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18 Sep

Recapless Game Thread

There was no recap for last night’s game because, uh, I forgot to write one. Also, we pretty much sucked uninterestingly. Tonight, obviously, will be very different.

15 Sep

The Clerihew – great start. Can we make them better, more fun? (by blazon, Game thread)

Yes we can is the easy answer to that – inquiries with he who should know, a savant type  who suggested this form in the first place as being well suited to an acerbic  baseball board says great start, now move on.  Why? It can be more satisfying, more fun to attempt the purer form […]

11 Sep

AJP my MVP (Game Thread)

we seek the adept but history suggests we then sign the inept so whose fault is that? it has to be the fellas hanging out the welcome mat. A miserable season calls for different criteria in the choice of MVP, surely. Throw out the personal stats, they were mostly awful anyway and no major improvement […]

08 Sep

Goodbye to All That…Heyward to Peraza to Gomes (9/8 Game Thread)

Seasons like the one now ending leave their mark on the psyche. They create baggage, in real mass, that we who care must carry around for an indeterminate time. Arguably, this burden can take many forms and some weigh a lot more than others and, likely, last longer. After a long string of losses you […]

07 Sep

Labor Day In Atlanta!

So yeah. That one time I told you that you should totally still watch? My bad guys. You should totally probably stop watching now. At least until the draft. In the meantime, it’s Labor Day in Atlanta! That magical weekend when GADOT issues alerts on Tuesday to totes warn you about about impending traffic doom […]

28 Aug

Series Preview: Slumping Yanks @ Bad News Braves (by Ububba)

This weekend’s series finds the suddenly stumbling New York Yankees at Turner Field for a trio of games with the following pitching matchups:    • Friday night: Masahiro Tanaka (9-6, 3.61) vs. Williams Perez (4-4, 4.76)    • Saturday night: Luis Severino (1-2, 2.74) vs. Matt Wisler (5-4, 5.43)    • Sunday afternoon: Nathan Eovaldi (13-2, 4.00) vs. […]

14 Aug

Checking in on the Natspos (by bledsoe)

From our roving reporter, Chad N. Freud: On July 30, moments after the NY Mets lost a bizarre, rain delayed, unloseable game in the ninth inning 4-8, the Washington Post’€™s Tom Boswell tweeted this bit of fun: Mets: RIP. That's in 1K tie for Worst "L" Ever. -3 games. Fun team. Ain't gonna happen. Don't […]

01 Aug

A Gentleman’s Explanation of Cricket: How to “Leave” (by blazon) Good sports writing should know no boundaries..on this Saturday morning here’s Britain’s best — Barney Ronay — with a lovely piece on ‘leaving’, the ability or inability of the hitter to stay away from the ball breaking/swerving away from him. In cricket although the pitched ball is deliberately bowled short so the batsman must […]

30 Jul

Hector Olivera

As you all no doubt know by now, the Braves just made a blockbuster trade: Alex Wood, Jose Peraza, Jim Johnson, Luis Avilan, and most of Bronson Arroyo’s dead-money contract for Hector Olivera, Paco Rodriguez, Zach Bird, and a late-first round pick in the 2016 amateur draft. The key to all of this is Olivera, […]

27 Jul

CSI DC: Dissecting the corpse (by Bledsoe; game thread)

Braves fans living in or around the Disco of Columbia have an added hobby. If things aren’t going well for the Chop Squad, we can always take solace in watching the soap opera that is the 2015 Washington Nationals. I’ve been to opening day for the Nats almost every year, and my running joke with […]

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