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01 Aug

A Gentleman’s Explanation of Cricket: How to “Leave” (by blazon) Good sports writing should know no boundaries..on this Saturday morning here’s Britain’s best — Barney Ronay — with a lovely piece on ‘leaving’, the ability or inability of the hitter to stay away from the ball breaking/swerving away from him. In cricket although the pitched ball is deliberately bowled short so the batsman must […]

13 Jan

A Gentleman’s Explanation of Cricket: The Pitcher and the Bowler (by blazon)

Two men with a common aim. The pitcher in baseball and the bowler in cricket have one goal: get the batter/batsman out. Both can throw hard and use intimidation as a factor, but they have to go about their business in very different ways as per the rules of their chosen game. Again, it’s those […]

30 Dec

A Gentleman’s Explanation of Cricket. (by blazon)

It might be fun these wintry days to look at two similar but yet very different games and compare them with an obvious emphasis on where they differ. Cricket and Baseball — it’s the similarities that make the differences so interesting. You win both games by scoring more runs than your opponent. (Duh.) The total […]

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