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22 Oct

World Serious

So, the Rangers are going to the World Series, but after that, then what for Jeff Francoeur? He’s going to be non-tendered. Sure, there will be the inevitable contract offer from the Royals, but he’ll want to keep his options open. What are the career options for a guy with a high school education and a slider-speed bat in this challenging economic climate?

Jeffy has his strengths: He’s tall, he has good hair, and people seem to like him. There are some traditional fields for people fitting this profile, but there are risks. He could be a television anchorman, but that may require too much reading. And he could always go into management, but that opens the deadly possibility that someone might accidentally ask him to manage something. No, I think an older, more traditional job is best for Jeff Francoeur:


Yes, since time immemorial, there has been a role for the big dumb good-looking guy in the field of pretending to boss people around while other people do the real work. And Jeff, as a right fielder, already knows how to stand around looking blank for any given length of time while other people perform obscure rituals in front of him. He certainly is used to all sorts of people praising him and acting like he’s something special while not doing anything. He was born to be a constitutional monarch.

Certainly, there aren’t a lot of thrones standing vacant, but maybe that’s because people aren’t trying hard enough! Any number of former Soviet republics and satellites are sitting around, with nothing much going for them. Why can’t Bulgaria, or Estonia, get a splash of glamour by bringing in the universally loved Francoeur as King Jeffrey I? Tourism could skyrocket! Sure, he won’t be able to speak the language, but that’s never been a bar, and presumably after a few decades he’d pick up a few simple phrases, like “Where’s the bathroom?” and “That‘s the bathroom?”

I wouldn’t rest on this idea, though. Rick Ankiel could be on it like a shot, and you’d definitely want to keep an eye out for Rocco Baldelli.

335 Responses to “World Serious”

  1. 1
    Grst Says:

    Watching the Yankees lose is always enjoyable, but it lacks that special something from knowing the boss was blowing a gasket while preparing to fire everyone.

  2. 2
    Johnny Says:

    HAR! Rocco Baldelli and Jeff Francouer in the same post. Wow talk about over hyped outfielders.

    YAY for Texas. Glad to see the Yankees lose.

  3. 3
    ububba Says:

    Greetings again from Amsterdam…

    Thanks, Mac.

    After an evening of clubbing (it’s 6 am over here), you had me lol-ing.

    But really, good for the Rangers. I’m mildly fascinated that Francoeur will be playing in the WS. Hell, he could be the next Tito Landrum.

    Dank u veel.

  4. 4
    sdp Says:

    I was hoping Craig Sager would come rolling around and ask Ron Washington, “So, how does it feel to be the manager of the 2011 American League All-Star team?”

  5. 5
    D.N. Nation Says:

    Valid question: Who gets elected U.S. Senator first? Jeff Francoeur or Lane Kiffin? Show your work.

  6. 6
    kc Says:

    JS deserves a full share from the Rangers.

  7. 7
    Robert Says:

    JS deserves a full share from the Rangers.

    Yeah we did all we could do, it’s not our fault they broke Salty.

    I’m going to Dallas next week, I’m curious to see if any Rangers talk breaks through the usually impenetrable Cowboys talk.

    Oh, and there’s really no doubt Francouer will be in broadcasting someday. Media types love him, he could probably get a job tomorrow.

  8. 8
    Tom Says:

    Completely off topic, but here’s a little video featuring my favourite player.

    “Is your son a pitcher”?
    “He THINKS he is.”

  9. 9
    BFedRec Says:

    “The Situation” from Jersey Shore is getting paid $5M this year.
    Jeff Francoeur was paid $5M to “play baseball” this year.


  10. 10
    Remy Says:

    Here’s an article on how the Giants have succeeded with “a bunch of creaky, mediocre veterans” in the sabermetric era.

    The Old Ballgame

  11. 11
    mraver Says:

    The answer: they’ve got great young, farm-grown pitching. Duh.

  12. 12
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Yeah. The Marchman argument — that overpriced old veterans are no longer as overpriced as they used to be, because we all know they’re overpriced, and hence the market moved away from them — might have slight validity, and certainly they scored massively with Aubrey Huff, who was clearly undervalued going into the season.

    But basically, they got ridiculously offensively lucky with Huff and Andres Torres, they got a major step forward from Jonathan Sanchez, and any pitching staff fronted Cain and Lincecum will win about half its games anyway.

    So yeah, what Matt said. I like Marchman’s attempt to write a provocative piece. But the answer’s a whole lot simpler.

  13. 13
    NickC Says:

    The comparison with Billy Beane and saying how the Giants are going further would probably work better if they didn’t have a $96m payroll.

  14. 14
    jjschiller Says:

    See, that’s why you guys are commenting on a blog and aren’t sports writers. You and your dumb facts, and logic.

  15. 15
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Oh, don’t get me wrong: Marchman is smarter than I am, and a better writer. His blog is great. (Nota bene: he’s liberal, and writes a lot about politics on there, with some sports and stuff thrown in.)

  16. 16
    Wess Says:

    Excellent post. I enjoyed it… my wife gave me strange looks when I explained why I was laughing. Women.

  17. 17
    A.West Says:

    I’ll root for the Rangers, even though Frenchy is there. Their shortstop and closer are the products of the Braves system.
    Maybe John Rocker can give Frenchy a job in real estate.

  18. 18
    jjschiller Says:

    God I want Eric Hinske back next year.

  19. 19
    RobBroad4th Says:

    Despite the fact that Melky is a black hole where talent and hot dogs disappear forever, it seems like the Braves got the better end of the Vazquez-Logan for Dunn-Vizcaino-Melky trade (not to mention the extra cash they saved to pick up Hinske and Glaus).

    After the way this blog erupted earlier in the year, declaring it the worst trade ever (myself included), that’s kind of a nice surprise.

  20. 20
    Brian J. Says:

    I wouldn’t go that far, Rob. It’s been a very even trade so far, in that both sides lost. The Braves will win the trade if Vizcaino becomes someone useful, but we won’t know that for a few years.

  21. 21
    Adam R Says:

    It allowed us to add Glaus and Hinske, which, maybe more than Vizcaino, was the point. Yanks just went home for a lack of pitching. Braves = winners.

  22. 22
    Rusty S. Says:

    Do you have Prince Jeffy in a can?

  23. 23
    desert Says:

    The Yankees sent Cabrera, Dunn, and Vizcaino, along with 0.5 million in cash for Vazquez and Logan. This move free up 9.49 million in payroll, as Cabrera cost us 3.1 million in 2010, Vazquez earned 11.5 million this year, and Logan earned 0.59 Million for his pitching. Dunn earned a negligible amount (and I couldn’t find his earnings on Cots). So what we have is :

    Yankees get:
    Vazquez, 1 year
    Logan, 3 years

    Braves get:
    Cabrera, 3 years
    Dunn, 6 years
    Vizcaino, 6 years
    9.49 Million

    If we look at the FA the Braves signed for 2010:
    Billy Wagner, 1 year, 6.75 Million + 0.25 Million Buyout
    Takashi Saito, 1 year, 3.25 Million
    Troy Glaus, 1 year, 1.75 Million
    Eric Hinske, 1 year, 1.0 Million

    If we look at this trade in terms of not only the people whom we received in the trade, but also which players we were allowed to sign as a result of the additional cash, I think that its fair to say that the Braves ‘won’ (whatever that means) the trade even if Vizcaino amounts to nothing.

  24. 24
    Trace Says:

    Does Auburn ever play on the road?

  25. 25
    Stephen in the UAE Says:

    Actually, I expect Jeff to appear on Survivor–and he would not make the jury….

  26. 26
    spike Says:

    Not if they can avoid it, like every other team. They have 4 road games this year, same as LSU.

    Oh, and go Mizzou!

  27. 27
    RobBroad4th Says:

    @20 & 23,

    Good points. And the way I see it is the Yankees don’t have Vazquez anymore (not that they’d want him after this year) and we still have two pitchers who could be anywhere from moderately useful to excellent (Vizcaino more so than Dunn). To me, that’s one of the perks of getting young players under team control for several years in exchange for elite players with less than 2 years left on their contract. It worked out pretty well for the Rangers. :)

  28. 28
    brule™ Says:

    Francoeur’s life expectancy, says our proverb, maybe be longer because he got blamed for what he did by mac and some on bravesjournal. hahahaha. funny post. mac , you made me laugh.
    I am listening to music “you’ll see” sung by madonna. The lyric perfectly matches the both of us, francoeur and myself.
    Anyway, I really envy the rangers fans.

  29. 29
    td Says:

    @23 – There is no way I could ever conclude that we won a trade which involved us getting Melky.

  30. 30
    desert Says:

    I do envy what they have this year, and the fact that they have Lee, Feliz, Hamilton, and Andrus to go along with one of the best farm systems in baseball; but, I’m glad I’m not a Texas Rangers fan. They have been long-suffering: 4 playoff appearances in their 60 year history (3 of which occurred between 1996 and 1999 and all ended in a division series loss with a combined record of 1-9); a .471 Win Percentage through their history (27th out of 30 among active franchises); and, on a personal note, I still get a little scared every time I see Ron Washington smile.

  31. 31
    desert Says:


    Yeah, I’m with you.

    Anyway, I’ve been doing some reading in between BioChem test prep, and I really think that we are going to regret trading this Tim Collins guy.

  32. 32
    csg Says:

    nah, 5’7 reliever, probably not

  33. 33
    Bethany Says:

    Auburn’s defense is awful. I am too distraught to come up with something clever to say about how bad it is.

  34. 34
    desert Says:


    I kinda liked the last 5’something’ reliever that we had. There’s a point that you have to stop looking at his height and start looking at the fact that he’s not failed at any level he’s ever been put at.

