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Archive for April 8th, 2017

08 Apr

Pirate Kings 6, GIDP Braves, plus a few errors 4

Know thy enemy…to set the mood. Their swords, our knuckles. Tonight’s game will be played in beautiful, balmy weather. Yesterday’s, not-  suffering under conditions we Brits call Brass Monkey Weather. Guess?  Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey – a typical souvenir brought home from the days of the Raj. As we […]

08 Apr

Pittsburgh Leopard Seals 5, Atlanta Penguins 4

The March of the Penguins continued Friday, as our Tuxedo’ed Terrors fell to Pittsburgh 5-4. It seems R.A. Dickey can’t throw his knuckler in the cold, so Mike Foltynewicz was moved up a day. Unfortunately, his command must have caught the same sniffles as the knuckler, as he gave up 6 hits and three walks […]

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