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28 Sep

Muts 7, Barves 1

I didn’t watch this game. Sean Newcomb put in his typical outing: 7 baserunners (4 of which were walks) in 5 IP with 7 K’s. Newcomb’s had a decent rookie campaign. 4.32 ERA, 4.19 FIP, and 1.3 fWAR in 100 IP and 19 GS. So he’s averaging a little over 5 IP per start, and he’s striking out a little over a batter an inning. But the 5 BB/9 is consistent with his 5.49 BB/9 in his minor league career. Bottom line: he will be a serviceable 5th starter and nothing more if his control doesn’t improve. At least for me, as a fan, his starts won’t be particularly enjoyable to watch. But that’s just this guy’s opinion.

The bullpen B-squad got their work in. Jason Motte and Matt Wisler both put in scoreless innings but with two walks apiece, and Gas Can Jim Johnson was hurt by a Freddie Freeman error to let a 3-run homer and run-scoring double to have four unearned runs come across. Whatever.

I would say that the only real developments happening on the offense front is the playing time being given to potential 2018 pieces. Lane Adams, Jace Peterson, and Rio Ruiz have been given lots of playing time to identify whether or not they factor into the team’s plans going forward. Other than that, it’s riding out the string.

The Braves were 12-15 on days I recapped, so I was neither good luck nor bad luck.

19 Responses to “Muts 7, Barves 1”

  1. 1
    coop Says:

    Thanks, Rob. Go Dawgs.

  2. 2
    blazon Says:

    Charlie Sheen
    admires Ozzie as a baseball machine
    we must preserve and protect
    decadent parties will weaken his natural confect.

  3. 3
    Rob Cope Says:

    Does Ozzie know he’s an actor? Just wondering.

  4. 4
    blazon Says:

    How did we lose three in a row to the substitute Mets?

    FF with RISP
    FF without RISP

  5. 5
    blazon Says:

    @3 let’s hope not.

    ‘Margo, i’m not so sure.

    No coincidence since Brandon left these are the two best smiles on the club.

    And that’s worth a lot.

  6. 6
    blazon Says:

    Kim Kardashian
    told Charlie I could love Ozzie with such passion
    but taking size into account
    it better be Scarlett for his west coast mount.

  7. 7
    blazon Says:

    Dillon Peters
    his reputation as a good student teters
    Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
    but rage, rage against your name- the spelling, get it right.

  8. 8
    blazon Says:

    You could make the case, some of us will, the ground ball hit to Dansby’s left in the second innings that he failed to reach, men on first and second, exemplifies the biggest concern for his future here. Scary thoughts.

  9. 9
    Brave Marine Says:

    Nice things KLaw says about Andrelton. MVP consideration plus amazing historical context. I sure miss watching him.

  10. 10
    blazon Says:

    There is another Dillon pitching tonight – Maples for the Cubs in St Louis. Also no Welsh blood apparently!

    Freddie looks tired, disinterested. Rare.

  11. 11
    Remy Says:

    Rob Cope,

    Here’s a post from John Heyman that might heal old wounds?

    “The Braves received $500,000 in international bonus money by trading Connor Joe, a recent draftee of the Pirates who they got for Sean Rodriguez. So the Braves saved Sean Rod’s $7.5M, then got 500K spending money.”

  12. 12
    sdp Says:

    I hope Giancarlo hits 10 homers in this series.

  13. 13
    John R. Says:

    What’s this stuff about Charlie Sheen?

  14. 14
    cliff Says:

    I sense that the Braves Journal crowd continues to be excited by this season.

    season delenda est

  15. 15
    Rob Cope Says:


  16. 16
    Rob Cope Says:

    Rex Brothers gave up the highest exit velocity of the season to Stanton. That’s the Rex we know.

  17. 17
    Adam R Says:

    In the Nobody Cares department, whether or not I win money in fantasy baseball kind of hinges on Gohara. I invite you to suffer with me today.

  18. 18
    Rob Cope Says:

    I bet there are only three statistics Adam R’s fantasy team uses: FIP, fWAR, and ABASS.

  19. 19
    tfloyd Says:

    Recapped, sort of

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