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16 Jul

Reds 10, Braves 3

ESPN – Reds vs. Braves Box Score, July 16 2007 – MLB This has to be it, right? Kyle Davies can’t allow the first five men on base and then get pulled without recording an out and continue to start, can he? Who am I kidding? We’re stuck with him. After Davies allowed two hits […]

01 Oct

Braves 3, Astros 1 – MLB – Box Score – Astros at Braves The Cards probably aren’t going to give us Adam Wainwright back, but they should at least vote John Smoltz a playoff share. Smoltz went six shutout innings, pitching around six hits and three walks, striking out five. He needed 107 pitches to do it, so […]

30 Sep

Astros 5, Braves 4 – MLB – Box Score – Astros at Braves Oh, well, nobody’s perfect. Wickman allowed three runs in the ninth inning after coming into a tie game. They were all scored as unearned; Marcus made an error to let the first one reach, then Renteria made one to let the other two score. And […]

29 Sep

Braves 4, Astros 1 – MLB – Box Score – Astros at Braves We have one thing to play for… SWEET REVENGE!!!! I’m petty. Tight pitching matchup most of the way between Roger Clemens and Chuck James, who is young enough to be Clemens’ son if his first name were spelled “Khuck”. (“Kcuhc”?) The Astros got a couple […]

26 Sep

Braves 12, Mets 0, Relevance also 0 – MLB – Box Score – Mets at Braves This is the sort of thing that drives you crazy. Now that it’s completely irrelevant, the Braves beat up Ollie Perez for six and pile on the Mets’ bullpen. Smoltz, who pitched well when things were relevant, did pitch well, going eight, striking out six […]

23 Sep

Broncos 10, Falcons 9 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Rockies Whee, I get to break out the football score conceit one more time! Humidor? What humidor? Kyle Davies put in a Tiffinian performance, being knocked out of the game with one out in the third inning, having allowed nine runs on twelve hits and a […]

22 Sep

Rockies 6, Braves 4 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Rockies Only eight more games, only eight more games… The Braves gave Hudson a couple of leads, but he couldn’t hold it. First he gave up a two-run homer in the second to turn a 1-0 lead over. The bad inning was the fifth, in which […]

21 Sep

Braves 6, Rockies 3 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Rockies So, a humidor? Whatever works, I guess. John Smoltz, whose option was picked up today, gave up three runs in the first three innings, but after that he put it together, striking out seven in seven innings and not walking anyone. He only needed 99 […]

20 Sep

Braves 7, Nationals 2 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Nationals Cormier didn’t suck, but that’s obviously unlikely to be replicated. He went 6 1/3 and allowed a homer in the first and a run on an infield single in the fourth. He struck out five but walked four and allowed six hits; that pattern will […]

19 Sep

Nationals 9, Bravespos 2 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Nationals Oh, what’s the point? Chuck James didn’t have his best stuff and allowed five runs in 4 1/3. (It would have been a good outing for Cormier.) It was walks, mostly, six of them, and homers, two of those. Kevin Barry came in and let […]

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