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31 May

Just Ignore the One Inning…

Ouch. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Bartolo Colon, Master of the Unearned Run, and his troupe of Merry Defenders, starring in a Comedy of Errors that culminates in one delicious, suspenseful mystery: What, if any, role will Colon have on this team when his bobblehead night rolls around next week? Stay tuned to […]

30 May

Guadalcanal: Braves 6, Angels 3

Guadalcanal is remembered for being a vicious battle that went on and on and for the cool name. But the strategy and tactics followed last night’s adventure in Anaheim. Guadalcanal is remembered for being a vicious battle that went on and on and for the cool name. But the strategy and tactics followed last night’s […]

28 May

Giants 7, Braves 1

R.A. Dickey ate 6 more innings.  They were not delicious. The Giants picked up 7 runs in the first 3 innings to take the series 2 games to 1.  Dickey allowed 6 hits and walked 5 in the first 2+ innings, and 6 of the runs were earned.  Johnny Cueto and 3 relievers held the […]

28 May

Braves 3 Giants6…’There is some corner of a foreign field’

No Saturday Night high jinks tonight. Instead, an appropriate requiem. Not a game to quicken the pulse, as some losses can still be, but rather a total dirge until a brief offensive flurry at the end. It was an effort to stay awake and another to dream up the bon mot to describe it. You […]

27 May

Braves 2, Giants Zip

You’d have to say the most significant thing about last night’s game was the start delivered Jaime Garcia. Jaime went 6 2/3 scoreless innings, striking out 5, giving up only 4 hits with 2 walks. He was consistently sharp throughout, around the plate and down in the zone. 59 of his 82 pitches were strikes. […]

25 May

Pittsburgh Pirates > Josh Collmenter’s Tomahawks

Interesting game. Julio Teheran, overall, made some adjustments to his control and saw a strong outing: 6 IP, 4 H, 2 BB, 6 K’s. An error by Jace Peterson, filling in at short, led to an inning continuing and a 3 run homer (all runs were considered unearned). But considering the Jekyll and Hyde routine […]

24 May

Pirates 5, Braves 6

I might have to forgive Matt Adams for being a Cardinal. Three games into his Braves career, he’s already becoming a bit of a folk hero. If he keeps this up, he’ll start encroaching onto Brooks Conrad territory. This game had a bit of everything in it. Lots of hits, a few runs, a Braves […]

23 May

Kwajalein: Braves 5, Pirates of the Monongahela 2

Why Kwajalein? A good start leading to a clear victory, never seriously in doubt, but not overwhelming except as a combined forces operation. At Kwajalein Air Corps bombardment, Naval bombardment, the lessons learned from Tarawa, an “island skipping” campaign, and a little experience led to a significant victory. The good defense of having Gerrit Cole […]

21 May

Nationals 3, Braves 2

The Braves stranglehold on 2nd place in the NL East remains at 1/2 game. Stephen Strasburg went 7 2/3 strong innings to help the Nationals salvage a game from the 3 game series.  Strasburg gave up 5 hits and a walk, and struck out 11.  Dansby Swanson’s 2 run double in the 8th chased him; […]

20 May

Weight Watching BRAVES 5 Neurotic Shrieking NATS 2

Well, we had prayed for 5 innings from him…and we nearly got it…Bartolo had it back tonight, we feared it had gone for good, his control…he gave Scherzer all he could handle and some and he opened the fifth ahead 3-0 by virtue of a 2 run homer early from Rio Ruiz and a solo […]

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