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28 Dec

Our new 2018 infield…and a big thank you to The Boss

Seems a good time to set up what might be the final thread of the year. Or not, depending on Your reaction. Let’s do it. For the first time I am of the opinion that our starting line up for the new season seems settled, pitching excluded of course. With Adonis’ departure we can now […]

19 Dec

Scott Kazmir

It seems like he’s been around since the Hoover administration, but the baby-faced lefty who Jim Duquette traded for Victor Zambrano is still only 33. (I swear I thought it was Steve Phillips, but Mr. Google tells me I’m wrong.) For the last three years, according to Similarity Scores, his most similar pitcher by age […]

18 Dec

14 days, 372 comments later

Let’s new-thread. Here. I’ll provide a conversation starter via Peanut: “With his first significant move as the Braves GM, Anthopoulos cleaned the lingering mess from the Olivera trade, which was fueled by Blakeley and Coppolella. Hart didn’t like that deal from day one. Blakeley was determined to get Olivera after not signing him.”

04 Dec

My 2017 Series to Remember. Yours? Some gold in the dross. (by blazon)

If you’re retired and live deep in the country where beauty abounds and distractions are few, you saw almost every game the Braves played this year. A month after it all ended we became spectators of the same game played at a significantly higher level by others. What remains of the Braves year has become […]

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