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01 Oct

Not That We Care: a guide to the playoffs, part 2

The decision tree for who to hate tonight is much simpler.  

03 Apr

Desultory game thread: April 3, Braves at Nats

I don’t really have anything here.

01 Feb

Jeff Francoeur Buys New York Mets

NEW YORK (AP): In a surprising turn of events, Major League outfielder Jeff Francoeur has purchased a controlling interest in the New York Mets from the former owners, the Wilpon Family. The purchase, effective immediately, of 69 percent of the team was for a reported $550 million. Francoeur, who played for the Mets during the […]

26 Jan

Joe Mather

Personally, I don’t get the appeal. He’s basically a right-handed Brooks Conrad — a guy with a long minor league career (ten years!) who doesn’t hit for a high enough average to be really productive despite pretty good power and walk rate. Actually, Conrad’s minor league numbers are a bit better than Mather’s. He’s a […]

14 Jan

Alex Gonzalez

He is what he is — a pretty-good glove man who avoids being a total offensive zero by poking a few homers and a few doubles. Last year he had career highs with 23 and 42 respectively, but most of the homers came in Toronto, and he only slugged .386 in Atlanta. (But the AL […]

11 Oct


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10 Oct

Our place

The best part of coming home — no stupid orange in the stands. I hate orange.

08 Oct

A rule the Braves may not have been aware of

In order to win a contested baseball game, you must score at least one run.

07 Oct

What I want

I want to go to the World Series. Against the Yankees. Not just because I want to go to the World Series, but because I’d want to see game three, when all the Yankee fans gasp in horror at what they see when Melky waddles out onto the field. Game thread.

01 Oct

SEC picks, also there is a baseball game tonight

Home teams in bold. Alabama 31, Florida 20 Georgia 20, Colorado 14 Auburn 52, ULM 23 Vandy 24, UConn 17 MSU 41, Alcorn St 10 Kentucky 28, Ole Miss 26 LSU 31, Tennessee 15 R.I.P. Stephen J. Cannell.

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