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19 Jul

Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn Minor League Statistics & History –

Acquired from the Yankees in the Vazquez deal, Michael Dunn was drafted in the 33rd round in 2004 out of a junior college. He was originally used as an outfielder, but after hitting .178 and .086 was moved to the mound. I think that this is fair rare for lefthanders; if they throw hard and there’s any question about their bat, they’re usually going to be pitchers. Anyway, he dominated the rookie league in brief relief work in 2006, then pitched pretty well in the Sally League in 2007 before hitting the wall in 2008 in High-A. The Yankees made him a full-time reliever in 2009, and he pitched well in AA and even better in AAA, earning a promotion to the big leagues, where he got to hang out with multimillionaires for awhile, though he only got into four games and put up a 6.75 ERA.

Dunn throws hard and gets lots of strikeouts, but often doesn’t know where it’s going. He throws a mid-nineties fastball, more than four-fifths of the time, and mixes in a slider — a usual LOOGY assortment. He probably needs to refine the breaking ball to become a top member of that group or move beyond it.

214 Responses to “Michael Dunn”

  1. 1
    Jeff K Says:

    Perhaps Steely Dunn for a nickname?

  2. 2
    sansho1 Says:

    Pretty good, but I think we should make him earn it first.

  3. 3
    Mac Thomason Says:

    The jackasses at the commissioner’s office have suspended Venters for four games for throwing at Crying Fatboy.

  4. 4
    Alex R. Says:

    JUST saw it as well Mac (posted by Bowman). UNREAL. Bud Selig is a moron and Ken Macha is a ridiculous human being. I never cared about the Brewers before this weekend and I now I think they’re just filled with whiny, jealous, idiots.

  5. 5
    sansho1 Says:

    That sucks, maybe it can be appealed downward. Anyway, to be fair, he did throw at him.

  6. 6
    Jeff K Says:

    Yeah, he threw at him. And good for Venters even if he serves all four games.

  7. 7
    Marc Schneider Says:

    I saw before the game yesterday Bobby and Macha attempting to make nice. They seemed to be going at it pretty good, even though they ended up shaking hands. Bobby was shaking his head a lot. I don’t think Bobby and Macha are going to be going out to dinner together any time soon.

  8. 8
    mraver Says:

    Oh, give me a break. There’s no way he was throwing at him at that point in the game.

  9. 9
    Mac Thomason Says:

    He wasn’t throwing at Fielder. He missed the first time, and nobody could miss a target that big.

  10. 10
    sdp Says:

    Selig doesn’t hand down suspensions on this level. BS anyways.

  11. 11
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    The plus side: there is no way that Bobby will be able to pitch him four days in a row.

  12. 12
    sansho1 Says:

    Good thing we have his understudy. Among O’Flaherty, Dunn, and Venters, we can retaliate with the best of ’em. The hidden benefit of our glut of lefty relievers….

  13. 13
    Jeff K Says:

    I think he was, but I admit the 84 mph floater that went over his head was a bit strange – you generally don’t throw off-speed stuff when your trying to hit someone. But the pitch that hit him was 94 or so in back. I think he was trying to hit him, and it made sense in context.

  14. 14
    mraver Says:

    No one out in the top of the 8th down 3? No, it makes no sense at all to throw at him there.

  15. 15
    sansho1 Says:

    You guys are depriving yourselves the satisfaction of vengeance in favor of the lesser pleasure of highmindedness. Venters nailed him in the back, on purpose, and it was awesome.

  16. 16
    justhank Says:

    Good grief. If Bobby had brought in Venters to face the lefty like he should have in the first place, none of this would have happened.

    And … we probably win the game.

  17. 17
    justhank Says:

    I’m serious. I really want to know.

    Is it better to burn out or to rust?

  18. 18
    ububba Says:

    Exactly what I was thinking.

    Sucks, but he gets a 4-day vacation. Let’s just not whiff on the Padres.

  19. 19
    td Says:

    I vote that Cox has Chavez throw at someone tonight. Why couldn’t he have done this in the first place!

  20. 20
    Jeff K Says:

    @14 – Not that it really matters, but FC had hit another HR his prior AB and displayed himself at the plate as if saying “See what hitting me last night got you?” So Venters nailed him, period.

  21. 21
    Mac Thomason Says:

    The only way that Venters was throwing at him is this: A ball gets away and Big Fat Crybaby whines and the umpire issues a warning. Venters thinks, “I wasn’t trying to hit you. If I was trying to hit you, it would go like this.”

  22. 22
    Jeff K Says:

    @21 – Plausible. I also like to imagine Venters thinking: Show him a lollipop so he thinks he’s off the hook, then plunk him.

  23. 23
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Seriously, this could be a good thing. Let Mike Dunn prove he’s major league material. Let Venters catch his breath. When Bobby trusts a reliever, he has a tendency to run his arm into the ground. (See Boyer, Blaine and Moylan, Peter.) I’d love to see the kid survive to pitch at a high level for a few more years.

  24. 24
    Mac Thomason Says:

    You really want to have a situation where the tying run is on second and the go-ahead run is on first in the eighth inning, Adrian Gonzalez is at the plate, and Bobby turns to… Mike Dunn? If O’Flaherty weren’t diseased, it wouldn’t be so bad.

  25. 25
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    I’d rather we just score 10 runs a game on ’em.

  26. 26
    csg Says:

    #24 – no Wagner faces Adrian…even Saito should be able to close out the 9th against their offense. Adrian is the only one who scares me

  27. 27
    Jeff K Says:

    Probably better than Venters – the guy would probably just nail Gonzalez to prove his point. Love me some Jonny Venters.

    FYI, Cox also suspended one game.

