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30 Sep

Not That We Care: a guide to the playoffs, part 1

So, it’s easy to forget, but they’re still playing baseball games. No one really knows why. It’s almost certainly just a scam to suck in money from losers who cheer for other teams. Nonetheless, they’re out there. Playing the “postseason.” First game up tonight is apparently the “Oakland Athletics” against…seriously, it’s hard to write this, […]

30 Mar


Braves sign pitcher Livan Hernandez | News. No. No. No no no no no. Bad Frank.

22 Mar

The end is near

Chipper Jones will retire at end of 2012 season | News. Given his comments about how hard it is getting to make it through the season, this is hardly a surprise. He could always change his mind, but I doubt it. I always prefer it when a player retires when he can still play, […]

20 Mar

One of these days…

Arodys Vizcaino undergoes Tommy John surgery | HardballTalk. I will figure out why teams try to put off Tommy John surgery. By delaying it, they not only wind up costing them Vizcaino this season, they lose a year on his service time clock. That would not be the case, I believe, if he’d gotten the […]

19 Nov

Yeah, that’s a pretty good idea

Wren: Must be sure trades strengthen Braves | Atlanta Braves. Generally, you want to not make deals that weaken the team, unless you’re the Mets or something where it’s a tradition. Wren says that they were never close to a trade of Prado or Jurrjens, that it’s all in the “feeling out” stage. FWIW, DOB […]

14 Nov

Kimbrel wins ROY Official site of the Baseball Writers’ Assn. of America.. Unanimously. Freddie Freeman got most of the second-place votes, so finishes second.

31 Oct

Well, that’s something

Atlanta Braves trade Derek Lowe to Cleveland Indians, sources say – ESPN. The Braves have to eat $10 million of his $15 million salary next year, but when you’re dealing with a Marianas Trench-level sunk cost like this, you take what you can get. The Braves get a minor league reliever, but that’s not really […]

08 Dec

LOOGY woogy

Braves to add Sherrill as third lefty reliever Yes, the George Sherrill has been brought in to pitch to Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in the sixth and seventh innings. Congrats, George! I’ll save it for the player analysis, but the idea that Sherrill pitched poorly in 2010 because Joe Torre misused him is… partially […]

16 Nov

If there were any Marlins fans, they’d be so pissed right now

The Braves have officially traded for Dan Uggla, no Furcal rule in order because we have a press release. This is not a shock, considering that rumors have been flying the last couple of days, but what the Marlins got is shocking: Omar Infante and Michael Dunn. If there were any Marlins fans, they would […]

19 Oct

Goodbye Melky!

Braves release Saito, Cabrera | Atlanta Braves. Presumably he’ll be drowning his sorrows in milkshakes. The Braves didn’t have to make a decision on him yet (unlike Saito, whose contract stipulated his release) but they just couldn’t wait to get rid of Melky.

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