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11 Mar

The Saga Continues

Includes the Year of Kolb, the Debut of Jeffy, and far too much Reitsma. There’s about a month’s gap where the posts are missing in my archives, I don’t know why.

17 Dec

Live! From Kansas City!

ANNOUNCER: From Kansas City, it’s the Jeff Francoeur show, starring Jeff Francoeur! I’m your announcer, Melky Cabrera, and tonight, Jeff’s guests are: Miley Cyrus! Verne Troyer! And The Baseball Project! And now, stand and cheer, here’s Jeffy! [AUDIENCE GIVES FIVE MINUTE STANDING OVATION] Jeff Francoeur: Thanks, thanks everybody. I know I deserve it, but it’s […]

02 Dec

Time for a new post post

I don’t really have anything to say. December is always a rough time if the Braves aren’t active. Discussion question: If Jeff Francoeur were a TV show, what TV show would he be? I say “Ally McBeal.”

25 Nov

Thanksgiving thread

I really do have a lot to be thankful for, even if I don’t always recognize it. Including you guys — thanks. And now, Jeff Francoeur riding a giant turkey.

08 Nov


So, why did Jeffy pay the Mets’ clubhouse guy $50,000 when he was traded? I”m sure there’s a perfectly innocent explanation: Reimbursement for 50,000 Hershey bars. Meant to pay $500 but has never gotten the hang of decimal points. Ransoming turkey underwear. I’m sure you all have your own theories.

22 Oct

World Serious

So, the Rangers are going to the World Series, but after that, then what for Jeff Francoeur? He’s going to be non-tendered. Sure, there will be the inevitable contract offer from the Royals, but he’ll want to keep his options open. What are the career options for a guy with a high school education and […]

05 Oct

Melky, Bête Noire

I have realized that Melky Cabrera has, in one short season, reached a standard previously only reached by Dan Kolb and Jeff Francoeur. He has moved beyond Whipping Boy status to become the official Braves Journal Bête Noire. This means that insults and jokes about this player may pop up in any circumstance, no matter […]

29 Sep

To blog or not to blog

“So Mac,” people ask me, “What do you wonder about Jeff Francoeur?” Then I say, “Well, I look upon him as a figure of tragedy. What if Jeff Francoeur were Hamlet?” And they say, “Well, it would probably be a much shorter play.” And I think, they’re probably right. Franclet Prince of Lilburn A Tragedy […]

31 Aug

Metty Goodness game thread: Aug. 31, Mets at Braves

Now, I’m not saying that Jeffy won’t play in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area next year. He’ll look great in a road uniform in Gwinnett.

30 Aug

This could be the last time game thread: Aug. 30 Mets at Braves

Do you realize that this could be the very last series that Jeffy plays in Atlanta? I mean, even if anyone wants him to play for them next year, it would probably be the Royals.

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