  28. 28
    Rusty S. Says:

    justhank – for what it’s worth, I have never heard of anyone saying that anything is better than burning out.

    I will admit though, that for some reason, when the subject does come up, the other choice is usually not too good either.

  29. 29
    Stu Says:

    I posted three videos in the last thread and only casually referred to Coldplay, and the only people to comment jumped on the Coldplay thing.

    “Warning Sign” is a great song — there, I said it. Suck on that.

  30. 30
    sansho1 Says:

    Johnny Venters would like a word, Stu….

  31. 31
    justhank Says:

    Ah, but sansho – are you forgetting the last line from Pacino’s “Devil’s Advocate”?

    “Vanity! My favorite sin.”

    Self-righteous high-mindedness being nothing more than vanity, of course.

  32. 32
    sdp Says:

    Who let Derek Lowe out of the house looking like this?

  33. 33
    Alex R. Says:

    For the ecord, I’d rather lose Cox for 4 games than Venters.

    But this suspension is ridiculous. I enver thought it was possible to get “mad” at anything ‘Brewer-related’ – the franchise seemed completely inocuous and hasn’t been a factor in years.

    I should have remembered that the Manager and fat a– baby player doing the whining are probably beloved by our spineless, gutless, loser commissioner.

  34. 34
    Alex R. Says:

    I am seriously disgusted right now. I want to personally to drive to Pittsburgh (where the Brewers are tonight), take a baseball, and fling into Fielder’s giant gut. LOSER.

  35. 35
    sansho1 Says:

    justhank, that IS pretty badass. Hey, instead of music, Venters should enter the game to Pacino saying “It’s my time now!!”

  36. 36
    Stu Says:

    Or Coldplay’s “Warning Sign”.

  37. 37
    Jeff K Says:

    Stu, the meltdown isn’t happening. Nowhere near critical mass.

  38. 38
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Maybe Alex R. should replace all the music on Prince Fielder’s iPod with Coldplay.

    Also, good news: “Perez to join Mets Monday, assumes bullpen role”

  39. 39
    spike Says:

    Really, the notion of this punishment as cumulative is revolting. Venters only hit him once – give the other guys who have been plunking him all year a piece of that.

  40. 40
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Okay, Stu, I’ll play. Is it true that listening to Coldplay actually causes a drop in testosterone levels?

  41. 41
    justhank Says:


    Stu will get back to you on that after he finishes watching “You’ve Got Mail” for the 100th time.

  42. 42
    justhank Says:

    Don’t look now, but Mark Fox is building a powerhouse.

    Just got a commitment from Kentavious Caldwell – top 15 recruit.

  43. 43
    justhank Says:

    Look, I fear and loathe Florida football as much as the next guy, but how is it their fault that one of the OL twins took money from an agent?

  44. 44
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Well, how do they know for sure that it was the one who graduated who took the money?

  45. 45
    justhank Says:

    Ya know, you’re right.

    Shoot both of them and let God sort it out.

  46. 46
    Bethany Says:

    Mac, I wanted to compliment your use of twitter for Bravesjournal. It has been informative and entertaining!

  47. 47
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Thanks, I do my best.

  48. 48
    jjschiller Says:

    I’m calling BS on the Coldplay stuff.

    Those first two records are fantastic. The instrument sounds are perfect, the melodies are beautiful, the production is atmospheric. That stuff is fantastic dream pop, it’s Nick Drake meets Jesus And Mary Chain with some U2 thrown in.

    Coldplay definitely doesn’t come CLOSE to the Beatles in terms of enduring brilliance. But what they have in common with the Beatles, and with U2, is that they are the rare band that was definitive the most popular band on the planet, and for a damn good reason.

  49. 49
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Melky Cabrera definitely doesn’t come CLOSE to Hank Aaron in terms of enduring brilliance. But what he has in common with Hank Aaron, and with Nate McLouth, is that they are baseball players that make millions of dollars, and for no damn good reason.

  50. 50
    Mike N. Says:

    Gotta say, not a huge Beatles fan.

  51. 51
    jjschiller Says:

    You make an excellent point, as usual AAR.

    Most popular band at any given time compared to Beatles, Melky Cabrera, never popular or good, compared to Hank Aaron. I get it.

    I know for a fact that you aren’t a blumbering idiot, you just sometimes play one on this blog, but I’ll point out anyway that a more apt comparison would be, perhaps, Joe Mauer to Johnny Bench. Maybe peak Andruw Jones to Willie Mays… But, you already know that what you said is preposterously stupid.

  52. 52
    ububba Says:

    As I always say, if you don’t like The Beatles, you have a character flaw.

    Not irredeemable, but something a weekend with “Revolver” can quickly solve.

  53. 53
    asg Says:

    This suspension is outrageous.
    We plunked no one this series. Hanson leads the league in hit batsmen because he pitches inside. He does so because Roger likes that.Weeks and FCB get HBP more than anyone because they crowd the plate. Utley does too and gets hit quite a lot. You never hear him cry about it. Bobby has never been a big retaliate kind of guy; you think he’d start with the Brewers? We have no history with them; who does? Who cares about the F&!@ing Brewers…..until now. When next we meet, I hope we plunk every man in the line up, Macha, Selig, the ridiculous mustachioed sliding mascot, the sausage quartet, the ball boy and his girlfriend.

    The Brewers suck.

  54. 54
    jorgbacca Says:

    My wife is in her early thirties and loves Coldplay. And I make fun of her for it. So I’d say that fits Mac’s stereotype.

  55. 55
    Stu Says:

    40—My smokin’-hot wife is very satisfied with my testosterone level, ifyouknowwhatImean.