  35. 35
    spike Says:

    @33, At least they are a second half team. I think they are going to win today, but as I’ve said all year, we ain’t all that.

  36. 36
    spike Says:

    Come on Bethany – you gotta admit that was pretty heisman-errific.

  37. 37
    Bethany Says:

    Incredible. So maybe Cam is the best player in the nation.

  38. 38
    Rufino Linares Says:

    I’m not an Auburn expert but it seems like they’re on every weekend and so I’ve seen them play a lot, and from what I can tell it’s not that their defense is awful so much as their secondary is appalling. Why LSU isn’t trying to go downfield is beyond me.

    That said, I agree with 35- no way Auburn loses this game.

  39. 39
    csg Says:

    desert, its more the fact that he’s just a reliever. I dont see him as a closer so he doesnt have much value IMO

  40. 40
    Bethany Says:

    I’ll ask again. Why is Fannin on the field?

  41. 41
    csg Says:

    Fannin strikes again

  42. 42
    nick manning Says:

    i thought you were going to say Jeffy should do porn

  43. 43
    justhank Says:

    @ #9 – it means that it’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

  44. 44
    spike Says:

    I don’t know what was said at halftime, but for the moment, Auburn is playing some pretty good D.

  45. 45
    spike Says:

    Is there some kind of new rule where LSU gets to start every drive from the 50? Sheesh.

  46. 46
    Bethany Says:

    I blame you, Spike.

  47. 47
    Rufino Linares Says:

    THAT’s the Auburn secondary I was talking about. Nobody back there ever turns around to find the ball.

  48. 48
    csg Says:

    starting field position for these two teams is unreal

  49. 49
    spike Says:

    @46, Many do.

  50. 50
    Bethany Says:

    Terrible officiating today.

  51. 51
    Mac Thomason Says:

    That’s just a terrible penalty call. Newton was already all but tackled when the hold started.

  52. 52
    Bethany Says:

    Les’s voodoo is in full effect. Cam choked on that throw, but it shouldn’t have mattered.

  53. 53
    spike Says:

    Tip of the cap to Chizik for taking a knee instead of trying to score. Hope it doesn’t cost them in the BCS.

  54. 54
    Bethany Says:


  55. 55
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Today in direct Ozzie G Twitter quotes: “Cooking some stuff from spain and watching game. my wife cook i just help”

  56. 56
    Rusty S. Says:

    Werth has an almost Bondsian head, doesn’t he?

  57. 57
    Jay Says:

    So Cam Newton just set the SEC single season rushing record for a QB. Is it crazy that he did it in just 8 games?

  58. 58
    csg Says:

    whats crazy is that LSU gave up 440 RUSHING yards

  59. 59
    csg Says:

    I know its UT but Im glad to see UA throwing some passes down field. Seems like all of our throws are 10 yards or less lately

  60. 60
    Tom Says:

    Is it crazy that he did it in just 8 games?

    Isn’t it crazy that at least one person around here thinks he isn’t all that good?

  61. 61
    Brian J. Says:

    Well, a quarterback who constantly runs for lots of yards isn’t necessarily good if he can’t actually throw (cough*Vick*cough). On the other hand, Auburn does keep winning against good opponents.

  62. 62
    Brian J. Says:

    That’s one small swing for a man, one Giant leap toward the Series.

  63. 63
    Adam M Says:

    6 more outs. It’s almost comical how much I want the Phillies to lose this game.

  64. 64
    Adam R Says:

    Wow, Bruce Bochy.

  65. 65
    csg Says:

    has he thrown anything other than a change up?

  66. 66
    Trace Says:

    Lol Victorino, you douche.

  67. 67
    Brian J. Says:

    Gotta love them line drive double plays. Unless you’re Victorino, of course… which makes them that much better for the rest of us!

  68. 68
    csg Says:

    HA HA HA , Victorino was going on contact, HA HA HA

  69. 69
    Adam M Says:

    That was the best non-Braves moment for me this season.

  70. 70
    csg Says:

    Oklahoma is one of the worst teams on the road

  71. 71
    csg Says:

    so, once Oklahoma losses, this is your top 10 IMO

    1. Oregon
    2. Auburn
    3. Boise St
    4. TCU
    5. Missouri
    6. Alabama
    7. MSU
    8. Utah
    9. LSU
    10. Oklahoma

  72. 72
    csg Says:

    do you PH for Wilson with the bases loaded 2 outs bottom 8?

  73. 73
    Adam M Says:


  74. 74
    Tiger224 Says:

    Auburn only has 4 road games this year?


  75. 75
    csg Says:

    I really want to see a lot of upset Philly fans and Utley striking out to end their season

    nice Wilson, way to make it hard on yourself

  76. 76
    Adam M Says:

    Howard’s first RBI… coming right up.

  77. 77
    csg Says:

    bye bye Phils

  78. 78
    c. shorter Says:

    that was a late call, but an exuberant one

  79. 79
    Brian J. Says:

    Giants win! More importantly, Phillies suck!

  80. 80
    csg Says:

    does that remind anyone of Carlos Beltran ending the Mets hopes with his bat on his shoulder?

  81. 81
    c. shorter Says:

    wow. Giants vs. Rangers. Just how they drew it up.

    And the Braves had so many chances against them…

  82. 82
    Adam M Says:

    That was fantastic.

  83. 83
    Tom Says:

    Great. Take that, Phillies!

  84. 84
    OneEye Says:

    for the record, I would have taken Francoeur over any of the stiffs we ran out into LF this year…

  85. 85
    sdp Says:

    Phillies suck!

  86. 86
    Bethany Says:

    @74 You mean, just like Alabama last year? Ok, they did have the game in Atlanta.

    Florida also only had 4 road games last year.

  87. 87
    kc Says:

    The Phillies are going through the exact same path as we did after we won our World Series in 95. The Phillies have peaked.

  88. 88
    kc Says:

    @84 No, I would rather we don’t have a leftfielder than to throw Frenchy out there.

  89. 89
    csg Says:

    everyone knows how UA and AU set their schedules. Its good one year and brutal the next. Alabama probably has the toughest schedule this year of any team that I can remember. Six straight SEC teams after their BYE week.

  90. 90
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Commando Cody, your NLCS MVP. Welcome to our pain.

  91. 91
    csg Says:

    Brian Wilson is a weird guy

    Reporter – Hey Brian, CJ Wilson just tweeted, “See your beard real soon.”

    Brian – Sounds delicious

  92. 92
    DowneasterJC Says:

    Alabama moves back into Top 5 imo. Wish they could switch schedules with BSU. I’m all for giving everybody credit for being undefeated, but when your signature win is against an ACC team that lost to an FCS team, you don’t deserve to be ahead of a 1-loss team with Alabama’s schedule. Especially not when counting for bye weeks. If TPTB could figure out a way to have all 12 of Alabama’s opponents coming off of bye weeks, I think they would.

    But then again I’m biased.

    Insert playoff rant here.

  93. 93
    Bethany Says:

    @92 Don’t worry, Alabama will win out and I’m sure they’ll get to play in the NC game. Which they will win.

  94. 94
    ububba Says:

    Dutch drunk chow (Belgian fries, actually) and deflated Phillies fans make for a great bedtime present. Giants-Rangers, how weird…

    Go Dogs.

  95. 95
    Bethany Says:

    Not sure if there are any MMA fans here, but Brock Lesnar just got his ass kicked.

  96. 96
    c. shorter Says:

    How far did Uribe’s HR travel? I couldn’t believe it went out when he hit it.

  97. 97
    mraver Says:


    Florida had 4 road games, but only if you don’t count the Georgia game, which isn’t exactly a home game, either.

  98. 98
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Welcome to Fox’s worst nightmare, the worst possible World Series matchup for ratings since the St. Louis Cardinals played the Detroit Tigers. Really, I couldn’t be happier.

  99. 99
    JC Says:

    Dallas and SF are the 5th and 6th largest TV media markets in the country.

  100. 100
    kc Says:

    @99 If Dallas and SF are combined, is the combined market still smaller than NYC?

  101. 101
    Adam M Says:

    I’m pretty sure that Minnesota-Cincinnati would have been Fox’s worst nightmare. Dallas and SF are pretty big markets–not much smaller than Philadelphia, right?–and there are many baseball fans that will tune in to watch two cities that have never won a WS. If FOX advertises it right, and they probably will, they can garner a better than expected viewership.

  102. 102
    jjschiller Says:

    My three thoughts about the world series:

    I love that Arod and Howard each struck out looking to end their games, and their seasons.

    (There’s an article to be written where Neftali Feliz serves as the symbol of the Rangers shift in organization philosophy, and Arod serves as the symbol of their failed philosophy. Mark Texeira’s in there somewhere.)

    I love that the final blow against the Phillies was a wall-scraper that would be probably be an out in 27 of 30 ball parks.

    Finally, hopefully this means the Giants will keep Brian Sabean around.

  103. 103
    Adam M Says:

    It IS funny that the guys with the two worst contracts in baseball struck out looking to lose their respective pennants.

  104. 104
    mraver Says:

    I dunno that ARod’s is so bad. At least he’s the best player in the league at his position by a huge margin.

  105. 105
    justhank Says:

    Dancing on the Phillies’ grave is big fun.

    Can we now say they have peaked and are descending down the age and talent curve to their historic level of suckitude?

  106. 106
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    At least he’s the best player in the league at his position by a huge margin.

    I dunno about huge. Longoria is pretty much right there with him.

