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17 Aug

Reid Gorecki

Reid Gorecki Minor League Statistics & History – Gorecki becomes the ninth outfielder that the Braves have tried this year, not counting Infante. It’s been that sort of year. Gorecki, like Brian Barton, who had a cup of coffee earlier this year, came out of the Cardinals organization. He was a thirteenth-round draft pick […]

01 Aug

Adam LaRoche

He’s baaaaaack! I don’t know if any Braves position player in the last nineteen years has suffered as much fan abuse as LaRoche. Maybe Blauser, over a longer period of time. There have been guys who were more hated, but they didn’t last long. LaRoche’s problems were twofold. First, he is, even when he is […]

14 Jul

Ryan Church

He must be talented, because apparently everyone hates him. His managers, at any rate. Church was a fourteenth round pick of the Indians in 2000, out of Nevada-Reno, which two years earlier had graced the baseball world with Corky Miller. (Thanks, guys!) He rose up the minor leagues putting up strong numbers — OBPs around […]

09 Jul

Brooks Conrad

Been up for a few days; as a reserve, I like him more as an occasional starter than as a guy who comes off the bench during the game. He doesn’t profile as a pinch-hitter, as he hasn’t hit for average (career minor league BA .261, career AAA BA .248) but compensates with secondary skills […]

15 Jun

Barbaro Canizares

A great big righthanded hitter (listed at 240 lbs., and looks it) who was born to DH, but signed with the wrong league. Canizares defected in 2006 and hasn’t done anything since but hit the baseball, putting up a career minor league line of .318/.376/.461. He’s listed at 29, but who knows how accurate that […]

04 Jun

Nate McLouth

Nate McLouth Statistics and History – Immediately steps in as the Braves’ best outfielder; he’s their third- or fourth-best position player after McCann, Chipper, and maybe Yunel, depending upon if Yunel has annoyed me recently. I haven’t seen a whole lot of him, to be honest, though when I do he seemed to be […]

03 Jun

Gregor Blanco

Well, he’s back. Blanco is what he is, a natural reserve outfielder who is unfortunately still the Braves’ best solution in center and probably better than either of the corner outfielders too. His strengths as a player are his ability to draw walks, as indicated last year by his isolated on-base of .115, and speed. […]

26 May

Kris Medlen

Little guy out of a junior college who has done nothing but get people out in the minor leagues, but didn’t so much in his first major league start. Medlen was primarily an infielder as an amateur, a shortstop/closer; the Braves decided that he was better situated as a pitcher, even though he’s listed at […]

20 May

Diory Hernandez

An interesting player. Hernandez can hit, for average at any rate, and his walk rate has been decent through his career. It took him a while to get going; for the first four years of his career, he looked like organizational fodder, hitting in the low to mid .200s. But in his third try at […]

09 Apr

Clint Sammons

Only up to back up McCann until David Ross is healthy, and if the Braves have their way won’t even play. Sammons was pretty terrible in a late-season callup last year, .148/.220/.204, though this marked a vast improvement on the Hamster. That being said, you can’t really blame the Braves for looking elsewhere for a […]

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