    48—Thank you, jjschiller! (The fourth one is pretty darn good, too, for what it is — mainstream — in my opinion.)

  56. 56
    NickC Says:

    #21, to be honest, Venters didn’t exactly look sorry that he hit him.

    Can’t we just point to Barry Zito and say we thought it was okay to plunk Fielder?

  57. 57
    Bill Says:

    ah revolver. one two three four…let me tell you how it will be…great album.

    venters should use a revolver on that fat turd next time.

    gotta say, Bobby is going out in style. Seems he really wants to win it all this year. Making the Michael Corleone call on Esco, and calling up the bean…he’s a regular Billy Martin!

  58. 58
    braves14 Says:

    I wonder if the suspension can be appealed then possibly reduced.

  59. 59
    Guillermo Says:

    Count me in on Coldplay… the first two records are full of great melodies.

    Of the Top of my head… Top 10 songs 2000’s

    Beautiful Day – U2
    Secret Meeting / Slow Show – The National
    All these things i’ve done – The Killers
    Hard to explain – The Strokes
    Reckoner – Radiohead
    Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    There goes the fear – Doves
    Seven Nation Army – White Stripes
    Boulevard of broken dreams – Green Day
    Yellow / Shiver – Coldplay

  60. 60
    billy-jay Says:

    My favorite Beatles tune is “Come Together.” As performed by Aerosmith. I don’t mind admitting that as a character flaw.

    Also, I like Coldplay and Cannibal Corpse. I don’t know what that says.

  61. 61
    braves14 Says:

    “You know how I know you’re gay? You listen to Coldplay!”

    (note: quote meant as humor and not an attack against homosexuals or implying that anyone is one)

  62. 62
    braves14 Says:

    Peanut headline fail:

    “Atlanta’s Cox, Venters levied suspensions:
    Skipper to miss one game, reliver four for throwing at Fielder”

  63. 63
    Guillermo Says:

    #61 braves14

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiiver!!!! jajajaj

  64. 64
    billy-jay Says:

    Isn’t it possible that the baseball just got caught in Fielder’s gravity?

  65. 65
    c. shorter Says:

    I like the Brewers.

  66. 66
    Adam M Says:

    I sincerely hope that Venters was throwing at Fielder. If not then he should, as JC said, be demoted to the minors.

  67. 67
    Rob Cope Says:

    “venters should use a revolver on that fat turd next time.”

    Quote of the day.

    Four days is bullcrap. I bet they appeal, and it gets reduced to 2 days.

  68. 68
    Mike Says:

    @64 – I’ll buy that!

  69. 69
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Phil Cuzzi, Coldplay fans and gentlemen.

  70. 70
    rehabreject Says:

    Pujols just hit one into orbit. 5-4 STL

  71. 71
    ububba Says:

    Oh, Cuzzi also blew the call down the line in Game 1 of the Yanks/Twins ALDS? Crazy.

    I was at that game, sitting on the other side of the field, near the RF foul pole. Some in my area thought Melky might’ve touched it in fair territory. Others thought it might’ve landed fair. But we were far away & there was an ump patrolling the LF line, so it probably was a foul ball…

    A few seconds later on the TVs above us, we could see from the replays that Melky did touch it—and it landed fair.

    In an instant, we were welcomed back to The World of Jeffrey Maier.

  72. 72
    sdp Says:

    lol, Phillies.

  73. 73
    D.N. Nation Says:

    Coldplay brings nothing to the table. They’re not even worth hating.

  74. 74
    rehabreject Says:

    two more HRs in the inning…. 7-4 STL over PHI. niiice

  75. 75
    Adam M Says:

    And… Yunel. Sigh. Maybe he’s like the Vince Carter of baseball.

  76. 76
    Mac Thomason Says:

    No, they like Yunel in Toronto.

  77. 77
    Adam M Says:

    Until they don’t.

  78. 78
    ASG Says:

    Another dinger for Yunel. I guess he hated it in that clubhouse as much as they hated him.

  79. 79
    ASG Says:

    Dude, I think I could homer off of Phillies pitching tonight…8-4 (courtesy of the terrifying Randy Winn)

  80. 80
    redclay Says:

    I don’t mind the suspension, even if it was another example of the commissions stupidity. Venters will get some rest, come back pissed.

  81. 81
    PaulV Says:

    If there s an appeal O’F should be back, but is the hearing in NY? Don’t want to JV to miss a Met game.

  82. 82
    Tomas Says:

    Freeman with a homer and a single, 4 RBI so far tonight for Gwinnett. It’s really nice to see him holding his own after the slow start.

  83. 83
    sdp Says:

    Tough summer in Philly. <3

  84. 84
    ryan c Says:

    willie cabrera is making a case for a promotion to AAA. he’s 2 for 2 tonight with a homer and a double and is now batting .330 with an .868 ops.

    minor and delgado both with solid starts today…
    minor: 6Ip 5h 2er 1bb 5k
    delgado: 7IP 4h 1er 9k i bb

  85. 85
    Bethany Says:

    I’m really excited about Freeman. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out next spring.

  86. 86
    Adam R Says:

    @73, Agreed. The only time I could muster any feeling for Coldplay whatsoever was when the band’s popularity so far outstripped the quality of its output.

    Some favorites from the aughts:
    New Pornographers, “Mystery Hours”
    Clinic, “Goodnight Georgie”
    Sigur Ros, “Staralfur”
    Daft Punk, “Aerodynamic”
    Of Montreal, “A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger”
    Ryan Adams, “AMY”
    Belle & Sebastian, “Another Sunny Day”
    Bob Dylan, “Nettie Moore”
    Animal Collective, “Bluish”
    M.I.A., “Bamboo Banga”
    The Strokes, “Someday”
    Arcade Fire, “Neighborhood #4”
    Radiohead, “Pyramid Song”

  87. 87
    kc Says:

    Good for Yunel. Keep hitting meaningless homeruns.