  107. 107
    Randy Says:

    While the Bay Area and Dallas might be decent tv markets, neither team has a national profile. Don’t get me wrong, when the Braves bid adios, this was the match-up I was hoping for, I just can’t imagine that they’ll be many viewers. Not only do the Yankees insure huge ratings on the East Coast, they have a number of fans throughout the country, and a whole lot of people that would tune in to root against them. Fox has to be pissed off with this match-up, although I would agree Minnesota or Tampa against Cincy would have been their most dreaded combination.

  108. 108
    NickC Says:

    #105, not least because they don’t actually have a decent right handed bat now.

  109. 109
    Mark Graybill Says:


    Dancing on the Phillies’ grave is even bigger fun when you live in the Philly area. I’m going to enjoy pointing out that having pitching studs does not guarantee success in the postseason–something we Braves fans know all too well. I’m also going to love suggesting that the baseball gods are rebuking Philly nation for rivaling Red Sox and Yankees fans in douchiness.

  110. 110
    Remy Says:

    Does anyone know where I can find an ASCII code for a backwards K?

  111. 111
    spike Says:

    All Arod did was turn in the of the all-time greatest seasons by a shortstop in Texas. I can certainly see why he’s a symbol of failure.

  112. 112
    desert Says:


    You could ask Melky Cabrera, I’m sure he knows.

  113. 113
    Tom Says:

    There is no ASCII for a backwards K.

  114. 114
    Remy Says:



  115. 115
    Timo Says:

    @112 LOL!!

  116. 116
    jdpeace Says:

    To Mac’s point, I wouldn’t leave out England. With their new austerity measures they’ve got to cut payroll. Their current Royalty are getting old and have a burdensome deal from the country. Also, have they done anything since the Hundred Year’s War? And they didn’t even win that series.

    I think they trade the Royalty to an up and comer like India. Obviously there’s bad blood there, but if the English royalty is willing to accept a reduced role I think that gets resolved and they can offer some veteran leadership for a could-be superpower.

    Then Jeffy, out of options, takes a one year, one million dollar deal, tries not to burn down Buckingham, mention the food, and works to play down “The Frenchy” issue by head-butting Zidane during a photo-op, and talking about how much he’d rather bang Posh Spice instead of Carla Bruni. Also, no matter how much people want a good laugh he CANNOT play cricket. If he keeps his head down I think they sign him to a three-year deal where he only has to pay utilities in exchange for walking the corgis.

  117. 117
    jdpeace Says:

    Also, no matter how much people want a good laugh he CANNOT been seen playing cricket.

  118. 118
    jdpeace Says:

    That’s how much he shouldn’t play cricket. I had to mention it twice and give it its own post.

  119. 119
    Rusty S. Says:

    If on-wicket percentage was so important, they would put it on the scoreboard.

  120. 120
    Tom Says:

    The last thing you wanna do in cricket is hit the wickets, since it kills every rally.

  121. 121
    Spike Says:

    Actually Frenchy might be ok at cricket. You can’t strike out, there’s no penalty for swinging and missing balls outside the strike zone, and ground balls rarely result in an out.

  122. 122
    sdp Says:


  123. 123
    Stu Says:

    Huh? They have $38 million committed to those three. $15 million for Lowe, $14 million for Chipper, and $9 million for Hudson.

    It’s a lot — but it’s not nearly that much.

  124. 124
    sdp Says:

    My mistake. I knew something didn’t sound right after I posted that.

  125. 125
    Adam M Says:

    “I dunno that ARod’s is so bad. At least he’s the best player in the league at his position by a huge margin.”

    In 2007, sure. Not in 2010.

    A-Rod: .363 wOBA
    Longoria: .376 wOBA
    Zimmerman: .389 wOBA

    And the other two are much better defensively right now. This year, too, Beltre had a much better season. A-Rod was about on part with Wright and Rolen.

    Then, think about this: Alex Rodriguez has 7 years, $174 Million left on his deal.

  126. 126
    Nick Says:


    If that’s the case, then there’s only like five teams that would make the networks happy, in which case, why is this a constant topic of discussion every year?

    Also, Philadelphia is not a traditional marketable baseball team. It is right now because they’re one of the powers of the day,

    Anyway, Texas-San Francisco is a good matchup I don’t know why any baseball fan wouldn’t be intrigued by it.

  127. 127
    mraver Says:

    Fair enough, Adam. But just looking at this year is a bit deceiving. I don’t think Rodriguez has an .850 OPS for the next few years. More likely he bounces back to .900-.950, which puts him in the upper teir. It was an exageration to say he’s better “by a huge margin”, but he’s in the same class as the other two, and Zimmerman and Longoria aren’t going to be available as free agents for a good long while. Anyhow, ARod’s the type of player who will probably still be useful when he’s 41, so if you’re going to give a player the kind of contract that ARod’s got, he’s the kind of player you want to give it to.

  128. 128
    desert Says:

    On Rodriquez,

    There’s a clause in his contract that says that he must be the highest payed player in baseball (no joke) by at least 1 million (or so I have read somewhere). Which raises an interesting question: Where is Pujols going to be Opening Day 2012? Boston’s got Papelbon (9.350 Million this year, entering Arb 3), Drew (14.000 Million), and Mike Cameron (7.750 Million) coming off the books after 2011, and a “dire need for offense” (compared to New York, anyway) after the results this year. They also have an opening at 1B, I think.

    Pujols, a Red Sox?

  129. 129
    desert Says:

    Also, I don’t understand why in the world the Yankees gave him an even bigger contract. The guy opts out of what was considered at the time one of the most high-risk contracts in baseball (at the time, even more so now), and your response is to welcome him back with an even bigger contract? I could understand this if you were any other team, as the risk of the Yankees poaching him away with an even larger contract is always there, but you are the Yankees. The Yankees can’t overpay and steal your own players.

    In retrospect, they did just that.

  130. 130
    ububba Says:

    A-Rod’s still terrific, but he’s slowing down. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him start falling off. Perhaps not at Chipper pace, but little by little. I don’t see him improving.

    The Yanks signed him to that deal at a time when they wanted to celebrate (and further monetize) his next few HR marks. The Yanks can do these things, crazy as it seems to the rest of the civilized world.

    Of course, a funny little SI story happened on the way to the bank…

  131. 131
    Robert Says:

    Six straight SEC teams after their BYE week

    Only an SEC fan would think it’s something to play six conference games in a row. Hilarious.

    Also amusing that some are just figuring out the SEC teams never go on the road. The next revelation: The out of conference schedules are often times less than challenging. Except for Tennessee who gets spanked every year and I can only assume is being fined by the league for hurting their talking points.

    If we look at the FA the Braves signed for 2010:
    Billy Wagner, 1 year, 6.75 Million + 0.25 Million Buyout
    Takashi Saito, 1 year, 3.25 Million
    Troy Glaus, 1 year, 1.75 Million
    Eric Hinske, 1 year, 1.0 Million

    If we look at this trade in terms of not only the people whom we received in the trade, but also which players we were allowed to sign as a result of the additional cash, I think that its fair to say that the Braves ‘won’ (whatever that means) the trade even if Vizcaino amounts to nothing.

    Wait, I thought the Wagner signing allowed us to win the Soriano trade in which we received nothing in return? It also allows us to win the Vasquez trade in which we received nothing in return? Wow, Wren really is a great GM. Despite never trading for anything of value he still wins every trade. Amazing!

  132. 132
    Bethany Says:

    @131 And the best representative from the Pac-10 has beaten all of one top-25 opponent. Super tough scheduling out west.

  133. 133
    Stu Says:

    131—I believe the point is that they face 6 straight opponents who are coming off bye weeks prior to having to play Bama.

    Still, the idea that the league is out to get Bama is, of course, laughable on its face.

  134. 134
    kc Says:

    It’s pretty cool to be Bangie Molina now. Didn’t know he would get a ring either way.

  135. 135
    desert Says:


    Or could you look look at it as the Soriano signing allowed us to sign Wagner, and the trade of Vazquez allowed us to get Saito, Glaus, and Hinske, or sign Tim Hudson (who was technically a FA and given a 3/28 deal). But that would require an open attitude about our finances and ability to sign players, not to mention certain amount of respect for our GM, who probably knows a little more about the ins and outs baseball than anybody on this blog. But it’s painfully clear that you apparently lack both.

  136. 136
    td Says:

    131 – SEC plays 8 conference games – 4 on the road and 4 at home. This alternates each year. Most SEC teams are playing at least 1 big name opponent out of conference and 3 cupcakes – the “big name” is usually home and away. UT-Oregon, Auburn-Clemson, Ala-Penn State, Florida-Miami & FSU, … Ala plays 5 road games – Duke, Ark, S. Carolina, UT, LSU. Considering the toughness of the SEC, I think the above arrangement is reasonable.

    Other than Oregon, UT plays UT-Martin, UAB and Memphis, with Memphis being on the road. I’ll give UT credit for playing Oregon, but when the schedule was made, I don’t think anyone knew Oregon would be this good. All in all, UT’s schedule is not much more difficult than most other SEC teams, but Oregon does bump up their strength of schedule. Playing Oregon, Florida, Alabama, Ole Miss and Kentucky at home is a nice benefit for UT, but that will change next year.

  137. 137
    csg Says:

    #131 – Robert, read the post again. You missed the point. Playing any 6 teams that are coming off their bye is a tough schedule.

    And nowhere did I say that the SEC is out to get Bama

  138. 138
    Stu Says:

    137—See 92. That’s what I was referring to.

  139. 139
    Smitty Says:

    If it is in Tennessee, Jeff Francoeur. I don’t think Kiffin would live past his second campaign stop.

