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31 Oct

Free agents, free thread, free candy – MLB – Baseball’s potential free agents Few top free agents = big money for those few guys = Rafael Furcal as a Cub or Met?

28 Oct

Weekend Open Thread

Suggested topic: Which statement would most excite Andruw Jones? 1. “Andruw, you’ve been named National League MVP!” 2. “Andruw, they’re reopening the Gold Club!”

27 Oct

Discuss amongst yourselves

Open thread. Suggested topic: Stupid Astros!

09 Oct

Early Division Series Game Thread: Game Four, Braves at Astros

Let’s just get this over with. I mean, even if we win this one, the Astros will just win Game Five again. I figure, why string it out? (No, I haven’t given up on the reverse jinx yet.)

08 Oct

Division Series Game Thread: Game Three, Braves at Astros

The Braves have no chance. I mean, Jorge Sosa versus Roy Oswalt? This must be one of the biggest mismatches in postseason history. (Still working the reverse jinx.)

10 Sep

Early Game Thread: Sept. 11, Braves at Natspos

Today’s Fun Mets Fact: ESPN has now kicked the Mets out of their “wildcard race” graphic.

09 Sep

Early Game Thread: Sept. 10, Braves at Natspos

Today’s fun Mets fact… If you haven’t been to Shea Stadium, let me tell you: it stinks. Literally. It smells really bad. I believe that the only way to block it out is to take copious amounts of drugs, which explains the numerous drug addicts who have played for the Mets.

09 Sep

Game Thread: Sept. 9, Braves at Natspos

Today’s fun Mets fact: Only 33 times has a New York Met hit .300 or better in a season when qualifying for the batting title. Bonus Mets fact: Some of the Mets who have hit .300 include Mackey Sasser (who forgot how to throw to second base), Lenny Randle (who once beat up his 50-year-old […]

07 Sep

Game Thread: September 7, Mets at Braves

Today’s fun Mets fact: “Mets” is short for “Metropolitans”, where the metr- is from the Greek word for “mother”. This may explain why Mets fans all throw like girls. (Do I bait them? Yes, yes I do.)

06 Sep

Game Thread: September 6, Mets at Braves

Today’s Fun Mets Fact: If the Mets won every game from now until the end of the 2007 season, they’d almost be .500 as a franchise.

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