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09 Dec

Where Do We Go From Here? Sign Jason Heyward.

We’ve been whispering about it for more than a year now in this dark corner, but with the Miller-for-Inciarte/Swanson/Blair trade it’s actually, unquestionably the move for the Braves to make now—if they can swing it: Outbid the other teams and bring Jason Heyward back to Atlanta. I’ll answer some questions you’re all asking yourselves: Do […]

10 Nov

Tommy Hanson

WSB-TV and others are reporting that Tommy Hanson has died at the age of 29. They are reporting that he suffered a catastrophic organ failure and was rushed to Piedmont Hospital, where he passed away on the night of Monday the 9th. This is a hard one for all of us. He’s three years younger […]

17 Oct

We aren’t the Champions! (Many join the humble vanquished Chukchi people).

We got ass whooped, time after time. Fans have been sentenced, But committed no crimes. Rangers and Dodgers, with Astros and Cards, Have had their share of sand kicked in their face So we can now sing: and we mean to go on, without Yankees and Pirates, and on We aren’t the champions, my friends. […]

15 Oct

Please Write for the Site

This is a formal request: it’s a long offseason, and we need new posts for the site. I’m open to anything: • Where Do We Go From Here? pieces about the Braves • Poetry • SEC football • Braves history Or anything else! Please email me at the address to the upper right.

07 Oct

THE MILLERS TALE… Sir Shelby, art thou smiling therre belowe?

On Sunday, Shelby finally won his sixth game after 24 consecutive winless starts. Trying to worry out the Shelby conundrum it has occurred that perhaps Chaucer might show him and us the way to redemption, to at least a deeper understanding of what is going on. After all, he created a Miller, a famous one, […]

04 Oct

Braves Take Two, Sweep Cards on Three Consecutive Shutouts (by coop)

Braves played two to end the season. In the first game of the doubleheader, Shelby Miller pitched eight shutout innings; and the Braves hit three home runs to beat the Cardinals 6-0. Adonis Garcia had two solo homers, and Andrelton Simmons added a two run shot. Best of all, Shelby WON! As ‘Rissa said, 25th […]

03 Oct

Braves 4, Cardinals 0

Well, I started off the season with a running diary, so I thought I would finish the season off with one. All times approximate. 6:15 – The daughters go off to dance class, so Mrs. Painter and I head out to a quick salad and soup at the a deli. It’s raining. 6:25 – The […]

02 Oct

Nationals 3, Braves 0, apparently

I’ll be honest with you: I didn’t watch the game. And while I’m in the confessional, I’ll own up to something else: I have absolutely no idea who Ryan Weber is. But he went seven innings last night, giving up just five hits and one run with 10 strikeouts against no walks, and that’s kind […]

30 Sep

Braves 2, Nats 0

I don’t care what the records are. Or whether either team still has games left that matter. Or who is on the mound. Beating the Nationals never gets old. Shutting them out is just icing on the cake. It has definitely been more fun recently to talk about the Nats’ implosion than to talk about […]

29 Sep

BRAVES WILL NOT LOSE 100 (by coop)

The final week of the Braves 2015 season will be spent at home. Fans are ready for the season to end. The Braves are ready for the season to end. Both Braves fans and players know the season ended long before the last out in the 162nd game will be recorded, so I have only […]

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