  140. 140
    Smitty Says:


    Tennessee usually plays a pretty decent schedule. This was the first year we played a 1-AA scholl in a long time. We dropped Carolina next year, and that was kind of weak I thought, but I am referring to this as the ‘Dark Ages’for Tennessee athletics.

    The basketball team should be really good, but Bruce might be gone after the season. So they better win big this year, because then it will be back to suckatude.


    Wait til next year, we are going to win the first half!

    (UT football, home of moral victories)

  141. 141
    ububba Says:

    And then, if you must attempt to evaluate Div. 1 college football teams via polls & computers (a fools’ errand, IMO), there’s the matter of the SEC title game, which comes one week after the season ends. It’s no small matter.

    I like the idea of Boise State as much as anyone and they might be as good as anyone—who the hell really knows?—but you can’t point to their schedule and feel genuine confidence about it.

    Again, we need a playoff to really know anything. Our current system remains idiotic.

    On a real homer note: Although I hope UGA knocks the Plainsmen from the ranks of the undefeated, I gotta say that Auburn has been the funnest league team to watch this year.

  142. 142
    Smitty Says:

    This is interesting:

  143. 143
    csg Says:

    question – lets say for arguments sake that Oregon loses to USC, Mich St loses to Iowa, Missouri loses to Nebraska, and Bama wins out. You’ll have these 1 loss teams….Oregon, Oklahoma, Auburn, Alabama, Missouri, Mich St, Ohio St and then you’ll have two unbeatens in BSU and TCU.

    What happens?

  144. 144
    justhank Says:

    Bama plays Boise under that scenario.

    It’s what I predict will happen, btw.

  145. 145
    justhank Says:

    Washaun Ealey for Heisman! FIVE touchdowns against our defense. They don’t call them “The Starmakers” for nothing.

  146. 146
    Cory Says:

    The schools should not have any say in making any part of their schedule. Every school should have six home games and six road games every single year. There are 120 FBS schools and they should ALL be playing each other and not FCS schools.

    The NCAA should randomly select everybody’s non conference schedule. You just cannot trust the schools to do it.

  147. 147
    Stu Says:


  148. 148
    Marc Schneider Says:


    Frankly, I think you are undervaluing the English Royalty. They did manage to win burn down the White House, defeat Napoleon, and end the slave trade. I think they have a pretty good OBP, even though, as they age, they can’t hit a fastball.

    True, they had problems with marrying a commoner and sympathizing with the Nazis, but Jeff would probably do the same thing. If someone talked about the Nazis, Jeff would probably think they were talking about a Nasty pitcher.

    I saw “Inside Job”, a documentary about the financial meltdown and one of the economists that figured prominently was named Glenn Hubbard, who had been Bush’s chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. Now, if he was doing that in addition to coaching the Braves infielders, no wonder they had trouble. I suspect our Glenn Hubbard would have done a better job with the economy.

  149. 149
    Cory Says:

    Why not Stu? All I hear is look at their schedules. You have to look at their body of work. Schools like Boise State, TCU, and Utah have no control of how shitty their conference schedule is. They try as hard as they can to make their non confernce schedule more attractive. Utah shouldn’t have to worry because they will be in the PAC 10 next year.

    There are way too many intentional cupcake non conference schedules out there. If anything lets just get rid of playing the FCS schools. There is no reason for it.

  150. 150
    spike Says:

    @149, first of all, money. Schools scheduling, both where they play and who, is of enormous value. Somebody like LA Tech, for example, or McNeese State, funds a heck of a lot of their annual budget by being a sacrificial lamb a couple of times a year. Second of all, most schools have the vast majority of their schedule derived from their conference, which they do not control. There are only 4 chances a year to have these big non-conf games you want. Third, why the heck should Auburn or LSU give Boise a game in the first place? They have tough enough conference schedules without letting Boise get to go all in for one game without facing tough competition for the rest of the season. Let them get their own conference up to speed first.

  151. 151
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    To be sure, British royalty had a few good seasons there. But they were always an Old Player Skills country, and now diminished returns have decidedly set in. In a close game, you have to take them out for a defensive replacement, and they really don’t have the bat speed to catch up to a good high fastball. They’re mostly getting by on their superb batting eye and the umpires giving them all the close calls.

  152. 152
    Cory Says:

    I just don’t see how it’s a good thing for any sport to have some teams have 8 home games, some 7, and some 6. It seems like that’s one step you could easily take to make comparing ANY school’s schedule Power conference or Non AQ easier. I mean I’m sorry if I’m in the minority here, but it just makes no sense to me. Michigan State is a perfect example. No leaving the state of Michigan for their first 7 games. That’s pathetic.

  153. 153
    Cory Says:

    I know ububba says it all the time. Until we have a playoff the idea of polls and the BCS means nothing. It’s true. All we have is the eye test. What we see each week on the field. Has anybody watched Boise State, TCU, or Utah play? Any three of those schools look every bit as good as Auburn, Oregon, Michigan State, Missouri, or Alabama. Boise State went to Eugene in 2008 and beat Oregon and beat them again in Boise last year. Chris Peterson is 55-4 since he took over at Boise. If this isn’t the year that a non AQ gets to play in the championship game, then when is it going to be?

  154. 154
    Cory Says:

    That TCU vs Utah game on Nov 6 is huge. Anybody think Gameday will choose to visit Salt Lake City for it?

  155. 155
    csg Says:

    what Boise did in 2008 has no bearing on their 2010 outcome. What I am noticing is that Wyoming, Toledo, San Jose St, La Tech, Idaho, Hawaii, and Utah st makes up a very crappy schedule. There is a reason why we dont get to see them. Why would a TV network want to show Boise St play Wyoming? Im not saying its their fault and they do have two decent wins against VA Tech and Oregon St, but cmon, its weak. They are a good team and Im not trying to take anything away from what theyve done in the past. Its hard to take any team serious that plays cupcake matchups and gets to rest their starters after halftime each week. Good for them though, they are taking advantage of it

  156. 156
    desert Says:

    Alright, one of my friends had the following idea for College Football.

    There are 120 teams in the FBS, correct? Invite 8 more teams from Div II to the FBS. Take the average records of each team over the last 20 years and give them a ranking based on that. Then, create 16 conferences of 8 teams based on the ranking (1 and 128 in same conference, 2 and 127, continued). Create a 9 game schedule, with 7 conference games (each team playing one another every year), and 2 non-conference games to preserve rivalries (not because it makes sense, but because college football is not going to get rid of the idea of rivalry games). End of season conference rankings are determined solely by conference record, followed by head to head season record, followed by inter-conference point differential.

    Each winner of the 16 conferences is then placed into a playoff picture with random match-ups (determined by some lottery-style system- 16 balls into the machine, first two that pop out are first matchup, etc.). Bowl games are kept as playoff matches, with each bowl site far enough away from the two schools so to insure that there is no concern of home-field advantage.

    Teams that don’t win their conferences are still bowl eligible as 6 game winners.

    To be the national champions, you have to be the best team in your conference, and you have to beat the conference winners. True National Champions.


  157. 157
    desert Says:


    You have to consider that nobody wants to play Boise State, either. I think that after 2008, they issued a challenge to any team in the nation to play them. If you’re an SEC team, why would you take the risk of adding a dangerous team to your schedule when you already have a killer conference schedule.

    Nobody is going to play Boise. If you, as an extremely large Division-I school, plays and beats Boise, nobody is going to give you credit because you were supposed to beat them. If you lose, people start thinking that you are overrated because you lost to a “bad” team. Its a no-win situation, nobody agrees to play Boise or TCU or Utah, and they get stuck with the reputation that they can’t beat large schools. They can, they just needed to be given the chance.

  158. 158
    spike Says:

    I hate to say it, but until/unless these teams join a big-time conference, or get their own regarded as one, to where they are lining up against a high standard of opposition week in and out, it is very difficult to give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s not there fault, but it’s there nonetheless. The schools in tough conferences aren’t interested in making their season any tougher.

  159. 159
    Smitty Says:

    Game Day has gone to Boise, by the way.

    I am all for a playoff, but Cory, why shouldn’t a school be able to play a 1-AA school? I went to UTC and thanks to Auburn (who we will up set next week)we get to have a football program because they are going to pay us to be home comming bait. Everyonce in a while these small schools jump up and beat the Ole Miss’s and Miss St’s of the world.

    If Boise wants to be taken serious, they have to do what schools like Florida State did, go on the road and beat some ass. They did that with Va Tech, props to them, but it is going to take even more. Eventually, they will get their shot, it might be this year, it might be in five years. As long as they keep winning, eventually it will come.

    However, I think they would be a mediocore Big Ten team.

  160. 160
    Smitty Says:

    I’d also like to remind you of Appy State.

  161. 161
    Smitty Says:

    spike, you are right.

  162. 162
    csg Says:

    #160 – these small schools play these big games to get publicity and big paychecks. Appy St got their name on the map, tv coverage, a huge win, and $400K. Pretty good day…

  163. 163
    Smitty Says:


    Just like my Mighty Mocs will next weekend.

  164. 164
    hpotter Says:

    JC on Bloomberg radio right now!

  165. 165
    Mark Graybill Says:

    From a Philly writer’s column about potential off-season decisions for the NLCS losers, specifically who will be signed to take Werth’s spot:

    “Also keep an eye on Texas’ Jeff Francoeur and Atlanta’s Matt Diaz, both of whom could become free agents if they are not tendered contracts.”

    In response to the first suggestion, I shout, “YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!” and in response to the second I gasp, shudder, stutter, and faint . . .

  166. 166
    Michael Says:

    Didn’t UGA beat the tar out of Boise St. a few years ago?

    EDIT- after performing a simple Google search, I see that UGA did beat them 48-13 in 2005. Perhaps this could be viewed as outside of the “modern” state of parity in college football and has no bearing on this discussion. Proceed.