    I say Venters applies for the appeal for now, wait until O’Flaherty comes back from DL, then withdraw the appeal and serve the suspension immediately.

  88. 88
    kc Says:

    Guess what, Yunel homered off Davies.

  89. 89
    Mac Thomason Says:

    That explains a lot. The Royals are one Brian Bannister away from the desired Greinke + Four Failed Braves Prospects rotation, BTW.

  90. 90
    Brian J. Says:

    And the Phillies phall six games out after losing 8-4. Thirteen hits for four runs, so they at least lost in a way that’s familiar to us.

  91. 91
    kc Says:

    Randy Winn with the Cards?! I didn’t know that…not that it matters much…

  92. 92
    Adam R Says:

    Smellfrey is crapping the bed. 3-0 DBacks in the first, and they’re still going.

  93. 93
    braves14 Says:

    Pelfrey has hit a slump.

  94. 94
    Tomas Says:

    Good start, 4-0 Arizona, Pelfrey at 51 pitches.

  95. 95
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Pelfrey has regressed to his mean.

  96. 96
    csg Says:

    just a 51 pitch 1st inning for Pelfrey

  97. 97
    rehabreject Says:


    when was the last time we had a 6 game lead in the NL East? 2002?

  98. 98
    Tomas Says:

    Kimbrel with the standard 2IP, 0H, 3BB, 4K, 2WP outing.

  99. 99
    Mike N. Says:

    Too bad we didn’t trade Reyes to the Royals.

  100. 100
    Dan Says:

    Marlins walk-off homerun off Huston Street.

  101. 101
    spike Says:

    Boy, the Dodgers sure picked a bad time to get swept – from 1.5 out and second place to 5.5 out and 4th in one series.

  102. 102
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Well, let’s do the Dodgers a favor.


  103. 103
    Rob Cope Says:

    I think the best way of looking at the suspension is the rest for Venters. He’s a rookie who is pitching very well, which terrifies the heck out of me. He could be at 70 appearances by the end of the year, which is the last thing we need. Theoretically, Venters is the last reliever Bobby could run into the ground, and at least he won’t pitch for 4 games.

    I don’t know if Baseball Tonight is making a habit out of this and I’m missing it, but they just declared the Braves to be one of the four best teams in baseball. They said with the Braves, Yankees, and Padres off, that means the Rays are probably the best team playing tonight. If they are going by won-loss then duh, but it’s just nice for them to speak well of the Braves, when for so long they have not, deserved or not.

  104. 104
    kc Says:

    @99 That’s exactly what I have been thinking. The Pirates should also think about unloading Morton to the Royals.

  105. 105
    Tony Says:

    Yunel is just auditioning for the Red Sox and Yankees …wait what is Hanley’s contract status?

  106. 106
    kc Says:

    As I said, I never take the Mets seriously. Especially not with their current group. As long as Frenchy is with them, I will never take them seriously!!!

  107. 107
    spike Says:

    Pelfrey is gone before the end of two. 8ip for the Met bullpen tonight. This road trip could be the end of the line for their playoff hopes.

    /edit – a trip that should be even worse but for “lifetime NJ resident” Phil Cuzzi’s gift.

  108. 108
    Sam Hutcheson Says:

    The guys on MLB Tonight, or whatever the MLB Network’s show is called, have been calling the Braves the NL team to beat for months.

  109. 109
    Brian J. Says:

    Tony, Ramirez is signed through 2014.

  110. 110
    Bethany Says:

    Can’t wait to see if McClouth plays decently and if Wren makes a move. If he does make a trade, it’ll probably be out of left field, like every other trade he’s made.

    I love seeing the Mets lose.

  111. 111
    csg Says:

    still shouldve let McLouth get some swings in at Gwinnett tonight. I wouldnt be surprised to see Bobby start Melky in two of the next three vs the LH’rs

  112. 112
    Mac Thomason Says:

    I hadn’t realized that Andruw had hit his 400th homer.

  113. 113
    Adam R Says:

    @110, Today’s Peanut Piece sets the stage ever so delicately (for Peanut) for a Diaz/Hinske trade:

  114. 114
    kc Says:

    @112 And that was off Lerew!!! Would that makes him a HOFer?

  115. 115
    kc Says:

    @113 It’s more about getting a new leftfielder who would take away at-bats from Matty and Hinske. However, I hardly see that being an issue.

  116. 116
    DowneasterJC Says:

    Re: Beatles

    I’d much, much rather sit in a room full of Rolling Stones albums over The Beatles.

  117. 117
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Hear my squeaky voice attempt to talk about the Braves.

  118. 118
    Dan Says:

    “Clubhouse chemistry” doesn’t strike me as the proper way to run a team. I hope that is not the actual reason Wren traded Escobar.

  119. 119
    csg Says:

    im sure his .238/.334/.284/attitude was the reason he was traded

  120. 120
    td Says:

    I’ve been watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN (as mentioned above by a few others), but it’s really difficult for me to take Kruk seriously. He was talking about how to beat Jimenez as a strikeout pitcher and said you basically go up there and swing away (like the Marlins did tonight). His theory was that if you swing away Jimenez will then try to start nibbling and lose his confidence. This makes absolutely no sense to me and is probably the exact opposite of how you should handle a strikeout pitcher in general.

    Doesn’t it make sense that if you’re a strikeout pitcher the whole point is if batters swing at everything they’ll miss it and strikeout a lot (see Jeff Francoeur)? IMO the real point is that Jiminez is losing his edge (either hitters have found a weakness or he’s not pitching as well), the Marlins approach did more to hurt them than help them.

