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21 Dec

Free Agents: Here’s Who’s Left

From the Free Agents List at MLBTradeRumors:

Left Fielders Center Fielders Right Fielders
Bobby Abreu (39) Rick Ankiel (33) Jeff Baker (32)
Endy Chavez (35) Michael Bourn (30)
– declined qualifying offer
Ben Francisco (31)
Johnny Damon (39) Nyjer Morgan (32) Ryan Sweeney (28)
Mark DeRosa (38) Scott Podsednik (37) Nick Swisher (32)
– declined qualifying offer
Matt Diaz (35) Grady Sizemore (30)
Kosuke Fukudome (36)
Scott Hairston (33)
Bill Hall (33)
Raul Ibanez (41) Third Basemen
Austin Kearns (33) Miguel Cairo (39)
Don Kelly (33) Chone Figgins (35)
Darnell McDonald (34) Alberto Gonzalez (30)
Ryan Raburn (32) Orlando Hudson (35)
Juan Rivera (34) Brandon Inge (36)
Cody Ross (32) Adam Kennedy (37)
Vinny Rottino (33) Jose Lopez (29)
Delmon Young (27) Scott Rolen (38)

So… who do ya want?

55 Responses to “Free Agents: Here’s Who’s Left”

  1. 1
    Seat Painter Says:

    That’s a list that has very few appealling options on it.

  2. 2
    Jeff K Says:

    Bourn, but only if he takes a low market 1-year contract. Otherwise, it’s an unlikely trade for someone like Morse, or standing pat.

  3. 3
    Johnny Says:

    #2 The Bourn thing is Talking Chop Very wishful thinking. Not going to happen.

    There sure are a lot of guys on that list that won’t get tendered a contract this year effectively ending their careers.

  4. 4
    sansho1 Says:

    A Manuel’s bartender friend of mine just called and said he overheard two guys “talking about draft pick compensation and the shortcomings of defensive WAR for outfielders” last night. He said they looked like Cary Grant and Fabio, tipped 75%, and could really hold their liquor.

  5. 5
    AtlCrackersFan Says:

    After adjusting for age since 35 y/o leadoff hitters are rare, Grady Sizemore followed by Austin Kearns look like the best of an unimpressive lot (Bourn excepted). A 1-2 year deal might work.

    I don’t know what Boras is thinking for Bourn, but either he has a goal no one else understands or he’s misjudged the market. Maybe he thinks Texas will pony up to replace Hamilton.

    I’m not sure that Francisco and Constanza aren’t as good (and with more potential) than just about anyone on the list. Standing pat doesn’t solve the lead-off spot other than put pressure on Simmons and Prado to get on-base.

  6. 6
    Jeff K Says:

    Raul Ibanez is 41. I am 41. He looks older than dirt.

  7. 7
    sansho1 Says:

    There was a scene in Louis CK’s TV show (in season 2, I think) where he hooks up with a young woman who is turned on by his expressions of how old he is. At one point while they’re in flagrante delicto he says something like “I’m older than any active major league baseball player…wait, is Jamie Moyer still pitching?” Which I found not only hilarious, but poignant, as I’ve had that exact same thought.

  8. 8
    Smitty Says:

    Flier on Sizemore?

  9. 9
    Jeff K Says:

    I am rarely, if ever, thinking of Jamie Moyer when in flagrante delicto.

  10. 10
    csg Says:

    didnt Sizemore just have another setback?

  11. 11
    csg Says:

    Braves interested in Scott Hairston

  12. 12
    Mike N. Says:

    Just thought I’d give y’all a heads up, Dale Murphy will be doing an AMA (Ask me anything) on Reddit today at 2.

  13. 13
    ububba Says:

    At a certain point, I became acutely aware that Jamie Moyer is about 9 months older than me.

    Moyer made me finally & fully understand the early-’70s fascination that a lotta people had with George Blanda.

  14. 14
    ralphdibny Says:

    Oy vey. When you put it like that, maybe standing pat ain’t such a bad idea.

  15. 15
    csg Says:


  16. 16
    JB Says:

    What would a flier on Kearns (1st choice) or Delmon (distant 2nd) cost?

  17. 17
    justhank Says:

    @7 – I think Woody Allen did that, didn’t he?

    There’s a fine line between DELAY and RETREAT tactics. At my age, you have to be careful.

  18. 18
    justhank Says:

    I think we should just get Sizemore under contract and take him to every known healer (medical, spiritual, bionic, etc.) know to man.

    A healthy Grady Sizemore on this team means World Series Champs!

  19. 19
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    I wouldn’t take Delmon if he paid the Braves for the opportunity. He’s a terrible player, not to mention a bad human being.

  20. 20
    MikeM Says:

    Swisher if he’d take a two-year deal, which I doubt he would.

    Bourn if the price is reasonable and the Braves pony up, which I doubt they will.

    No thanks to all the rest. Make a trade Wren!

  21. 21
    sansho1 Says:

    I’d take Hairston as a fourth OF or platoon LF — he’s posted some good power numbers the last few years despite playing in pitchers’ parks.

  22. 22
    justhank Says:

    I guess Willingham is just never going to happen, is it?

  23. 23
    Stu Says:

    21—But isn’t that what Reed Johnson is supposed to be?

  24. 24
    jjschiller Says:

    As a person who has arvo aged for a Scott Hairston acquisition in the past, I say, maybe we should have thought of that before we signed Reed Johnson?

  25. 25
    jjschiller Says:

    Yes, my phone auto corrected “advocated” in to “arvo aged.” No, I don’t know what that could possibly mean.