  167. 167
    jdpeace Says:

    I think England has got to move the Royalty. They stopped contributing long ago and are just being kept around to bring in nostalgic fans. 1812 was a wash at best. I’ll give them Waterloo, but that’s Napoleon AFTER exile, with diminished skills, no fastball and a shot arm. He was NY Mets Glavine at that point. Belgium Royalty would have hit him.

    They can’t upgrade in a trade with just the Royalty to offer. It’s salary relief and then use the Glaus/Garret strategy of hoping to catch lightening in a bottle. Also, major cuts in health care, pension programs, education. This is a shell-shocked team on a losing streak. What do they need now??

    CLUBHOUSE CHEMISTRY. Jeffy’s going to keep the country loose, go on the telly and exude misplaced confidence and an unrealistic sense of his own capabilities. In short he’s going to get all American on the sceptred isle. It’s just stupid not to do this deal. Hopefully the prime minister is made of tough stuff and can take the uproar about moving a beloved old-timer past its primer. Jeffy’s in purple ropes by Christmas and Duke Melky is right behind him. They are really out of options over there.

  168. 168
    Jason C Says:

    “The Situation” from Jersey Shore is getting paid $5M this year.
    Jeff Francoeur was paid $5M to “play baseball” this year.


    Sorry, I’m too depressed after thinking of my own salary. I can’t imagine I’ll earn $5MM during my whole career. And I’m actually GOOD at my job.

    In all fairness to “The Situation”, I don’t know if he is good at his job or not, as I have never watched one second of Jersey Shore. But I have a strong feeling about it…

  169. 169
    desert Says:


    Yeah. September 3rd, 2005.

  170. 170
    jdpeace Says:

    @168 His job is to act out the worst of human nature so we can gawk and feel superior. You can argue that it shouldn’t be a job in the first place, but as illiterate bozos with no self-respect go he’s money. He’s Cliff Lee.

  171. 171
    csg Says:

    well the worst player in baseball made $3.1mil last season and he was a Brave…key word…”was”

  172. 172
    BFedRec Says:

    Jason C… yeah I’ve never watched any of the show, but just seeing adverts and outtakes is enough to tell me more than all I need to know about it. And yes… those are very depressing figures.

    What I wonder about re: Frenchy (and other guys who may not have a long MLB career) is not that he’ll “be out of baseball” in 2 years… but how long he’ll hang on in the minors if he doesn’t stick with a big league team. In theory, an AAA player can still make a living playing ball, and if he gets a September call-up every couple seasons as a 5th outfielder he could still be playing pro-ball when he’s in his mid-30s… Granted, if he’s been smart with his money (he has made about $10M so far hasn’t he?… and half of that not with the Braves) I could see not playing AAA for $60K a year… then again, what else is he going to do?

    To Mark’s comment… would Frenchy do semi-OK in the Phil’s park? A lot of long fly-balls turn into HRs there don’t they? He’d have to make actual contact, but a bandbox home park could buy him some more MLB service time.

  173. 173
    Jason C Says:

    You’re not making me feel any better about my profession of choice…

  174. 174
    csg Says:

    Frenchy is still useful against LHP. Its up to teams to figure that out and use him as a bench/platoon player.

  175. 175
    Spike Says:

    Frenchy’s future rests on two things: either someone being dumb enough to pay him 5m to be the short side of a platoon, or frenchy’s willingness to accept a good bit less.

  176. 176
    jdpeace Says:

    @173. Staying consistently mockable with an utter lack of self-awareness is harder than it looks. The kids got natural talent.

  177. 177
    jdpeace Says:

    @173 In that way there’s not much difference between Francoeur and The Situation. Apparently the going rate for Consistently Mockable/No Self-Awareness is $5 million. The market knows best I guess.

  178. 178
    Smitty Says:

    It seems to me that teams thought Frenchy is young and he just needs ABs and he would get better. However, he isn’t 22 anymore and has shown he is only a platoon/ 4th OF at best.

  179. 179
    IthacaBraves Says:

    My brother posted this on my facebook page as “What a waste of a perfectly good baseball.”

  180. 180
    hpotter Says:

    Cashman drops a bomb- New York Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland fired after disappointing loss in American League championship series

  181. 181
    mikemc Says:

    Watch him hit a walk off homer with 2 outs in the 9th to win the series.
    Maybe being lucky is better than being good.

  182. 182
    ububba Says:

    Just-for-Fun Dept.:

    Jeff Francoeur in 2010 vs SF Giants NLCS pitching staff: 1 for 21, 0 BB, 9 K

    His one hit was a single off Lincecum, accounting for a tidy 048/048/048 line.

    Jeff Francoeur career vs SF Giants NLCS pitching staff: 7 for 62, 2 BB, 16 K

    That’s 6 singles & a HR off Lincecum, so… 113/141/161.

    And before anyone thinks Frenchy owns The Freak, here’s his line vs Lincecum: 3 for 16, 5 K, 1 BB, 1 HR (188/235/375)

    BTW, he’s 0 for 8 vs Brian Wilson with 2 K, 0 BB

    So, yeah, ol’ Blackbeard will probably groove him a first-pitch heater & we’ll never hear the end of it.

  183. 183
    spike Says:

    @180, Yeah – Burnette and Hughes’ ALCS performance are totally his fault.

  184. 184
    ububba Says:

    Eiland missed a chunk of this season with an undisclosed “personal issue.”

    I’d guess that could have something to do with it.

    I’m listening to a radio interview with Girardi right now. Maybe he’ll say something about it.

    EDIT: Girardi’s deferring to “a Cashman decision” because “right now I don’t have a contract.” A little dart & dash, but whatever.

  185. 185
    justhank Says:

    The Yankees certainly have the resources to address it, but they are really getting old.

    They’re going to have to resign Jeter. A-Rod seems to be missing his youth juice and Posada, Pettite and Mariano are nearly as old as the youngest women at Johnny’s Hideaway.

    Their pitching staff was shockingly thin for a team with a $200 million payroll. (They’ll probably fix that with Cliff Lee but if Pettite retires, have they upgraded enough?)

    And Joba is just a bust. It’s ok with me if they want to live in Joba-denial, but it’s plain for everyone to see.

    And the RedSox aren’t just going to sit there.

    Should be an interesting off-season …

  186. 186
    Dusty Says:

    My complaint with FBS football is what it has always been: How can you have a Division of Sports where literally half of the 120 participants have zero chance of even playing for a title at the start of each year? Temple could win every game on the schedule 60-0 and not even play for the title. Why are divisions like the MAC even in FBS anyway? Even if they add an 8-team playoff, it still isn’t credible to me until those smaller conferences get a least a shot at a bid. I prefer a 16 team playoff with autobids for each conferences but maybe you’d have to have the winners of two of the minor conferences play for a bid (don’t know how many conferences there are).

  187. 187
    ryan c Says:

    from mlbtr…regarding available CFers:

    “Should the Yankees or Red Sox win the bidding for Crawford, a center fielder could become available. The Sox have Mike Cameron ($7.25MM for ’11) and Jacoby Ellsbury (team control through ’13), while the Yankees have Curtis Granderson ($20.25MM through ’12) and Brett Gardner (team control through ’14).”

    yes, please. any of the above, wren!

  188. 188
    Dusty Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Freeman seems to have a pretty pronounced adjustment period? Not sure if the stats back me up but going from memory, he seems to be dreadfully cold at the start of each level and then catches fire after a couple of months. I expected him to struggle in the majors just because it seemed to be his pattern, but if the pattern holds, we could be in for a treat around when May rolls around (assuming the Braves exercise parience).

  189. 189
    Dusty Says:

    Apparently Dooley just compared the Vols to the Germans at Normandy. This really is the golden age of UT athletics. But at least we get this amusing tweet:

    jdubs88 John Walters
    by jppalm
    What Dooley failed to mention is that Germans actually had 13 divisions of men on Omaha Beach even tho they were only supposed to have 11.

  190. 190
    ryan c Says:
    matt young loves fall ball…

    and the braves have signed an independent leaguer. anyone know anything about this kid? seems fairly interesting..
    he had a pretty incredible line this year for the independent league: 388 abs 80bb 15hr 99rbi .381 avg .994ops

  191. 191
    IthacaBraves Says:

    Is that their second indie league signing this offseason? I feel like I heard about one a few weeks ago, but I don’t recall his name.

  192. 192
    csg Says:

    #191 – same one, I posted that about a week or so ago. Its too bad he plays 1B, but I could see them placing him at AA ball next season

  193. 193
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Dusty, that’s certainly true to some extent. After killing high-A ball in 2009, he had a rough time of it after a late-season promotion to AA — that’s why the AAA promotion at the beginning of 2010 seemed so aggressive. And he started a bit cold before catching fire.

    I wish I could consult minor league gamelogs. It sucks so hard that is down.

  194. 194
    spike Says:

    @190, something is weird about this – how did that guy ever get kicked out of the minors twice after hitting the crap out of the ball each time?

  195. 195
    Dusty Says:

    Best I can find is his wOBA by month for AAA

    Apr .332
    May .310
    June .386
    July .405
    Aug .442

  196. 196
    csg Says:

    AAR – this is the most I could find also

    on April 22, 2010

    F. Freeman 2-4, HR (1), 2 RBI, .200
    Freddie Freeman hit his first AAA home run and man it was a bomb shot. He also added a single, raising his average up to the Mendoza line.

  197. 197
    Dusty Says:

    Question: Is anyone doing a Fantasy NBA league? I’d love to do one but no one I know is in one.

