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13 Nov

A baseless, idiotic, and likely pointless attempt to distract you from this depressing off season, if only for a minute or two

Here are the first 10 tracks from y 2014 End Of Year compilation(s.) They have nothing to do with baseball. 1 – “Longer Than You’ve Been Alive” From Most Messed Up (2014) by Old 97s 2 – “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore” From Rented World (2014) by The Menzingers 3 – “Raindance In […]

17 Oct

Stupid Manager Tricks, Mike Matheny Edition

So, for those of you not following along at home, Mike Matheny lost the NLCS last night by managing worse than Fredi Gonzalez ever even thought about doing. I’ll throw it over to Deadspin for the details. Matheny, when asked about not using closer T. Rosenthal in 9th: “We can’t bring him in, in a […]

28 Sep

Braves 2, Phillies 1

(Pinch hitting for smitty again today; smitty, I’m still praying for you and your wife. I hope she is improving. Update us when you get the chance.) Final 2014 Box Score The Braves decided that limiting their winning to Wednesdays only for a whole month was probably a bad idea, so they finished the season […]

28 Sep

Braves beat the Phillies 4 – 2

B.J. Upton and Justin Upton both made great defensive plays and both homered to gave Aaron Harang his 12th win of the season after winning just 2 times in his last 7 starts. Once again, Aaron did what he usually does, … 8 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks in 6+ innings. Who knew that Aaron Harang would […]

27 Sep

Phillies 5, Braves 4

Box Score Well, if that game didn’t serve as a metaphor for the 2014 Braves’ season, I don’t know of one that would. The Braves jumped out early, just like in April, behind Ervin Santana, just like in April. Freddie Freeman drove in the first run in the top of the first with an RBI […]

25 Sep

Pirates 10, Braves 1 (By Kyle B.)

The Braves lost. Stay gold, Braves Journal.

25 Sep

Things that happened when no one was watching (Braves 6, Bucs 2)

Bottom 2 1.Chris Johnson doubles (26) on a line drive to left fielder Starling Marte. 2.Christian Bethancourt grounds out, second baseman Clint Barmes to first baseman Ike Davis. Chris Johnson to 3rd. 3.B. J. Upton walks. With Julio Teheran batting, B. Upton steals (20) 2nd base. 4.Julio Teheran singles on a soft ground ball to […]

23 Sep

Pirates 3, Braves 2

ESPN Box Score Baseball is cruel. Baseball is cruel to players, who pitch their hearts out and suffer through outing after outing of no run support, or who watch their efforts become negated through shoddy defense or unlucky bloops. Baseball is cruel to teams, who spend most of the summer on the top of the […]

23 Sep

Another team from somewhere 1, Barves 0 (again)

Some may find this a sacrilege of a powerful moment in human history. Some may find it a violation of our “no politics” rule. Nevertheless, I am reminded of the words from the old spiritual as delivered by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Washington Monument 51 or so years ago. “Free […]

22 Sep

Braves Fire Frank Wren

Braves fire GM Frank Wren Frank Wren bore the brunt of the blame for the disappointing performance of the 2014 Braves, and the Braves canned him today. I’m not surprised, and I’m not mad, but I will miss him. Here’s why: • Signed Aaron Harang for $1 million • Traded Omar Infante and Mike Dunn […]

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