  121. 121
    braves14 Says:

    I’m not sure the Braves should make a trade if they can’t get a real impact bat. Hinske/Diaz should be a fine LF platoon. McLouth could return to being useful, as well. I don’t really want to give up any prospects when we have in-house solutions that might be as good as what we get back in a trade.

  122. 122
    csg Says:

    this is nice, 6-8 hitters in Gwinnett

    Schafer .189
    Hicks .189
    Sammons .159

  123. 123
    ububba Says:

    Re: The Rolling Stones
    IMO, they have 4 great records (“Let It Bleed,” “Sticky Fingers,” “Exile on Main Street” & “Some Girls”) and a handful of good ones (“Beggar’s Banquet,” “Get Yer Ya-Yas Out,” “Tattoo You”).

    Many of the rest have a couple of really good tunes (like the mid-’70s records & the really early ones that are loaded with blues covers) or they’re complete misses (like “Satanic Majesties” or anything after 1981).

    Growing up in the ’70s, I’m a big fan of complete artist albums, but to me, most folks can get by with one of 2 double-length Stones comps—“Hot Rocks” or “Forty Licks.” You won’t get the great one-offs like “Salt of the Earth,” “Connection” or “Star Star,” but it’s hard to go wrong with most of their hits, even if you’ve heard them a gazilion times.

    Gotta say, that recently rediscovering “Get Yer Ya-Yas Out” was a buncha fun.

    Fave Stones Tune: “Street Fighting Man,” “All Down the Line” or “Gimme Shelter” (or “Before They Make Me Run,” actually)

    Least Fave Stones Tune: Probably “Angie”

    Re: Coldplay
    An inoffensive, tuneful diversion. Decent radio songs with minimal emotional heft. More craft than genuine artistry, IMO, but not bad either. Expect to hear “Clocks” on Jack Format radio forever.

  124. 124
    Mac Thomason Says:

    I’d probably go with “Paint It, Black”, then “Gimme Shelter” or “Sympathy For The Devil”. I tend to like the Stones best at their most ominous.

  125. 125
    ububba Says:

    The live version of “Midnight Rambler” (from “Ya-Yas”) is pretty awesome, too.

  126. 126
    Tony Says:

    Let’s see Price got hit hard ,Ubaldo struggled, Hudson got tired…damn must been a lot All-Star parties. It looks more and more like Ross in Fla will be the Braves new target, I don’t trust McClouth and it seems that the Braves aren’t too sold on Diaz/Hinske.

  127. 127
    braves14 Says:

    Good interview, Mac. I wish the host hadn’t kept interrupting you. She wouldn’t let you finish a sentence about the Escobar/Gonzalez trade.

  128. 128
    Parish Says:

    Mark Reynolds just totally crushed one.

    11-1 D-Backs.

  129. 129
    sdp Says:

    The Mets suck.

  130. 130
    braves14 Says:

    122 — It’s not looking good for Schafer at this point.

  131. 131
    Rufino Linares Says:

    Never would I deign to argue music knowledge with Mac or Ububba, but I am still going to state that unequivocally the greatest Rolling Stones song is “Rocks Off” from Exile on Main St. This is empirical fact.

  132. 132
    justhank Says:

    Uh, guys – Sticky Fingers?

    Don’t believe me? One night when the kids (and wife unless you’re really lucky) are out of the house just turn it up and see if you’re not kickin’ in the stall all night.

  133. 133
    justhank Says:

    Yunel is the Kim Kardashian of baseball.

    Revenge homers? Please.

  134. 134
    Dan Says:

    Ilya Kovalchuk signs 17-year, $102 million deal to stay with New Jersey Devils

  135. 135
    billy-jay Says:

    Mac, this guy is really hard to listen to.

  136. 136
    sdp Says:

    Ah, bliss.

  137. 137
    brule™ Says:

    Mac, I have searched Jonny Venters’ analysis but you didn’t mention about him. Even haven’t found any special thing at the other trusted webs. In fact, in my humble opinion, his stuff was impressive when was on the mound. Have no idea about him. Could I get some information?

  138. 138
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    As a former teacher of mine once wrote for Rolling Stone, “Not liking the Beatles is as perverse as not liking the sun.”

    I’d nominate Aftermath as one of the Stones’ truly great records, because I agree with Mac that “Paint it, Black” is their best song ever — and it’d be on a very short list for my favorite songs of the ’60s with “Tomorrow Never Knows,” Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower,” “I Can See for Miles,” and so on.

    One thing about Satanic Majesties Request: yes, it’s absurd, and kind of terrible. But “She’s a Rainbow” is pretty damn perfect, even if it is kind of inspired by/ripped off from Love’s “She Comes in Colors.” It’d be hard to pick better source material to rip off.

    BTW, for people interested in Mac’s podcast, Mac comes in around 38:00.

  139. 139
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Mac, I just listened to your interview. I wish the guy hadn’t cut you off so much and had let you speak a little more, but I thought it was really interesting that you felt that Omar Infante was capable of being the starting shortstop on this team. Do you really feel he could hold down the position, despite his defense?

  140. 140
    kc Says:

    @139 I thought the conventional wisdom on this site is that Infante isn’t a good enough everyday player, which is something I believe as well.

  141. 141
    kc Says:

    If we are making any trade at all, I am adding Mike Minor onto my no-trade list. He is turning out to be much more than a conservative pick.

  142. 142
    Smitty Says:

    We should have moved Jordan “Melivn Neivez” Schafer when he had value.

  143. 143
    billy-jay Says:

    Also, we should’ve traded that Andy Marte guy when he had some value, too.