  198. 198
    csg Says:


    After struggling through the first few months of this season at Triple-A Gwinnett, hitting a mediocre .258 in April and May, Freeman has improved his average every month:

    Month June July August
    Batting Average .318 .333 .458

    All together, Freeman currently sits at .306/.368/.508 with 15 HR and 71 RBI on the year.

  199. 199
    csg Says:

    #Tim Hudson was named MLB Players Choice award winner for Comeback Player of the Year in NL 48 min ago…

    congrats Tim, well deserved

  200. 200
    ububba Says:

    YankeeTalk on the Radio:

    Yank GM Brian Cashman on dumping pitching coach Dave Eiland: “It’s my decision and the reason is private, but this is in no way a situation of trying to find a scapegoat for the ALCS. It’s a private reason.”

    The Yanks believe they have to address the left side of their infield. The talk is that they could move Jeter to LF or 3B, and A-Rod could become the semi-permanent DH. Playing in the field, it’s thought, will wear down A-Rod much further & much quicker.

    Posada will continue to be an issue, in terms of how many games he’ll really catch, especially if A-Rod becomes the new Edgar Martinez.

    Cashman on WFAN today: “The shortstop we’ll have to have a discussion with, catcher, too.”

    On making changes, like possibly moving Jeter & A-Rod: “We perhaps won’t make our fanbase happy, but we’ll be better for it. We replaced Damon in CF, a very popular player, with guys who were younger and more athletic. We were better for it. We’re not afraid to do it again.”

    FWIW, Cashman said he wouldn’t pick up the option on Kerry Wood.

    Also, he said that if the ALDS had gone to Game 5, he didn’t think Pettitte could’ve taken his turn. He pitched well in his 2 post-season outings, but he had 11 days between post-season starts.

  201. 201
    csg Says:


    ♣ Hitting coach update: The Braves are being particularly tight-lipped about their search, not providing so much as a rough number of finalists for the position or when it might be filled.

    Don Baylor is/was a name that’s popped up in a several discussions I had with a people since the Braves’ job opened when Terry Pendleton was reassigned to first-base coach and infield instructor (Glenn Hubbard was let go by the Braves, along with bench coach Chino Cadahia). However, it looks like Baylor is taking the Arizona hitting coach job.

  202. 202
    csg Says:

    DOB goes on to talk about a package that could land Rasmus. His guess – Kimbrel, Vizcaino, and Prado (I’d much rather include Omar)

    he also states that 2-5 Japanese teams have called about trading/receiving KK in a deal

  203. 203
    IthacaBraves Says:

    Dusty, I actually joined a random league with people I don’t know a few days ago because I was bored. I’ve never played before, and I’ve heard it’s pretty lame, but I’m going to give it a whirl anyhow. I wish that I had joined a head to head league instead of roto. The level of variation in terms of per game stats will become so minute when spread out over 13 players and an entire season. It seems like a weekly head to head league with ROTO scoring may be the way to go.

  204. 204
    Stu Says:

    197 & 203—I’m in one with Peter, and this will be my first time since the early 2000s. It will surely end in embarrassing fashion.

  205. 205
    sansho1 Says:

    Kimbrel, Vizcaino, and Prado

    Pass, too high.

  206. 206
    Dusty Says:

    I guess I may just look for a head-to-head league on yahoo that drafts tonight. Have only done one before and it’s been a while.

  207. 207
    desert Says:

    Yeah, anything that includes a starting position player is, in my opinion, too high.

    Randall Delgado, Venters, and McLouth?

  208. 208
    ububba Says:


    Kinda crazy, if you ask me.

  209. 209
    Dusty Says:

    Joined one called NBA Union on Yahoo drafts at 7:00 ESt tonight id 75570 if anyone is interested I think there’s still a couple of spots.

  210. 210
    csg Says:

    I agree. We need to trade from our pitcing depth to get more offense. Prado is our best RH in the lineup. Trading your best hitter to try and improve the offense, may not be a good strategy.

  211. 211
    spike Says:

    “We perhaps won’t make our fanbase happy, but we’ll be better for it. We replaced Damon in CF, a very popular player, with guys who were younger and more athletic. We were better for it. We’re not afraid to do it again.”

    Well Arod is pretty close to untradeable, unless they are willing to eat a huge chunk of change. If I were Jeter, I don’t think I’d like the sound of that.

  212. 212
    ububba Says:

    Neither Jeter nor A-Rod are going anywhere, but for different reasons.

  213. 213
    spike Says:

    @202, I am no fan, but I think you might have misread DOB a hair –

    “What would it take for the Braves to get him? Start with a package that might include future closer Craig Kimbrel, and perhaps pitching prospect Arodys Vizcaino as well. OR the Cardinals could look to upgrade their infield by asking the Braves for a package that includes Martin Prado (they’d still probably want a top young pitcher in an expanded type of deal like that).”
    (emphasis mine)

    Sounds like Vizcaino/Kimbrel OR a package centered around Prado

  214. 214
    csg Says:

    spike, thanks for pointing that out. I guess I did

    still I dont see how trading our best RH hitter to upgrade in CF is going to help this team. Its a highly unlikely deal, but the braves have to deal pitching to improve their offense. Trading Prado doesnt solve anything

  215. 215
    NickC Says:

    We can’t deal Prado as we’d be too lefty heavy.

    I’d go with Kimbrel, Vizcaino/Delgado, Infante.

  216. 216
    Ryan c Says:

    95 world series on classic

  217. 217
    Bethany Says:

    Eephus Cigar boxes, just because. This project has been so much fun.

  218. 218
    sdp Says:

    Freeman done with AFL play.

  219. 219
    jdpeace Says:

    Would it be wrong if the Giants got together and sent Josh Hamilton a few cases of Vodka? If I was a Giant I would definitely suggest this.

  220. 220
    spike Says:

    The zippo is happenin’ Bethany.

  221. 221
    IthacaBraves Says:

    Would it be wrong if the Rangers got together and sent Tim Lincecum a few ounces of medicinal marijuana?

  222. 222
    Bethany Says:

    @221 That might make him better.

    Thanks Spike!

  223. 223
    Marc Schneider Says:

    Supposedly, Doc Ellis pitched a no-hitter while on cocaine.

    I think UT is more like the Germans at Stalingrad.

  224. 224
    Adam R Says:

    It wasn’t cocaine. I don’t think this can be posted enough:

  225. 225
    ryan c Says:

    Atlanta Braves
    Signed: RHP Wes Alsup (Joliet (Northern)), LHP Nick Lobanov
    from baseball america (regarding 2 more guys we signed from the independent leagues):

    “A Tennessee-Martin product, Wes Alsup signed on with Joliet of the independent Northern League after finishing school. He struck out 21 and walked 19 over 26 1/3 innings for the JackHammers, finishing with a 2.05 ERA in 22 relief appearances.
    The Twins released Nikolay Alekseyevich Lobanov, a 21-year-old Moscow native, in spring training ’09 and he hasn’t pitched in affiliated ball in the past two years.”


  226. 226
    sdp Says:

    Francoeur sucks.

  227. 227
    ryan c Says:

    other than the pitchers that probably wont amount to anything, the braves players represented in winter ball are playing pretty well. i’m glad to see harrilchak, young, and pastornicky raking, and gearrin is apparently lights out right now.

  228. 228
    Smitty Says:

    @223, it was LSD and the Vols are more like the Iraqi Army, at least the Germans won some battles.

  229. 229
    kc Says:

    @225 Can they bat with hockey stick?

  230. 230
    ububba Says:

    The Germans had better uniforms, though. ;)

  231. 231
    csg Says:

    whats the story on Timmons? The guy posted .400OBP’s in Gwinnett the last two years. He’s a RH bat with a little bit of speed. He’s also 30, but anyone that walks twice as much as he K’s and seems like he fits the Braves philosophy. Was he invited to ST last season?

  232. 232
    Smitty Says:

    While I love the UT unis, there is no doubt the German Army in WWII was the best dress outfit to ever grace the earth. The officer uniforms were sharp.

  233. 233
    Marc Schneider Says:

    The Iraqis lost to the Americans, pretty benign conquerors. The Germans at Stalingrad lost to the Soviets, not a bunch of happy campers. Tennessee has to play the rest of the SEC; that’s more like fighting the Soviets–not much mercy.

  234. 234
    Smitty Says:


    I can see him if McDowell goes to talk to him on the mound,

    “If he strikes out, he strikes out.”

  235. 235
    ububba Says:

    I’m a little partial to their WWI “Kaiser” helmets. They work well with comedy. Thank you, Mel Brooks.

  236. 236
    Smitty Says:

    I think the Vols should stage a batlle of the buldge against Carolina.

  237. 237
    sansho1 Says:

    There’s an outfielder who can help in the short term, will cost next to nothing, and who put up this line:

    599 AB, 90 R, 185 H, 42 2B, 3 3B, 26 HR, 97 RBI, .309/.339/.519

    Anybody interested?

  238. 238
    Marc Schneider Says:


    Yeah, Colonel Klink and Major Hochsteder always looked good.

  239. 239
    ububba Says:

    In what year? In what league?

    Don’t forget Gen. Burkhalter.

    Delusion Dept.:
    OK, Dawg People, here’s how UGA can win the SEC East—even if they lose to Auburn.

    In one not-so-crazy scenario, a three-way tie (at 4-4) with UF & USC can have them headed down the Atlanta Highway.

  240. 240
    sansho1 Says:

    Well see, that’s the catch. I’d rather not name names, so let’s just say that’s what he’s done whenever he’s gotten a shiny new locker and a pat on the head….

  241. 241
    Smitty Says:


    Is it someone who puts up those numbers for a short period of time until teams find out he has a slidder speed bat, swings at anything, and can only hit lefties?

