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20 Nov

Pivot Day

Just throwing up a new thread to handle any coming sturm und drang re: Coppallellagate. Figure it’s worth it just to segregate the blow back from today’s (assumed) news releases out into their own holding pond. If they get out of this with just losing Maitan, some picks and money, I think we have to […]

24 May

Assignment: Compare and contrast* today’s teams to the disasters of the past. (by Bledsoe)

*(Hey, every high school teacher and/or college professor in the world —€“ lose this phrase. Compare means hold two things up and talk about how they are alike and how they are not alike. It includes “€œcontrast.” A pet peeve.) How does it compare to today? What’€™s the same? Well, the pitching and the defense, […]

09 May

The Wandering Years. Chapter Two. (by bledsoe)

Ed. note: The first chapter is here. 2.     1985-1990. 389-577 (.402) In 1982, we had One Brief Shining Moment. Got swept by the Cards in the NLCS. We then finished second to the Dodgers, twice, in 83 and 84. So Ted fired my personal hero Joe Torre, who went on to prove to be an ok […]

05 May

The Wandering Years. Chapter One. (by bledsoe)

“What did you do in the war, Daddy?” you say. Well, last night I went down to the basement and found the dusty old footlocker. I found the key and opened it, and there they were. All my medals. The 101 Purple Hearts I got in the ’77 campaign. The 106 Purple Hearts from the […]

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