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I don’t want them forget Ruth; I just want them to remember me. -Hank Aaron

08 Jan

Hall of Fame likes Goose, cutting back on starches

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum: Home Gossage is in with 86 percent, Rice missed by 14 votes. I’ll update later with Murph’s results (I think he’ll stay on the ballot) but I have to run now. National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum: Hall of Fame Vote Totals Murphy at 13.8 percent. Last […]

12 Dec

Dale Murphy interview Baseball Men – The Power Hitter Some interesting stuff. Via Primer.

23 Jan

Berger and Murphy

This actually grew out of my “Top 40” (or however many I settle on) research. I was perusing through Win Shares, because it’s the best way I’ve found to compare hitters across time. Anyway, there’s something very odd in Wally Berger’s record there. Win Shares, by season, 1930-36: 26 31 26 36 33 21 23 […]

22 Jan

Murphy and Wynn

In the New Historical Abstract, Bill James rates Dale Murphy as the twelfth-best centerfielder of all time. Nine of the men ahead of him are in the Hall of Fame; a tenth, Junior Griffey, will certainly be in. The eleventh is Jimmy Wynn. Jimmy Wynn Statistics – Jimmy Wynn, in 1969, the year of […]

21 Jan


Just a note… When I talk about “peak value”, like Bill James (whom I am shamelessly copying) I’m not talking about what a player did any one season. I mean, Ken Caminiti in 1996 had a season roughly equivalent to Chipper’s best season (1999); that doesn’t mean Caminiti’s “steroid”-enhanced peak was as high as Chipper’s. […]

19 Jan

Murph and the Cobra

“Voting shall be based upon the player’s record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contributions to the team(s) on which the player played.” —Rules for Election to the Hall of Fame Dave Parker was maybe the best hitter in the National League in the late 1970s, a high-average hitter (winner of two batting titles) with […]

18 Jan

Every little bit helps

Sabernomics > Blog Archive > More Love for Murph Like JC, I’m reluctant to attribute anything much to “steroids”, but the offensive explosion of the last decade-plus is hurting the cases of the players from the 1970-89 period just when their Hall of Fame candidacy is running out.

17 Jan

Murphy List of the Day 2

NATIONAL LEAGUE 1985 RUNS CREATED RC 1 Dale Murphy 129 2 Tim Raines 126 3 Willie McGee 124 4 Pedro Guerrero 120 5 Ryne Sandberg 117 T6 Mike Schmidt 111 T6 Dave Parker 111 8 Tom Herr 107 T9 Keith Hernandez 99 T9 Keith Moreland 99 I was looking at the National League MVP voting […]

15 Jan

Murphy and Rice

Jim Rice Statistics – Jim Rice is the center of probably the biggest current Hall of Fame controversy involving a hitter. He’s also probably going to get in in two years. Interestingly, a lot of Rice’s backers claim that he’s being kept out of the Hall because writers don’t like him, even though he’s […]

14 Jan

Splitting the ticket

I wanted to note something that some people may not be aware of… The presence of directly comparable players on the Hall of Fame ballot tends to depress the vote totals for all. For example, two pitchers we’re all familiar with: National Baseball Hall of Fame – History of BBWAA Voting (Phil Niekro) National Baseball […]

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