  242. 242
    csg Says:

    would an Andruw/McLouth platoon in CF work? get him and Swisher from the Yanks when they sign Crawford or Werth

  243. 243
    sansho1 Says:

    Uhh…he’s a guy who benefits from frequent changes in scenery. And if you need someone to set parameters for team shaving rituals, he’s very good at that. Comes from a good home. Housebroken.

  244. 244
    clarke Says:

    @243 Is his name also a board game company?

  245. 245
    ryan c Says:

    sansho, there’s no outfielder in the past 5 years that has put up that line in the majors. the closest is matt kemp but he’ll cost a ton.

  246. 246
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    At first I thought you were talking about frequent free agent and occasional outfielder Aubrey Huff, but I see that Huff’s stats are slightly better than what you posted:

    569 AB, 100 R, 165 H, 35 2B, 3 3B, 26 HR, 86 RBI, .290/.385/.506

    Also, no one has hit exactly 26 homers with exactly 97 RBI since Bernie Williams in 1998, so I’m guessing you’re adding a couple of seasons on top of one another.

  247. 247
    DWest Says:

    Sansho, your outfielder stats line is the partial seasons from 2005 Atlanta, 2009 Mets and 2010 Rangers of our former franchise player.

  248. 248
    csg Says:

    I find this interesting

    Heyward, $400K, .277/.393/.456/.849
    Arod, $32m, .270/.341/.506/.847

  249. 249
    Stu Says:

    237—What is that, Stenchy’s career line against lefties?

  250. 250
    Spike Says:

    You’d find it far less interesting if heyward tried to play third, but it’s a fair point

  251. 251
    sansho1 Says:

    It’s the combined line of his first seasons with new teams. (Hey, I said he was a short term solution….)

    So, no?

  252. 252
    Adam R Says:

    You said he was housebroken! No fair. I would’ve guessed.

  253. 253
    Johnny Latt Says:

    I know it may be a moot point, but as a recent alum of Appalachian, the school is not called “Appy State.” It is referred to as Appalachian (pronounced App-uh-latch-un), or App State, App, or ASU. I know the post I am responding to was a while back, and was only one post, but I felt obligated to mention it.

    Also, App is gonna beat Florida the last game of the year. Mark it on your calender. We are 6-0, and playing really well. They are still Florida, but I think we have as good of a shot as any. If we catch them on a day like they had against Ohio the first game of the year, anything is possible.

  254. 254
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Curse you, Sam.

  255. 255
    ububba Says:

    Cliff Lee negotiation salvo #1?

  256. 256
    jdpeace Says:

    @253 This is a good strategy. Either sign with us or get out of the AL. If you don’t we do bad things to your heart.

  257. 257
    jdpeace Says:

    What’s Paulie Gualtierii doing? Bring him to the table. They are a few well placed euphemisms away from driving the point home.

  258. 258
    spike Says:

    @253, what made that even more rich was that blockhead Mike Silva just yesterday posted a similar experience from a Giants fan at a Phillies game as evidence of why Philadelphia “will always be a second rate sports town.”

    Silva: Stay Classy, Philadelphia

  259. 259
    Marc Schneider Says:

    I hope Lee signs with someone else and states specifically that it was because of the idiot Yankee fans. Of course, you could easily find examples of similar fan idiocy among Red Sox and Phillie fans.

  260. 260
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    I hope Lee signs somewhere that isn’t in the National League.

  261. 261
    BFedRec Says:

    DOB just tweeted that Posey won the players choice ROY.

  262. 262
    sdp Says:

    She’ll suck it up and forget the harassment when a team is offering her husband $150MM to throw a baseball.

  263. 263
    jdpeace Says:

    @262 How dare you? The Lee family’s honor was besmirched. It’s 175 now.

  264. 264
    ububba Says:

    An interesting point to the offseason Cliff Lee Sweepstakes: Unlike New York, Texas doesn’t have a state income tax.

  265. 265
    csg Says:

    DOB –

    Rumor that has some legs: Jim Presley is among several being considered for Braves hitting coach. Presley was Fredi Gonzalez’s hitting coach at Florida when both were fired along with bench coach Carlos Tosca on June 23.

  266. 266
    csg Says:

    more –

    David O’Brien

    October 26th, 2010
    5:31 pm
    Actually, Braves have already interviewed Presley and are going to interview one or two more guys. So I’m not really expecting an annnouncement till after World Series.

  267. 267
    jdpeace Says:

    #Braves have interviewed Jim Presley for hitting coach position, still expected to interview one or two more candidates

    From AJC.

    The horror. The horror.

  268. 268
    SteveAvery Says:

    Anyone else want us to go back and sign Javier Vazquez to pitch for the Braves again? He cant cost us very much after his 2010 performance and is just 1 year removed from being our ace. Combine signing him with a trade of Jair or Minor to help get a real bat and this could be a really good team.

  269. 269
    Mac Thomason Says:

    No. No. No. No. No.

  270. 270
    jdpeace Says:

    OK. So that’s Apocalypse Now and Lear after Cordelia dies.

    First person who can do The Sorrow and the Pity wins the inevitable Presley bobble head doll for the shooting of automatic weapons at.

  271. 271
    Tom Says:

    Presley’s not my favourite either, but he couldn’t possibly do any worse than TP.

  272. 272
    jdpeace Says:

    On a lighter note. Johnny Cash is dead so you can buy an old to-do list he wrote at auction.

    1. Not Smoke
    2. Kiss June
    3. Don’t Kiss Anyone Else
    4. Cough
    5. Pee
    6. Eat
    7. Don’t Eat Too Much
    8. Worry
    9. Go See Mama
    10. Practice Piano

  273. 273
    jdpeace Says:

    @270 Ohhhh Tom. They said the same thing when Hitler took over the chancellor. I don’t think they actually said that, but this is bad. Real bad.

  274. 274
    Tom Says:

    Presley=Hitler? You might wanna think that one over.

  275. 275
    jdpeace Says:

    Fair. Something more inept/less evil.

    But, won’t be any worse than TP is not the only bar I’d want to clear on this decision.

  276. 276
    braves14 Says:

    Maybe Presley realizes he sucked as a hitter and won’t try to make his players hit like him.

  277. 277
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    God bless the Man in Black. I’m going to spend the next 15 minutes thinking about Johnny Cash and not thinking at all about Jim Presley.

  278. 278
    sansho1 Says:

    Not only did Presley suck, but he hated playing here. I distinctly remember that.

  279. 279
    csg Says:

    DOB –

    Presley’s Marlins hitters were a pretty impressive lot, and a bunch of them made big strides under him. The guy was there 4-1/2 seasons, he’s not new to this.

    By the way, Presley was an All-Star one year with Seattle. The guy averaged about 26 homers and 90 RBI over a three-year span early in his career, back when those were pretty substantial offensive numbers in the mid-80s.

  280. 280
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Presley’s career OBP was .290, and that’s not impressive in any era.

  281. 281
    Smitty Says:

    If the Braves hired me as their hitting coach DOB would say,”Smitty has the insight and a perceptive that no Braves hitting coach has ever had. In fact, just by hiring him it made Tim Hudson win the come back player of the year. It’s just a fact.”

  282. 282
    kc Says:

    Jim Presley sucks. Let’s just keep it as simple as that.

  283. 283
    kc Says:

    @268 If we trade JJ, I don’t mind signing Vazquez cheap as a fifth starter. Otherwise, we don’t need him.

    For those of you who are indifference toward Presley, I am sure you didn’t watch the 1990 team.

  284. 284
    FlaBravesFan Says:

    Does it mean we will have to hear “Aint nothing but a hound dog” everytime he is announced? ( For all of those of you too young to remember, that what they played when he came to bat as a Brave”

  285. 285
    John Gaines Says:


    I’m sure that never gets old.

    Btw, weren’t the Miami Heat supposed to be good this season? These guys suck…

    If there is a God, apparently he tuned in for The Decision.

  286. 286
    Smitty Says:

    The Heat have decided that the high pick and roll with LeBron will win them a lot of games. It won’t.

    Pat Riely will be coaching this team by January

  287. 287
    csg Says:

    you know I really like Bosh and Wade….its a shame that Lebron had to join them. Now Im just not a fan

  288. 288
    Smitty Says:


    DOB called you out on Twitter. What an ass.

  289. 289
    Mac Thomason Says:

    I’m aware. He also sends private messages, which I have to respond to publicly, because he doesn’t follow me.

  290. 290
    Smitty Says:

    He only follows the front office, BURN!

    I think we should have some fun with him

  291. 291
    Rob Cope Says:

    FWIW, Robert Joseph Cox’s career OBP was .309. He had the same career OPS+ as Jim Presley. Gotta go with DOB on this one.

  292. 292
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Since Presley’s not hitting means he’s a good hitting coach, I think we should hire Bob Horner as our new fielding instructor.

  293. 293
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    I believe Bobby Cox is what would be called an outlier, being one of the best five or ten managers of all time. His being a terrible player certainly wasn’t a qualification for being a good manager.

    I get DOB’s point — a coach can succeed at coaching despite not having succeeded as a player — but if Presley was both a bad player and a bad citizen, it’s hard to imagine how many good qualities he could bring to the job to outweigh that.

  294. 294
    spike Says:

    @288, 289 – WTF?

  295. 295
    Stephen in the UAE Says:

    #292–Horner will have to beat out Jeff Burroughs….

  296. 296
    jdpeace Says:

    From AJC via Rowland’s Office

    Presley, who has attracted interest from the San Diego Padres, Pittsburgh Pirates, Minnesota Twins and another, unnamed American League club, continues to work out while waiting for a team to step forward with a three-year offer for about $5 million. By paying Pendleton twice that amount for four years, the Braves bypassed Presley, who was willing to accept less money to play near his Pensacola, Fla., home.

