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10 Oct

Not That We Care: a guide to the playoffs, part 5

Tonight baseball continues along its merry way without us. This time it’s Game 1 of the ALCS, apparently pitting the Kansas City Lorde Songs against the Baltimore Unintimidating And Thus Unintelligible Bird Mascots. (cf Thrashers, Atlantan or otherwise.*) A guy you’ve heard of because his first name rhymes with “Big Game” goes up against a guy […]

02 Sep

Not Gonna Take It Any More

I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. We know the offense is unfit to start and our bench is unfit to pinch hit, and we sit watching our TV’s while some local newscaster tells us that today we had no hits and five walks, as if that’s the […]

10 Aug

This Team Is Bad. Game Thread.

I don’t know what to do any more. I think I’m in the fourth stage of grief (1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance) over the 2014 Braves, otherwise known as the “Buddy Carlyle phase.” Here is a short list of things that you have my personal permission to do tonight, other […]

08 Aug

Either This Team Sucks, Or They Are Very Good Actors

In the last thread, Johnny linked to a Jay Jaffe article about the Braves; it went into accurate detail about exactly how mediocre we are. Of course, WE know all about that. This is something of a watershed moment. If the Nationals sweep us right now, while we’re reeling, they could effectively bury our season. […]

05 Aug

When the Going Gets Tough

This is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad team right now. And when the going gets tough, the tough grit their teeth, dig in their heels, take a deep breath, look deep inside, and listen to a Brazilian band on a show that’s sort of like American Idol doing a cover of the Phil […]

18 Jul


I swear, the All-Star Break gets longer every year. By 2030 it’ll probably last about three and a half weeks. But tonight, tonight! tonight baseball is back. So we get the Phillies, and it’s A.J. Burnett versus Ervin Santana. I won’t go so far as to guarantee victory, but I was in Philadelphia last Sunday […]

25 Jun

This Is a Song, Not a Metaphor, Game Thread

Being a Braves fan is a bit tough these days. This isn’t a great team, and we don’t even really preserve moral victories. We either win by the skin of our teeth or we lose in a laugher. That said, I’m a Braves fan through thick and thin, and I’m not giving up now. This is […]

20 Jun

Friday Night’s Alright Game Thread

I’m so glad that the week is coming to an end. Here’s hoping it ends well, and here’s another song I’ve always enjoyed.

19 Jun

An Incredibly Outdated Joke, June 19 Game Thread

So, there’s this beatnik, and he goes into a diner. He sits down at the counter and asks the waitress, “What kind of pie do you have?” She replies, “Right now, we have peach, apple, and cherry. The blueberry pie is gone.” “Far out!” the beatnik says. “Slide me a piece of that crazy blueberry […]

18 Jun

La Stella is Hitting Lead Off Game Thread

Last night never happened. Check that—the last six weeks never happened. Except for the addition of La Stella and the other Simmons. They happened. The B-est of B lineups is in play today, which signals that Dan Uggla’s official title has become “the cheerleader who is taking up a roster spot.” Fredi says La Stella […]

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