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23 Apr

‘For now they kill me with a living death’ Braves 3 Phillies 4

A little over the top but, dear me, PLEASE. Just when we thought we had taken advantage of some crazy errors and base running by the Phils in the eighth and ninth and had then been rescued from the brink of yet another one run loss by  Phillips’ 2 out homer to tie…and Dansby had […]

22 Apr

Philadelphia 4, Atlanta 3

In a battle of pitch to contact starters, the Phillies’ Jeremy Hellickson “outduelled” the Braves’ Bartolo Colon last night as Atlanta droppred its fourth straight contest to fall to 6-10 on the year. Colon allowed 11 hits and four runs in his sven innings of work, while Hellickson allowed Atlanta 2 runs on three hits […]

20 Apr

The Nationals Are Stupid Meanyheads.

We’re probably not going to beat these teams consistently. Or… inconsistently. The Nationals, who must delenda, added onto their already stacked roster by taking a big chunk out of their farm, and they’re in supreme “win now” mode with Bryce Harper heading to New York soon. They should be beat us. Julio Teheran couldn’t find […]

19 Apr

No Longer Perfect at SunTrust

The Braves started 5-0 at Turner Field twenty years ago, but only 4-0 at SunTrust this year. This proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Turner Field was clearly the superior ballpark of the two. Now we know. The Nationals rolled into town and looked at the Braves’ modest winning streak, laughed, scoffed and […]

18 Apr

The kid comes through and the operation becomes complete: Braves 5, Padres 4

We have discovered that the San Diego Padres are a very much not good team. Have we discovered that the Braves might be good? Probably not, but I think it is fair to say that they meet the Gus Czinski standard: “We don’t suck.” Frequently, an endeavor meets a critical moment. A point when success […]

16 Apr

Braves 9, Padres 2

Win, win, win.   Skip Caray’s wink at the notion that winning can ever become tiresome is something Braves fans from both Skip’s era and today can appreciate, and a 4 game winning streak surely has some Braves fans headed for a tipping point on the traditional Hope/Doom binary.However, a quick look at the Padre […]

15 Apr

back to back to back Braves 4….nuckled Padres 2 (by blazon)

Two hours and fifteen minutes sufficed to settle this mellow contest on Jackie Robinson Day. Courtesy of Fox the first innings was played in the ether – when they did deign to let us in their regional guys from SD manned the booth and were a pleasant surprise. Justin Kutchner did play by play, Preston […]

15 Apr

Ender’s Game–Braves 5 Padres 2

Ok, I apologize. That’s a cheap, unoriginal, and not at all clever play on Inciarte’s unusual name. But it really was his game. Ender will go down in history with the first hit, first run scored, and first home run at SunTrust Park. He also caught the first and last outs of the game. He […]

13 Apr

Braves 5, Fish 4

Hey, I get to recap a win. What’s not to love? Ender Inciarte came alive with 2 HRs, his first multi-homer game in a Braves uniform, and a rare surge of power from someone who hit 3 HRs in 523 ABs last year. He can be extremely valuable without hitting for power, but putting some […]

12 Apr

Braves 4, Marlins 8

There was much excitement today in Braves land before the game, when the team announced Matt Kemp is headed to the DL with a sore hamstring, and the announcement caused so much shuffling around in the Braves locker room that someone forgot to sit down and tell Bartolo Colon that he is on the Braves […]

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