  144. 144
    Marc Schneider Says:

    Jeff Francouer is officially now a 4th outfielder as the Mets announced that Pagan will play everyday. The Mets announcers noted that it was unclear whether Jeff could be productive coming off the bench as he had been first string on every baseball and football team he had been on in his life. But then they made the odd statement that Jeff had shown he could be a productive everyday player. If he had shown he could be productive every day, wouldn’t he be playing every day? The whole point is, he sucks playing everyday; playing part-time, he will suck less. Does anyone think Jeffy will begin to get the point that he is not a good baseball player?

  145. 145
    Bethany Says:

    I think Jeff has had that sneaking suspicion in the back of his head for some time now, and that’s the source of a small part of his inanity. I’m sure it’s the worst fear for someone like him to realize he’s not good at his chosen profession.

  146. 146
    rehabreject Says:

    everyday he is one step closer to becoming the Royals RF

    even there he should be a 4th OF

  147. 147
    Jeff K Says:

    “A lot quieter.”

    — Chipper Jones, on what it’s like playing next to AAG compared to Yoko.

  148. 148
    Marc Schneider Says:

    I love reading Mets Blog when the Mets are losing. If you listen to the fans, Jerry Manuel is responsible for everything from bad strategy to Al Quaeda.

  149. 149
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Omar’s not a bad shortstop, he’s just not a good one. He’s better than, say, Braves-era Renteria. He’s not as good as Yunel, or Gonzalez, and I don’t know that the defensive hit (compared with trading for Gonzalez) is enough to offset the advantage you could have gotten by trading Yunel for an outfielder.

  150. 150
    Jeff K Says:

    @148 – Kinda like reading many on this blog commenting on Bobby during a Braves loss.

  151. 151
    Rusty S. Says:

    @120 – That’s about the kind of approach you’d expect from someone who’s philosophy of hitting was, “See the ball, and commence to hacking.”

    P.S. Gimme Shelter, Honky Tonk Women, Brown Sugar.

  152. 152
    Jeff K Says:

    Man, the ball jumps in Toronto. What’s up with that? It’s like the Jays issue their players corked bats.

  153. 153
    Marc Schneider Says:


    True. But no one on here calls Bobby the “dumbest man in baseball.” Not to get overly sensitive, but there are some disturbing overtones to the Mets fans’ discussions of Manuel.

  154. 154
    rehabreject Says:

    we’re going to miss Josh Johnson in the FLA series barring a rainout in their COL series. niice. he has been ridiculous his past 10+ starts.

  155. 155
    ryan c Says:

    whether it be during this year or this offseason, i have the sneaky suspicion that alex gonzalez will be flipped. a 25-30 homerun hitting above average defensive shorstop that only makes 2.5 million could be a huge trading chip. with the best free agent ss on the market in 2011 being derek jeter (who’ll obviously be re-signed by the yankees), the next best ss free agent might be cristian guzman. i could live with infante at short if alex gonzalez and a prospect brings us a stud outfielder.

  156. 156
    csg Says:

    pretty sure the Mets get Carpenter, Garcia, and Wainright in the next few days. Check out Wainrights home game splits

    Wainright – 10-0 1.31ERA .086WHIP .193BAA

    Carpenter – 7-2 3.24ERA 1.15WHIP .234BAA

    Garcia – 3-1 1.49ERA 1.18WHIP .229BAA

    this could be a brutal trip for them

  157. 157
    csg Says:

    sorry meant the Phils

  158. 158
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Actual name of an author whose book I just deleted from the catalog: “Hiram M. Rasely”.

  159. 159
    ububba Says:

    It all depends on the makeup of your team, of course, but generally speaking, if there’s one position where I could sacrifice some offense for defense, it’s SS.

    Not crazy with trotting Infante out there on a regular basis, but it’s nice to have the depth.

    Overtones or undertones, there were some similar expressions about Willie Randolph. It didn’t reach an alarming level, but like many other endeavors, it was there.

  160. 160
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Another Big Star goes nova.

  161. 161
    D.N. Nation Says:

    All I have to say about the Beatles is that Elliott Smith’s “Figure 8” does the Beatles better than they did. All while he was subsisting on a diet of ice cream and hard drugs and a couple years away from stabbing himself to death in the chest.

    We don’t drive Model Ts anymore, people.

  162. 162
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    I may be the only person who thinks so, but I think that “Figure 8” by the PM Dawn side project Emosia is a great song.

  163. 163
    Johnny Says:

    It has been written that the Braves neeed an MLB ready SS for Escobar. Obviously had they thought that Infante was the answer they would have gotten a different position player for Escobar.

    I’ll sacrifice offense for defense at SS unless we are getting Hanley Ramirez.

  164. 164
    Stu Says:

    a 25-30 homerun hitting above average defensive shorstop that only makes 2.5 million could be a huge trading chip.

    Too bad that — at least, the homers part — is not what AGony is. He’s not likely to be worth much more than what he’ll be paid, IMO. Also, why would the Braves insist on getting a shortstop in return for the legitimately-valuable trade piece that is Cruel Soybean, and then trade that shortstop for something they could have just gotten for Escobar? I don’t see it.

  165. 165
    Stu Says:

    So, I am addicted to YouTube. Here’s a pretty interesting cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” by Nada Surf. I like it.

  166. 166
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    I’m willing to trade Mike Minor for an outfielder. I love the guy, but other than things like “maturity” and “poise,” I don’t have any reason to believe that he’s much more of a sure thing than guys like Jo-Jo Reyes, Bruce Chen, or Odalis Perez. (Obviously, though, I’d love it if we could just rob some team blind. Remember when all it took to get Josh Willingham was Emilio Bonifacio?)

