shorter Says:

    i ask because gameday is going slow on me

  257. 257
    Landogarner Says:

    Looked pretty darn close. Way too close to take.

  258. 258
    csg Says:

    Do we really need another util infielder? Doesnt Norton play 3rd and 1st also? I would like to see Perry or Anderson get called up. Can Diory play 3rd anyways?

  259. 259
    c. shorter Says:

    is gonzalez in for their 3-4-5?

  260. 260
    Stu Says:

    Wait…why exactly did Chipper pinch-hit for Brandon Jones? I don’t understand. Or did Gameday get the order wrong? Did they announce Chipper before Mota was brought in?

  261. 261
    c. shorter Says:

    nevermind, it caught itself up

  262. 262
    Parish Says:

    Dang. Here we go…

  263. 263
    Another Alex R. Says:

    (Sesquipedalian basically means “a big word” or “someone who uses big words.”)

  264. 264
    Mac Thomason Says:

    If they start talking about maple bats again, Aunt Jemima is going to call in a hit.

  265. 265
    Another Alex R. Says:

    If someone put out a hit on Jeff Francoeur, would they miss?

  266. 266
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Francoeur has certainly assassinated this season.

  267. 267
    csg Says:

    I dont understand all the Frenchy bashing he’s got 3 hits in his last 2 games. (kidding)

  268. 268
    ububba Says:

    Hey, a win. Yippee.

  269. 269
    Stephen Says:

    Yeah!! Gonzo!

  270. 270
    CharlesP Says:

    Gonzo f-ring rocks!

  271. 271
    Brian J. Says:

    Woo hoo! Braves win. We’re still only 4 games out, and one of these days we’ll have our good players back in the lineup!

  272. 272
    Jeremy Says:


  273. 273
    csg Says:

    Gonzo must have looked good

  274. 274
    Another Alex R. Says:

    Hooray! Thank you, Adam LaRoche!

  275. 275
    Parish Says:

    We won?

    We won!

  276. 276
    ububba Says:

    [Spoken in a cheesy DJ voice…]

    And I wanna give a big shout-out and a big backslap to… Missss-ter… Jorge… Campill-ll-ll-o!

  277. 277
    Tomas Says:

    Gonzo was a little wild with some fastballs, but his slider looked real sharp.

  278. 278
    Roberto Petagine Says:

    Gonzo must have looked good

    I dont now.. I think he look really weird out there. Looks like he need to go to the bathroom or something

  279. 279
    Tony Says:

    So who is going to be the back-up catcher? Obviously Bobby has figured Corky is garbage….Remember he was suppose to be Campy personal catcher.

  280. 280
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Recap is up.

  281. 281
    Tomas Says:

    I can’t see how Sammons could possibly be any worse, it’s not liked Corky has looked like some kind of defensive wiz out there.

    And calling the game for Campillo seems to be just alternating curves and change-ups.

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