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14 Mar

“Panic move”

If you’ll pardon the big graphic spread, the following is a simple bar graph showing the career WAR for every #25, #26, and #27 pick taken in the MLB amateur draft to date, sorted best (Alan Trammel, 70.3) to worst (Jeff Liefer, -.2.8); although you could make an argument that the giant list of NULL […]

28 Dec

Jose Constanza, Tyler Pastornicky, Christian Bethancourt, Joey Terdoslavich, Jonny Venters (by JonathanF)

So last year I got assigned Jose Constanza, Tyler Pastornicky and J.C. Boscan. My editor, AAR, was so pleased with my ability to wrench some manner of amusement out of barely serviceable parts that this year I have been allocated Constanza, Pastornicky, Joey Terdoslavich, Jonny Venters, and Christian Bethancourt. (I think I may have been […]

07 Dec

I wanna new thread

One that don’t make me sick. One that don’t make me crash my car. One that don’t make me feel six feet thick. Yes. I did just throw Huey Lewis at you. Yes I did. On the question of Fred McGriff, I propose a new form of necromancy called Let’s Ask Mac!. Copying and pasting […]

15 Nov


So, major league baseball just went nuts and did something I’ve been hoping for for a long time. Almost everything is challengeable now. Here are four of the main bullet points, as the AP writes: —Each manager will have a maximum two challenges per game. —If a challenge is upheld, it won’t count against a […]

11 Nov

The Braves Are Leaving Atlanta

The Braves have announced plans to move to a new stadium in Cobb County in 2017, after (what will have been) 20 years of calling Turner Field home. I don’t have a lot of thoughts at the moment. The team’s website for the move announces that the stadium is near the intersection of I-75 and […]

31 Oct


This Halloween is especially terrifying, as the other Boston team won another World Series. So, in the spirit of the season, here’s what I’m especially afraid of in 2014: • Over the course of the offseason, Frank Wren is unable to find a taker for Dan Uggla, so he decides to keep Uggla on the 25-man […]

22 Oct

Rosterbation, Part II: 2014 Projected Salaries

New thread for the sake of new threadness. There was some question about B-REF’s numbers on the last SWAG at this, so this time I’ve decided to guess at individual arbitration and contract assignments for various players. For example, I’f decided that Freddie Freeman will receive the same contract in his first year of arb […]

14 Oct

Kremlinology, Part 1

For those of you born after 1989… Christ I’m old. *sigh* For those of you born after 1989, “Kremlinology” is/was the art of attempting to predict and interpret actions, statements and behaviors coming out of the Kremlin during the Soviet years. The dry definition over at Wiki doesn’t really do justice to the concept. Yes, […]

08 Oct

The Curse of Marquis Grissom

We had them where we wanted them. We had matched the best pitcher in baseball with our sixth best starter. Our back up second baseman and our sixth outfielder put us ahead. We were playing like we were the team up two games to one. We were headed back to Atlanta with our two best […]

07 Oct

Braves 6, Dodgers 13

The Texans started out this game the same way they ended the last one, with a pick-6 by Matt Schaub. It was pretty well-timed, too. Chris Collinsworth had just made a joke about Schaub having tied the record for consecutive games with a pick-six with John Elway and Peyton Manning. From there, the game– Wait, there’s another […]

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