    I was looking at some defensive stats — Plus/Minus, TotalZone, UZR — and I was shocked to discover that they all agree: Infante basically provides league-average defense at shortstop. He’s not a bad defender.

    But the sample sizes aren’t big — he really hasn’t ever been a full-time shorstop in his entire career. He held down the job from September 2002 to June 2003, but he was so inept with the stick that he was sent back down to the minors, and basically ever since then he’s been a utility infielder, playing about as much 2B/3B/OF as shortstop.

    I don’t know what the scouts say about his defense, but I assume they’re seeing something that’s more worrisome than the surface numbers.

  167. 167
    Nasa from france Says:

    Mike Minor is a lefthanded starter and a strikeout pitcher. Considering that we don’t have any lefty starter in the majors, I would keep him unless he can net us a very good, cost-controlled outfielder. I’d more willingly part with some of our LH relieving surplus, however.

  168. 168
    sansho1 Says:

    One man’s list:

    1. Sympathy For The Devil
    2. Ventilator Blues
    3. Loving Cup
    4. Monkey Man
    5. Slave
    6. Beast of Burden
    7. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

  169. 169
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Bruce Chen and Jo-Jo Reyes were lefthanded starters and strikeout pitchers too.

  170. 170
    jorgbacca Says:

    113 I read the article to read that we’re looking for someone to play the other half of the Diaz platoon and move Hinkse back to what we signed him for. (Pinch hitter, spell at first, third maybe left.)

    My guess there is a guy like Luke Scott. (.862 OPS makes 4 mil)

  171. 171
    csg Says:

    so whats the plan with Medlen? just going to skip several of his starts and use him in the pen in between. I saw the Nats were shutting down Strasburg at 140IP or so. Wonder what the max IP that they’ll try to extend Medlen to. I dont think he’s been much higher than about 100 or so.

    The Braves could add a starter and move him to the pen to replace Chavez, but its unlikely

  172. 172
    cliff Says:

    mac at 169,

    And Chuck James.

    I noticed that he is in AA with the Nationals and had been pretty impressive at that level (with his experience, unless his arm is irrevocably and terribly shot) he should be.

    I will keep pulling for Chuck.

  173. 173
    sansho1 Says:

    Medlen IP:

    2006 — 22
    2007 — 47
    2008 — 120.1
    2009 — 115.1
    2010 — 91.1

    They probably should spot him here and there, but 160 innings seems reasonable to me. Maybe 10 more starts, with a few relief appearances mixed in?

  174. 174
    csg Says:

    knowing tinstaapp, is Minor too much to give up for DeJesus or Ross? I believe so

    just saw this at ajc, since May 25th

    Hinske 126AB’s .221/.657OPS

    Melky 171AB’s .294/.742OPS

  175. 175
    cliff Says:

    Area of concern?

    The training corps / medical corps (better than the Mets, but what is that saying?).

    We have had so many players with nagging injuries and problems that weren’t treated and ended up worse (or possibly ended up worse) because of non treatment / non recognition.

    Rafael Soriano and his ligament replacemt nobody saw. Same with the “flexor tendon” problems of Hampton and Glavine. Heyward’s thumb? Nobody had a clue that such a polished hitter might have been hurting? Schafer? If he had been diagnosed earlier might he have a chance of making it back? Matt Diaz and the thumb infection. It really had to get bad enough to be operated on? In season (not spring training)? The damn splinter had been in there for 2 or 3 years. McLouth and the concussion. Worst possible thing to do was to fly him to Minnesota from Arizona. That came out in the “Ryan Church” case. They should have hired a car and driven McLouth back to ATL from Arizona. The chance that he could be ready to go in any of those Minnesota games wasn’t that big anyway.

    I will propose what I am sure at least some of the “I know baseball” crowd on here will say can’t be done. Have the trainer or assistant trainer interview EVERY player in private before every game. Require the players to fully and truthfully answer about their medical conditions (my shoulder hurts worse than yesterday, my knee feels better than yesterday). They aren’t going to volunteer it (particularly in public) if they are young or second tier and trying to hold on to a roster spot or to playing time. The player will be afraid to be put down as a whiner who can’t play through pain.

    Keep a computerized data base of ailments and then the trainer and assistant check with each other every day. Whenever they see “red flags”, they consult team physician.

    Maybe something like this will fix some of these things a little.

  176. 176
    Jeff K Says:

    I didn’t know that Chuck was with the Nats. I hope to see him soon in DC. I always liked him – seemed down-to-earth and had a good sense of humor. Kind of like Will Ohman, only a SP.

  177. 177
    cliff Says:

    What is up with the outfielder names being thrown around?

    Cody Ross is barely better than Melky and not any better than a “mediocre McLouth” / “mediocre Melky” platoon. He is righthanded. He can play center, but not greatly. As to “what is he worth?”, a little more than Melky. He can’t hit as well as Diaz against lefties, so how is he an answer in left?

    If O’Flaherty comes back on schedule (and no reason so far to think he will not) we could put Melky and Minor and Dunn in the Dodgers’ face for Kemp. If Kemp’s change of scenery worked for him like Yunel’s did for him, then we would have it rolling.

  178. 178
    Mac Thomason Says:

    You’re right, Commando Cody is a lot like Melky… except that his career slugging percentage is ninety points higher.

  179. 179
    csg Says:

    did you miss the report than Wren is looking to fix the outfield?

    Melky/Minor/Dunn wouldnt come close to Kemp’s asking price, IMO. Pretty sure it would have to start with Jurrjens/Medlen

  180. 180
    Smitty Says:

    Well getting Cody Ross would keep him from beating us by himself…well, maybe.

