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27 Jul

NATS UPDATE (by bledsoe)

Time to take time off from our misery and hope to enjoy other’s miseries. In this case, Washington’s. I expected the Nats to play somewhat better this year, largely because for the first time in three years, the media hype had subsided and expectations, which had been “World Series or bust,” were lowered to realistic […]

25 Feb

As the Nats Turn… (by Bledsoe)

Since the Braves have decided not to field a team for the foreseeable future, I thought readers might enjoy another episode of our favorite soap opera, AS THE NATS TURN. When we last left our story: The three-peating Nats had gone from a sure WS ring to a barely .500 team, while sporting one of […]

28 Sep

PANIC AT THE DISCO (by bledsoe, game thread)

From our Nats beat reporter, Chad N. Freud: Calling Dr. Phil… A few weeks ago, I referred to the Nats debacle as a soap opera. That was wrong. It’s now a WWE storyline. Holy freaking cow. You cannot make this stuff up. The last dugout fight I remember was the Cubs, four or five years […]

14 Aug

Checking in on the Natspos (by bledsoe)

From our roving reporter, Chad N. Freud: On July 30, moments after the NY Mets lost a bizarre, rain delayed, unloseable game in the ninth inning 4-8, the Washington Post’€™s Tom Boswell tweeted this bit of fun: Mets: RIP. That's in 1K tie for Worst "L" Ever. -3 games. Fun team. Ain't gonna happen. Don't […]

27 Jul

CSI DC: Dissecting the corpse (by Bledsoe; game thread)

Braves fans living in or around the Disco of Columbia have an added hobby. If things aren’t going well for the Chop Squad, we can always take solace in watching the soap opera that is the 2015 Washington Nationals. I’ve been to opening day for the Nats almost every year, and my running joke with […]

28 Apr

WHY I HATE THE NATS (fifth in a continuing series, by Bledsoe) Game Thread

So, you’re begging for something else to hate about the Nats? Okay. Unfortunately, I find it impossible to hate all of the current Nats players. For example, Ian Desmond is impossible to dislike. He may be one of the nicest guys ever to play the game. I won’t go into his charity works and general […]

25 Apr

WHY I HATE THE NATS (fourth in a continuing series, by Bledsoe) Game Thread

So we have established two points: 1) the Nats have Scroogelike and unpleasant owners who apparently would roast their employees and fans on a spit for cold hard cash; and 2) the Nats have abominably incompetent, obsequious, and biased announcers. But, if you never have to listen to MASN, as I do, you will never […]

21 Apr

WHY I HATE THE NATS (third in a continuing series, by Bledsoe) Game Thread

When we last left our hero (ahem), he was explaining how the Baghdad Bobs that are the Nats announcers had helped convert his mildly positive view of the Nats to a fairly negative one. The story continues: The owners are easy to hate. a. F.P. Santangelo is the biggest homer of all time. b. According […]

18 Apr

WHY I HATE THE NATS (second in a continuing series, by Bledsoe) Game Thread

One of Our Beloved Founder’s first ventures onto the national stage was early in Braves Journal when he invented the Bad Announcer Tournament, or as he dubbed it, the “Road from Bristol.” It started with Mac’s annoyance with the ESPN zoomates in general but Stu Whatzhisname in particular. So he decided he would make a […]

16 Apr

WHY I HATE THE NATS (first in a continuing series, by Bledsoe) Game Thread

Ed. note: This was originally scheduled for tomorrow’s off day. But with last night’s rainout, I wanted to put up a new thread as quickly as possible, so I moved up the publication schedule. Even though we’re still facing the Phillies, I completely agree with Bledsoe’s take on the absolute best team to dislike right […]

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