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12 Nov

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #41: Andrelton Simmons (by bledsoe)

No. 41: Andrelton Simmons RH Hitting, RH Throwing Shortstop Braves Seasons: 2012-2015 .256/.304/.362, 31 HR, 168 RBI, 197 RS, 85 OPS+ Some will think this is low. But Simmons just eked out the minimum three full seasons this past year, and if this were based solely on offensive production alone, he wouldn’t make the top […]

11 Nov

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #42: Martin Prado (by bledsoe)

No. 42: Martin Prado RH Hitting, RH Throwing Infielder/Outfielder Braves Seasons: 2006-2012 .295/.345/.435, 52 HR, 286 RBI, 355 RS, 109 OPS+ In a 2007 update to the 44, Mac opined that if he redid the list, Jeff Francoeur would likely have to fall in in the thirties somewhere. I was surprised at the relatively high […]

08 Nov

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #32: Jason Heyward (by bledsoe)

No. 32: Jason Heyward LH Hitting, LH Throwing Outfielder Braves Seasons: 2010-2014 .262/.351/.429, 84 HR, 292 RBI, 367 RS, 63 SB, 114 OPS+ The Braves legend on Jay-Hey is that they identified him as a stud as a teenager in Atlanta metro travel leagues and successfully salted him away from the prying eyes of other […]

04 Nov

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #29: Freddie Freeman (by bledsoe)

No. 29: Freddie Freeman Braves Seasons: 2010-2014 LH Hitting, RH Throwing First Baseman .285/.366/.466; 104 HR, 424 RBI, 405 RS, 129 OPS+ I simply love this guy. Frederick Charles Freeman came to the Braves from Orange County, California, taken in the second round of the draft in 2007. After hitting well at all levels through […]

29 Oct

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #22: Craig Kimbrel (by bledsoe)

No. 22: Craig Kimbrel Braves Seasons: 2010-2014 Right-handed Relief Pitcher 15-10; ERA 1.43, WHIP 0.903, 186 SV, 289 IP A comet. It is difficult to overstate how good this guy was. He blew away Smoltz’s club record for saves in 3 ½ seasons, leading the league in saves each year. In 2012, he had 42 […]

28 Oct

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #17: Tim Hudson (by bledsoe)

No. 17: TIM HUDSON RH Starting Pitcher Braves Seasons: 2005-2013 113-72; 3.56 ERA, 115 ERA+, 1.242 WHIP, 1573 IP Hudson, like McCann, didn’t make the Original List due to not meeting minimum career length. In 2007, Mac said that if he revised the list, Hudson would probably need to debut somewhere in the thirties just […]

22 Oct

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, #12: Brian McCann (by bledsoe)

I am going to deviate from Mac’s format in one respect. For these amended entries, rather than countdown to the better, higher ranked players, I am going to “count up” to the lesser players. I don’t think that there is any secret about the obvious omissions, like the following lad, so rather than delay the […]

20 Oct

The 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves, Nine Years Later: Introduction (by bledsoe)

Of all the things Our Beloved Founder did on this site, my absolute favorite was the “44 Greatest Atlanta Braves.” This is the kind of barstool argument or back of the envelope noodling that I love, on a subject dear to my heart. It engendered a lot of nostalgic reminiscing from the gang and some […]

27 Jul

Braves 8 Padres 3. They Were Chopping in New York

There was a baseball game played in Atlanta today. However, all Braves fans’s hearts, minds, thoughts and attention was in a little town in New York. As you know, today was induction day. (Here is the Box Score) Growing up in the south you gravitate towards your closest SEC team and the Atlanta Braves. I […]

04 Jun

Is it over?

The Official Site of The Atlanta Braves: News: Smoltz may be facing shoulder surgery If John really has surgery… Well, it might be. If he doesn’t and is really in pain, it pretty much has to be. Recovery time varies between different surgeries, but any time they go into the shoulder it’s bad news. Smoltz […]

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