  181. 181
    sansho1 Says:

    I know there’s not much time, but I’d like to see McLouth get at least a week’s worth of starts before we pull the trigger on anything else. CF is a bigger concern than the left-handed half of the LF platoon, but if Nate can be just 90% of the player he was in Pittsburgh, we should stand pat IMO.

  182. 182
    Jeff K Says:

    No way a Minor Melkydunn gets Kemp.

  183. 183
    rehabreject Says:

    JJ and KK for Kemp

  184. 184
    Johnny Says:

    #179 – Agreed. Dodgers would be looking for MLB ready pitching. I wouldn’t make the trade.

  185. 185
    Smitty Says:


    I think that the Braves are going to give McClouth a weeks or so and see how things look. If he is sucking, I would bet we make a move and up grade in center. Other wise, I think we might stand where we are.

    Not sure if the Phillies are gong to make a “panic move” and you know the Mets will over pay for a bum.

  186. 186
    PaulV Says:

    Do phils or mets have any prospects to trade? They are hurting for pitching.

  187. 187
    ububba Says:

    Love Elliott Smith—“Either/Or” being the fave—but, c’mon…

  188. 188
    Stu Says:

    I love Elliott Smith, and Figure 8 is my favorite of his records, but even I think 161 is ridiculous.

  189. 189
    PaulV Says:

    Infante may be needed at 3B, unless Conrad can do job. We would need another infielder from somewhere

  190. 190
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    I’m pretty sure Smitty thinks we should trade for Puljos.

  191. 191
    Mac Thomason Says:

    From BJOL:

    The hottest hitters in baseball at this moment are:
    Gordon Beckham 104°
    Matt Diaz 104°
    Yunel Escobar 101°
    Ronny Cedeno 99°
    Rafael Furcal 98°

    What’s Cedeno doing on there?

  192. 192
    D.N. Nation Says:

    #187, #188:

    I am deathly serious. If we’re taking the love-Beatles-or-die logic to extremes, why aren’t we all listening daily to John Cage, his silence being the biggest original musical development since Beethoven? Or, heck, Beethoven?

    Because everything grows old for a reason. Nothing the Beatles ever did was as good as Figure 8 or half as good as Deerhoof on their best days. Which is not to say that the music was and is vitally important…just that we’ve managed to do better- a lot better- since.

  193. 193
    Jeff K Says:

    @191 – Make the sample size small enough and I could be one of the hottest hitters in baseball.

  194. 194
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Everything new is better than everything old. Got it.

  195. 195
    D.N. Nation Says:


    The strawman version of me said that, but I didn’t.

  196. 196
    ububba Says:

    FWIW, I was joking with my character flaw/Beatles comment. It’s a longstanding bar-conversation starter that actually seems to incite people. Looks like it worked again.

  197. 197
    Dix Says:

    Wait, we’re still in first place? Rad!

  198. 198
    Bethany Says:

    Dammit, I want Matt Kemp.

  199. 199
    Jeff K Says:

    Just my $0.02, but I think that upgrading CF is the no. 1 priority. Unless Nate comes out guns-a-blazin’ (unlikely given the pitching he’s going to see in the next series), I’d take either DeJesus or Ross as long as the asking price is reasonable.

  200. 200
    Smitty Says:

    Only if we can get Puljos and not have to give up an A ball pitcher that night be a number 2 starter in six years.

    We now have our biggest lead of the season!

  201. 201
    D.N. Nation Says:

    @196- A bar-conversation starter that incites people? One of many many many.

  202. 202
    Jeff K Says:

    I think Albert is great and all, but he’d be terrible in CF. Bat might make up for that very negative UZR though.

  203. 203
    ububba Says:

    My other bar fave: Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” is the greatest radio hit of all time.

  204. 204
    sansho1 Says:

    Them’s fightin’ words!

  205. 205
    ububba Says:

    And after 4 pints: If David Bowie got hit by a bus, would people really be upset?

  206. 206
    sansho1 Says:

    Depends on who he was following that day. (zing!)

  207. 207
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Frank Zappa once said that The Shaggs were better than the Beatles. I assume he was either joking or trying to incite people.

    For greatest radio hit of all time, I might go with Stevie Wonder’s Superstition.

    I’ve never been a massive Bowie fan. He’s just alright to me. He was into that whole Warhol thing of the image overshadowing the art, and, like Warhol, I tend to like the artists that Bowie liked or produced (Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, etc.) better than Bowie himself.

  208. 208
    Kirk H. Says:

    Gimme Shelter. I saw the Stones in the Superdome in ’78 just after Some Girls came out. Liked the album, but the show was a huge disappointment. I thought they were burned out even back then, just going through the motions. Doobie Bros. and Van Halen were also on the bill, and I enjoyed their sets much more.

  209. 209
    Jeff K Says:

    Smitty’s barber just called. Wren is about to pull the trigger on a deal for DeJesus in exchange for Minor and an old jock that Jeff Francoeur left behind in his locker.

  210. 210
    ububba Says:

    Stadium shows usually suck. Even The Beatles. ;)

    FWIW, Lou Piniella retiring after the season. Even crazy ol’ Lou couldn’t win a title there.

  211. 211
    Mac Thomason Says:

    I think Frank pretty much always was joking or trying to incite people.

  212. 212
    Dix Says:

    who would do such a thing?!

  213. 213
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Game thread.

  214. 214
    spike Says:

    196 – Who says we’re not still listening to Beethoven? Pretty confident more folks buy his records than Deerfoot. And whether or not we’ve managed to do better – you are welcome to your opinion, but stating it as a fact that must be acknowledged by all…well you would have done better and been more suasive had you stuck with that Cage silence thing.

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