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23 Mar

Bringing up Heyward

Talking with Bill James: Part 2 | Cincinnati Sports News. This is about a Reds prospect, but I think it’s germane, and I found it interesting: A very high percentage of the greatest players ever got to the majors when they were 20 or 19 and they did that in part because they had unusual […]

15 May

Inevitable loss game thread: May 15, D-Backs at Braves

Sure, the D-Backs have a bad record, but the Braves have a .500 record, and as established, the Braves are never getting over .500. Meanwhile, a little bit of writing from me. I’m hardly an expert on the draft, though again — they should have taken Rasmus instead of Devine. MLB Outsider Mock Draft: Atlanta […]

22 Mar

You guys pretty much know all this already

Five Questions: Mac Thomason on the 2009 Atlanta Braves – Chop-n-Change AAR and I did a “Five Questions” and it’s up now.

10 Jul

Off-day open thread: If you erase the quotes they were never said!

Sabernomics » Blog Archive » More Francoeur Quote Mischief? Sabernomics » Blog Archive » Where Did the Frenchy Quotes Go? JC is looking into the peculiar scrubbing of Jeff Francoeur quotes from the AJC articles covering his demotion and recall. In one case, an article by Carroll Rogers was actually removed and replaced with one […]

19 May

Open thread and links for an inexplicable off-day

I don’t want to write a joke here. Anyway, this here (thanks to Braves14) is pretty great: The Baseball Analysts: Just How Good Is Chipper Jones? Ha! Take that, BP! And here’s Craig: SPLICETODAY.COM | Sports | INTERVIEW: Craig Calcaterra

06 May

I babble on another blog

Series Preview: Mac Thomason Talks Braves I answered the questions a week ago, though Geoff and I did a little editing since then. So the facts are probably not 100 percent accurate anymore, but they are essentially true.

01 May

Off-day thread and link

Prospect Profile: Tommy Hanson – Minor League Ball Since this is not a game thread, here is some non-Collinsian videoage.

25 Mar

I’m not silent

The Official Site of The Atlanta Braves: News: Hampton silencing critics this spring I still won’t believe he’s going to pitch in real games until I see it, and if I do see it I’ll expect him to walk off the mound after every pitch. As for “silencing critics,” where have I seen that before, […]

17 Mar

I goofed

Five Questions: Atlanta Braves — The Hardball Times When I wrote this, it looked for sure that Jones and Diaz would platoon. Nothing to be done about that now.

26 Feb

Today in Hampton Mockery

Jurrjens fights off jitters | The Braves believe he’ll develop into a quality top-half-of-rotation starter, but for now he’s competing for the fifth spot. There is only one job available as long as Mike Hampton stays healthy. In other words, there are two jobs available. Meanwhile… Jurrjens faces competition from rookie left-hander Jo-Jo Reyes […]

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