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03 Oct

Not That We Care: a guide to the playoffs, part 3

Life is hard. Oh, sure, it’s easy to say “we should go kill the the Nazis!” I mean, Captain America was made to kill Nazis, right? But then you end up in this place where you have to be like, “ah, nah man; Stalin’s a totes bro. He just gets a lot of bad press from […]

28 May


Alex and I have been fighting about this for… oh, I guess twelve years now. The 1992 ATL N World Series Pitching Log for Jeff Reardon The situation is thus… In Game Two of the World Series, the Braves (having already taken the first game) lead 4-2 in the eighth. Smoltz gets the first man […]

25 May

LP – Leibrandt

Charlie Leibrandt was a principal in one of the best trades John Schuerholz ever made, and in one of the worst; the latter was also maybe the second-best trade Bobby Cox made after the Smoltz-Alexander deal. In the middle of 1983, Royals GM Schuerholz made a swap of struggling lefthanders, sending Bob Tufts to the […]

25 May

Decisions, Decisions

I’m introducing a new category: Decisions, where I’ll take a look back at past decisions made by Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz and examine them on the basis of, “If we knew what they knew then, was making this decision reasonable?” (This has some relationship to Neyer’s “Blunders” book but these decisions are not necessarily […]

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