  26. 26
    justhank Says:

    I think I arvo aged a little bit when I heard earlier that “Maneater” is 30 years old today.

  27. 27
    sansho1 Says:

    Oh yeah. Maybe so.

  28. 28
    AA Says:

    @18 I love Grady SIzemore but if I was signing him I’d try to work in a second year option. He’s out until June or so and it will probably take him nearly the whole year just to get back into shape. Again, I love this guy’s skills but he’s super rusty and I’m afraid the end may be near.

  29. 29
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    I love Grady Sizemore, but I think that he just isn’t Grady Sizemore any more. His last good year was in 2008. In four years since then, he has played 210 games and had 938 PA (none at all in 2012), and he has hit .234/.314/.413, and he has been worth -14 runs in the field, per DRS.

    I know he’s only 30, and his face looks the same, but I just don’t think he has the same body or the same skills that he had five years ago. I think that guy is gone forever. I’m sure he’ll get a flier from somebody, but I wouldn’t pay him more than the minimum. I wish him the best and I hope that he can recover — but I don’t want that to happen on our dime, because the chance of that happening is almost nonexistent.

  30. 30
    braves14 Says:

    Swisher and Ross are the only 2 guys on that list that are appealing at all.

  31. 31
    braves14 Says:

    Other than Bourn, that is.

  32. 32
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:


    Braves minor league righthanded reliever Billy Bullock failed two tests for a drug of abuse and received a 50-game suspension without pay from Major League Baseball. He’ll serve the suspension at the outset of 2013.

  33. 33
    mark grogan Says:

    I’ll take running bare over any of the players listed. I am ready for a study of older players in the post PED era. I submit Nelson Cruz as the poster child of the study.

    Much like we heard an eon ago, don’t trust anyone over 30.

  34. 34
    csg Says:

    Ross isnt appealing to me. He was a product of Fenway last year.

  35. 35
    Bethany Says:

    @34 Totally Agree. Willingham, Upton or let it go at this point, as angry as that makes me, because neither of those is a realistic option.

  36. 36
    beege Says:

    @ 33,

    Mark’s goin’ streeeaakiiiinnng!!!

  37. 37
    kc Says:

    Matty Diaz deserves some love. I will give him my vote as sympathy.

  38. 38
    jjschiller Says:

    @33, 36 – Running bare might seem more comfortable, for the first quarter mile. But even the shortest bare running outing will inevitably lead to serious chafing.

  39. 39
    Bethany Says:

    With the Diamondbacks signing of Cody Ross does this mean that Jason Kubel gets traded…or maybe even Justin Upton? hmmmmmm


  40. 40
    csg Says:

    Ummm yes please. Move Gattis back to catcher then.

  41. 41
    Sam Hutcheson Says:

    Things Jim Bowden Says is almost universally distinct, categorically, from Things That Are True.

  42. 42
    Doctor Bob Says:

    This is not an impressive list of available players. If I had to choose one, Ryan Sweeney makes sense in left field. He’s a career .280 hitter who gets on base at a .340 clip.

    Look up and down our lineup from this past season. Unimpressive in terms of batting average…and now take away Chipper. I mean, unless you find .230 averages impressive.

  43. 43
    Bethany Says:

    Don’t crush my dreams, Sam, it’s nearly Christmas.

  44. 44
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    The Diamondbacks have four outfielders right now: Cody Ross, Jason Kubel, Justin Upton, and Gerardo Parra. So it’s likely, though not a given, that they’ll trade one.

    Of course, if the Braves were a good trade partner for Upton then they would have traded us Upton already. So either they’ll have to lower their demands, or we’re not getting him.

  45. 45
    jjschiller Says:

    I’ve always liked Parra. But I suppose he’s the best candidate they’ve got to play CF.

  46. 46
    Jeff K Says:

    Weird for the D-Backs to sign Ross if they plan to keep all of Upton, Parra, and Kubel. I could live with any of the three.

  47. 47
    Bethany Says:

    They’ve been running a negative PR campaign against Upton since last season, which is the main reason I’ve got a sliver of hope they’d move him.

  48. 48
    td Says:

    I could be talked into Kubel, but Parra does not impress me. His most hrs in a year were 8 and he stole 15 bases max in a season. He is young (26 next year) and is a good fielder, but not much of an upgrade over a platoon of Gattis, Prado, and Francisco in my opinion.

  49. 49
    Sam Hutcheson Says:

    Don’t crush my dreams, Sam, it’s nearly Christmas.

    Bah. Humbug.

    They’ve been running a negative PR campaign against Upton since last season, which is the main reason I’ve got a sliver of hope they’d move him.

    I don’t think there’s any doubt ARZ wants to move Upton. The question is if the Braves line up with them. The Braves said no to Simmons, which means the Dbacks would have to accept Ahmed.

  50. 50
    Bethany Says:

    @49 You’re probably right, I’m not sure we match up either. But they did get a SS in a deal earlier this winter, correct?

  51. 51
    Jeff K Says:

    They got Gregorius, if you think he can start next year. Maybe he can. They have questionable pitching overall, so could match up with the Braves

  52. 52
    Bethany Says:

    I’ve heard that they were looking for relievers, and we certainly have plenty of those.

  53. 53
    Mikemc Says:

    The D’backs have their shortstop. They may move Upton for young pitching.

  54. 54
    Seat Painter Says:


    Delgado/Gilmartin/EO’F for J. Upton.

    Get smitty’s barber on the phone!

  55. 55
    Alex Remington (Another Alex R.) Says:

    New thread.

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