    “How many errors did the other guy make?” Presley said. “I think he had a few, too. We’ll see. A year will tell. If he hits 25 home runs, with 90 RBI and 15 errors, it’s worth it.”

  297. 297
    jdpeace Says:

    Presley had 25 errors in 1990.

  298. 298
    jdpeace Says:

    To be fair Pendleton had 24 errors in 1991. So Presley laid down a major burn there.

  299. 299
    Mac Thomason Says:


  300. 300
    Stu Says:

    I am officially declaring e-war on DOB.

  301. 301
    kc Says:

    DOB never followed Jim Presley when he was in town. He has no clue why we don’t like him. I watch one season of him and it’s enough for me to not wanting to see him in Braves uniform ever again.

  302. 302
    kc Says:

    DOB sucks like Chris Bosh.

  303. 303
    Mac Thomason Says:

    Note how the Braves had won three straight and the Reds had lost three straight… getting the Braves to only 16 back. Good times!

  304. 304
    sansho1 Says:

    Forget it, Mac. It’s Pensacola.

  305. 305
    jdpeace Says:

    @304 HEY!! I was born in Pensacola. I was raised in Pensacola. I graduated from the same high school as Jim Presley. And I can tell you straight—a lot of our mothers are pleading for a beating. Seriously. They are really awful there. Presley was doing God’s work.

  306. 306
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    JD, he wasn’t beating your mother. He was beating his own.

  307. 307
    Mac Thomason Says:

    No truth to the rumor that he tried to get those added to his hit total to raise his batting average.

  308. 308
    jdpeace Says:

    During my time in high school there was this little sports wall near the weight room and they had three framed photos of Jim Presley. All throughout 90 some friends, braver than me, use to scrawl mean things on the glass in marker. Last time I went back it had become an Emmitt Smith shrine and Presley is nowhere to be found.

  309. 309
    sansho1 Says:

    Sorry jd, I was just being flip. I have family in Crestview and Fort Walton.

    I will say, seriously, that I don’t think dredging up a 20-year-old family squabble in the service of protesting Fredi’s possible choice of batting coach is helpful. In fact, given our previous manager’s domestic history, it’s downright unwise. Let DOB go his haughty way.

  310. 310
    Mac Thomason Says:

    May it become an Emmitt Smith/Trent Richardson shrine in the future.

  311. 311
    jdpeace Says:

    @306 We don’t jump to conclusions when there’s a mother beating. We wait till the was-she-asking-for-it info comes out. For instance, she might have mouthed off about his strike-out to walk ratio.

  312. 312
    jdpeace Says:

    @310 I wouldn’t be surprised. Though Emmitt’s up to about eight feet long and five feet tall in that hallway. Richardson has a lot of chipping away to do. There’s also a Kevin Saucier 8 x 10 which has stubbornly refused to be budged.

  313. 313
    jdpeace Says:

    @309 Not offended at all. I was taking fake umbrage. Though the only time Pensacola makes the news is when an abortion doctor has been shot or there’s been some kind of triple homicide with a kinky twist. That’s just the fate of all small towns. Until someone goes nuts in a mall there’s no reason to mention it.

  314. 314
    sansho1 Says:

    Just had a long exchange with DOB. I dunno. He has to maintain access to do his job, and fan interaction these days makes that a more tenuous task. Dismissiveness is a tool to do so, but it’s probably not the best one.

  315. 315
    braves14 Says:

    The Mets hired Sandy Alderson. That’s not good.

  316. 316
    kc Says:

    @315 Let’s hope NYC will mess up his mind.

  317. 317
    sdp Says:

    The Mets will still suck.

  318. 318
    Timo Says:

    Re. Presley. I think a coach should be judged by the job he does as a coach as opposed to how he played. Interestingly, Billy Bean had a MLB lifetime OBP of .246 and .317 in the minors. Did not affect -or maybe even did in a positive way- the way he puts his teams together nowadays. Too lazy to check: How was the Marlins OBP during the Presley years?

  319. 319
    kc Says:

    @318 I hate Jim Presley. I don’t want to see him in the Braves uniform. It’s like hiring Andres Thomas to be a fielding instructor.

  320. 320
    Smitty Says:


    Here are the 2009 numbers:

    I still don’t care. Nick Esasky is gong to be the team trainer.

  321. 321
    BFedRec Says:

    OK, I have to admit, I really don’t remember Presley that much. I had gap years of following the team closely between 88-ish and 91 (probably had something to do with puberty focusing me elsewhere)… but I get the feeling he’s not going to be a popular choice around here (it’s subtle, but I pick up on these non-verbal clues you guys are giving off in your tone).

  322. 322
    Smitty Says:

    After the whole Griffey thing, DOB has become really terrible. He became synical and a lap dog all at once.

  323. 323
    Kevin Lee Says:

    Zack Greinke
    That’s the guy I want to see in a Braves uniform next year.
    There was a moment a few years back when the notion of Tim Hudson as a Brave came into public knowledge. I think it was Rosenthal.
    I think a similar moment has arrived for Zack.

  324. 324
    Smitty Says:


    I think we need to focus on getting an outfielder that doesn’t suck

  325. 325
    csg Says:

    Braves Journal Glossary –

    DOB: AJC beat writer David O’Brien. Pretty self-explanatory. I pronounce it with a long O, rhyming with “GOB“. We like him. (Added July 25, 2007.)

    Mac, I think its time to update this again

  326. 326
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    I think we need to focus on getting an outfielder that doesn’t suck

    But wouldn’t we somehow lose part of our essential character?


    Okay, then I agree with you.

  327. 327
    csg Says:

    have we had a 30hr season from anyone since Andruw hit 41?

  328. 328
    Parish Says:

    Been playing catchup this morning on these threads. So, this was posted a while back and I am wondering about it.

    How can a clause in A-Rod’s contract that says he must be paid more than any other player in MLB be enforceable? Seems like it would be hard to reconcile if Pujols put the same thing in his new contract.

    The stipulation is then dependent on other contracts to which A-Rod (and possibly his employer) is not a party.

  329. 329
    Tom Says:

    318 & 320,

    so the Marlins had a .268 BA and a .340 OBP as a group in 2009. Given the talent they had, those are very respectable numbers. The Braves were worse, actually (.263, .339 in 2009 and .258, .339 in 2010).

    I’m not sure if the Marlins would have been better or worse with another hitting coach, but I’m 100% convinced the Braves would have been better without TP. He messed up Escobar, McLouth and half a dozen others, and couldn’t help Chipper or McCann for the life of him. Man, I loved him as a player (his first time around), but I hated him as a coach. Even more than Snitker, for what it’s worth.

  330. 330
    ububba Says:

    Hitting coaches are overrated, IMO. You don’t have to be a great player to be a winning coach or manager. You need good players and it sure helps if they’re willing to try to improve themselves. Like Fredi, I’ll give him a chance if he gets the gig.

    I almost never read the forum part of any AJC blog, including DOB’s. (Overall, it’s too depressing to realize I share a common interest with most of these people. On the plus side, it does confirm my career decision to veer from sports writing & move toward music.) So I miss almost all of the mid-forum updates, but also the stupidity, the smackdowns & the snark.

    Writers need access, yes. Also, when you’re a beat reporter, you must face the people you cover, over & over. If you’ve never had to do it, chances are you’ll never really get it. If they don’t talk to you or give you some info on a regular basis, it’s a problem for everyone—the writer, the readers, the newspaper.

    There’s the team, there’s your editor, there’s your job. There can be more politics involved than any city council meeting. It can be ridiculous, especially in a one-newspaper town.

    Does it mean you have to take out your frustations on others? Of course, not. It can be done, apparently, with more grace. Still, I’ll go with Chris Rock’s O.J. Simpson quote: “…but I understand…”

  331. 331
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    Ububba, do you think it’s more difficult to be a sports beat writer than, say, a city beat writer? The struggle between objectivity and access is obviously a problem for any beat reporter, particularly here in Washington, where people form working relationships over the course of decades. But it does seem that, in sports, access is more rigidly controlled than in virtually any other walk of life — maybe because it’s a monopoly company rather than a competitive firm or a public government entity. What do you think?

  332. 332
    spike Says:

    @328 – the actual clause from COTs –

    Rodriguez may void after 2008 or 2009 unless club increases 2009-10 salary by $5M/year or $1M more than highest-paid MLB position player

    emphasis mine

    He didn’t have to be the highest paid player.

  333. 333
    desert Says:

    Let’s see, to recap so far:

    Hiring Jim Presley to be a hitting coach is like…

    Hiring Andres Thomas to be a fielding instructor
    Hiring Bob Horner as our new fielding instructor
    Hiring Jeff Francouer as our hitting coach
    Hiring Dan Kolb to be a conditioning coach
    Hiring Nate McLouth to teach how to throw outfield assists
    Hiring Brooks Conrad to be a fielding instructor
    Hiring Zack Grienke as a team psychologist
    Hiring Yunel Escobar as a public relations agent
    Hiring Omar Minaya as the GM
    Hiring Rick Ankiel as our pitching coach
    Releasing Jason Heyward

    Any more?

  334. 334
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    The Greinke thing’s a low blow, IMO. Otherwise, funny.

    I think that would be like…

    Hiring Mike Hampton as the team doctor
    Hiring Brent Lillibridge as the strength coach
    Hiring Chris Resop as bullpen coach
    Hiring Keith Lockhart

  335. 335
    Mac Thomason Says:

    New post.

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